Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Lucia Grassygem - Fey Bard

Name: Lucia Grassygem
Race: Elf, Fairytale / Class: Bard (3)

Str: 11 (+0)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Mind: 16 (+3)

Phys: +2
Sub: +3
Know: +3
Comm: +7

Fort: +2
Ref: +4
Will: +6

Info: AC: 14 (Studded Leather) / Ini: +2 / BHB: +3 / Hero: 6 / HP: 16

Shortbow: Attk: +5 / D: 1d6 / R: Near

Shortsword: Attk: +5 / D: 1d6 / R: Melee

Dagger: Attk: +5 / D: 1d4 / R: Thrown

Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Jeweler’s Kit, Lantern, Oil, Songbook, Inkpen, Ink, Bedroll, Instrument / Wealth: 150 GP

Traits: Elf, Fairytale: Small Size. Slow speed. Low Light Vision. Elves are immune to Charm and Magical Sleep.

Crafty (Gem Cutting; +3): Possesses the knowledge and ability to cut and shape gems provided the Elf has their tools on hand and a gem in their possession to work with. The Elf gains a +3 to both Crafting and identifying gems and gem properties.

Armor Proficiency (Light): May wear light armor without extra penalties to movement or action.

Good Fortune (3/day / Type: d6): Three times per day, the Bard may add a d6 to any type of roll they make including Attack, Attribute, Damage, Save, or Skill.

Lesser Spellcasting (Arcane): Has access to Arcane Spells up to 4th level (See Below).

Monster Knowledge (Fey): Gain +2 to Attacking, Damaging, and Tracking Fey type creatures.

Performance (6/day): Six times per day, a Bard can use their musical or oratory skill to conjure a number of spell-like feats. Performance skill (Mind + Comm) is currently: +10.

Countersong: Cancel one sound-based effect against an ally.

Enhance Skill: +1 to all Skill rolls (Stat + Skill) equal to Concentration + 1 round if the Bard stops performing.

Fascinate: Target must make a Will Save (Mind + Know) or become Fascinated by the performance, taking a -4 to all actions for a number of rounds equal to Mind Bonus (3)

Inspire Courage: Grant +1 to Attack and Damage to all allies who can hear the Bard. This lasts Concentration + 1 round if the Bard stops performing.

Weapon Finesse: May use Dex in place of Strength in determining Attack Bonus for light melee weapons.

Lucia Magic: Attack: +6 / Save: 16 / Mana: 19

0 - Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Summon Instrument

1 - Charm Person, Daze, Feather Fall, Identify, Read Magic, Sleep

2 - Mirror Image, Scare


- Lucia is a court singer for the Summer Court, also known as the Court of Orange. The Summer Court is viewed as the hospitable court to mortals, where fey may play tricks, but are never too cruel or malicious in this work. As a Bard, Lucia skills are put to the test when she is asked to attend the ball of the Winter Queen and sing for her as a gift on behalf of the Summer King. She is a Seelie Fey who at times travels to the Unseelie realm.

- Favors the harp and plays both large and traveling sized versions of the instrument that compliments her singing. Her songs tend towards love between one individual to another. Although an entertainer, Lucia is also fair with both knife and shortsword, often defending herself or others on the roads between the two courts.

- Like all Fey Elves, Lucia has a craft in addition to her singing. Her craft is in the intricate field of gem cutting. Her rings and pendants always dazzle with beveled stones set in bands or amulets of silver and white gold.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Favedram Maneram, Dark Elf Inquisitor


Name: Favedren Maneram
Race: Elf, Drow / Class: Inquisitor (3)

Str: 13 (+1)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Mind: 16 (+3)

Phys: +2
Sub: +3
Know: +6
Comm: +4

Fort: +3
Ref: +3
Will: +9

Info: AC: 15 (Scale)/ Ini: +1 / BHB: +3 / Hero: 6 / HP: 20

Scimitar: Attk: +5 / D: 1d6+2 / R: Melee

Knife: Attk: +5 / D: 1d4+2 / R: Thrown

Crossbow: Attk: +4 / D: 1d10 / R: Far

Equipment: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Libram, Inkpen, Ink, / Wealth: 120 GP

Traits: Drow: Medium size. Normal speed. Deepvision. Drow are immune to Magical Charm and Sleep spells.

Poison (1/battle / D: Scene): Once per battle, a Drow may coat their weapon with poisons that deal +1 additional damage. Targets reduced to 0 HP either suffer unconsciousness (Sleep Poison) or take +1 Bleed Damage (Lethal Poison). Targets who are slain while poison must have the toxins cleansed before the body is revived.

Spider-kin: Spiders will never initiate an attack against a Drow (they will however defend themselves or their nests if the Drow appears to be a threat). Drow are able to communicate with spiders on a primeval level and can ride a spider if large enough. Training is Mind + Comm, Riding is skill is Dex + Phys.

Armor Proficiency (Medium): An Inquisitor may wear Light or Medium armor without extra penalties to action, attack, or spellcasting.

Attack Bonus (Melee): +1 Attack and Damage when wielding a melee weapon.

Lesser Magic (Divine): See Below

Spontaneous Healing (Cost: Mana or Turn Undead): An Inquisitor may spend mana to manifest pure healing energy that heals a touched target 1d6 + Mana Spent. An Inquisitor may also spend Turn Undead uses to manifest a healing spell that heals 1d6+2 hit points.

Turn Undead (5/Day / Attk: +6): Make a Magical Attack that affects all Undead in a Nearby radius to the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor makes an Attack roll vs. a DC equal to the various current Hit Points of the Undead. If the DC is met, the Undead flee at full speed from the Inquisitor. If the DC is met by 10+ result, the target undead are destroyed.

Magic: Mana: 18 / Attk: +6 / Save: 16

0: Detect Magic, Detect Undead, Light,

1: Bless, Burning Brand, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Alignment, Divine Favor, Resist Elements

2: Bull’s Strength, Zone of Truth


- Favedram is a Dark Elf (or Drow) who serves a Lawful entity that is tangentially connected to the Light. In essence, his divine is more concerned with law and order over compassion or charity. Favedram rejects the typical deities of the Drow who deal in the Shadow or other fiends. For his beliefs, and his willingness to use Drow techniques in the pursuit of order, he is viewed as an outcast.

- Is a member of an underground order dedicated to promoting the tenets of his divine. He is also charged with dealing with the undead lingering in the depths. He is an implacable foe to greater undead such as Liches or Vampires who dwell in the safety of the eternal darkness of the underworld. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Haatani Irontrunk, Elephantfolk Fighter


Name: Haatani Irontrunk
Race: Oliphant (Elephantfolk) / Class: Fighter (3)

Str: 17 (+3)
Dex: 11 (+0)
Mind: 13 (+1)

Phys: +7
Sub: +2
Know: +3
Comm: +3

Fort: +10
Ref: +7
Will: +4

Info: AC: 16 (Banded Mail) / Ini: +4 / BHB: +3 Hero: 6 / HP: 38

Tusk: Attk: +6 / D: 1d8+3 / R: Melee

Maul: Attk: +6 / D: 1d12+3 / R: Melee

Longbow: Attk: +3 / D: 1d8 / R: Far

Shortsword: Attk: +6 / D: 1d6+3 / R: Melee

Equipment: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Lantern, Oil, Quiver, Bedroll / Wealth: 140 GP

Traits: Elephant-folk: Medium size. Normal speed. Normal vision. Elephant-folk gain a +3 to all feats of Strength, such as lifting or carrying objects.

Stampede: +3 to Shoving or Knocking an opponent down and +3 to resist the same effects.

Armor Proficiency (Heavy + Shield): May wear Light to Heavy armor and shields without adverse encumbrance to the character’s actions.

Attack Bonus (Melee): +1 Attack and Damage with any melee attack.

Improved Initiative: +4 to Initiative

Strikeback (1/Battle): Once per battle, the Fighter may make a free melee attack if missed by an opponent's attack that targets only the Fighter. This may be attempted once per battle succeed or fail.


- Haatani is an Elephantfolk Fighter and mercenary that operates throughout the border regions of plains, jungles, or casts. Like other Elephantfolk, he is large size, capable of delivering deadly blows with by weapon, his own tusks, or trampling over others with his heavy figure.

- Elephantfolk are organized into a number of princely states with a caste system that determines one's place in society. Haatani is part of the free-caste, but he cannot expect to rise any higher except at the intervention of one of the ultimate authorities such as the Temple or a powerful Prince. Neither faction has yet to take notice of the Elephantfolk Fighter.