Saturday, November 17, 2018

Adventure Sketch: Crustaceans of the Fallen Earth

Crabs: The Human Sacrifice was recently reviewed over on the Bad Books for Bad People Podcast. In the episode, Kate and Jack express a varying degree of dislike for the book, Jack hated it more, but I would say Kate did not sound enthused either. When it came to an idea of how to save, or what could be done with the subject, they had suggested experimental Sweedish horror film.

I decided post-apoc adventure. Here is the sketch:

Crustaceans of the Fallen Earth!

Precis: The party members are wardens for an English community beset by mutant crustaceans and a cult-raider gang that is sacrificing innocents to the pincers and pouting lips of the crab horde.

Conspectus: -The World is in a post-apocalyptic state since a hazy catastrophe known as The Fall. Governments have collapsed, society has stagnated to a survivalist of mentality, mutant animals roam the countryside, and raider gangs roam the countryside. The bands are a terror for small communities and a nuisance for larger city-states who depend on barter trade for supplies.

-The party members are either guardsmen or caravan guards who have traveled to a town on the marshy coast owned by former tannery/skin importers, the Delphore family. The family has converted their mink farm into farmland for the small town. While years earlier the Delphore family were despised as new money ruining the cozy aesthetic they have become self-proclaimed nobility at the acknowledgment of the townsfolk who depend on their food to survive.

-Outside of the town is the raider gang 'Warrior's Steel' lead by the charismatic raider chief, Pete Merrick. Merrick tries to prove himself a conqueror, either due to deep-seated self-doubt (or possible impotence depending on how far a GM wants to take it). Prisoners he has captured he has fed to a large colony of mutant crabs who live in 'The Wash,' the coastal marsh of the region.

-Merrick's followers include his female companion, Christine and his heavy by the name of Geoff the Breaker. His band includes several minor followers either as minions or camp followers. Their technology ranges from swords and bows to blackpowder firearms. As part of his fortified camp, Merrick also has an arena/feeding pit that connects to the marsh to draw in the crabs.

-The Delphore's daughter, Susan, is a headstrong heiress to her family's estate. Her interaction of the plot may include: a charmed follower of Merrick's that is luring others to his cult/raider clutches. A victim kidnapped and trussed by the cult to bed fed (or is already fed) to the crabs. An employer for the party, hiring them to scout the area or deal with the raider threat once in for all.

Encounter Table (d8)
A pack of mutant dogs hungry for flesh.
A patch of assassin vines looking to strangle victims.
A raider gang made up of splatterpunks with their knives, leather jackets, and cockney accents.
A crab swarm small, but can strip flesh from bone quickly.
Members of Warrior's Steel looking for slaves to sacrifice to the crabs.
Mutant ravens swarming to peck eyes or shoot lasers from their eyes.
A military vanguard who represents a distant city-state looking for conquest.
A dire crab watch out for those extra-long pincers.

Bad Books for Bad People: The podcast episode that inspired this can be found here.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Selection Series: Ayreon of Sasserine, Earth Genasi Knight

Name: Ayreon
Race: Earth Genasi
Class: Fighter (5)

Strength: 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 15 (+2)
Mind: 17 (+3)
Charisma: 13 (+1)

Saving Throws (Successful Save roll must be ≥ 20)
Fortitude: +12
Reflex: +8
Will: +9

Combat Information: AC: 18 (Chain Mail +1) / HP: 54 / Current HP:
Physical Combat Bonus: +3 / Magical Combat Bonus: +2
Melee Attack: +7 / Ranged Attack: +5 / Magic Attack: +5

Harbor's Blade (Greatsword +1): Attk: +10, D: 2d6+7 / Mace: Attk: +9, D 1d6+6
Knife: Attk: +9 or +7 (Ranged), D: 1d4+6, R: Close (Thrown)

Traits: Earth Genasi (1/day): Normal size. Normal movement. Darkvision 60 ft. Once per day an Earth Genasi may cast Pass Without Trace as noted below.

All You Need is Kill!: If able to slay the first opponent they attack in a round, a Fighter may move on and make x4 attacks against an adjacent opponent or opponents. The opponents must be adjacent to the Fighter as he makes his first killing blow against the initial opponent.

Combatant: Add +2 to all physical attacks and damage.

Pass Without Trace (1/day; D: 10 minutes per level/1 Scene, Saving Throw: None): The caster can move through any type of terrain and leave neither footprints nor scent. Tracking the subjects is impossible; however, for 6d6 turns, any area passed over will radiate faint magic.

Background: Ayreon is an Earth Genasi Knight who moved to the island city of Sasserine after his father, a Gao Djinn from the Earthern Court, was posted to the City of Anchors by the Court to represent their interests before mining groups, jewelers, or prospectors who depend on the Elemental Plane of Earth for access to rare gems. Early life may have been difficult for young Ayreon, but he soon grew up to be Watch Sergeant of the Sasserine Guard.

-Distinguished himself at the Battle of the Boats when he defended the city from a pirate attack. For his courage in leaping from piece onto a pirate ship to take the fight to the enemy, he was awarded the city's first Knighthood and enchantment for his sword Harbor's Blade.

-Is currently wooing the Heiress Lavinia Vanderboren. It is romantic but by most observers a futile, star-crossed effort. She is an influential heiress who needs to secure a higher station from marriage than a mere knight. A knight who is the son of an extra-dimensional djinn jewel speculator and an enchanter mother who summoned her a husband.

Notes: This was made using Microlite74, except for the Earth Genasi race, I made that up using a set of stats from the 3.5 Forgotten Realms campaign setting as a guide. You can find out more about Microlite 74 here.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Selection Series: Slathis, Saurian Soldier

Name: Slathis
Class: Warrior (1) / Background: Soldier / Race: Saurian / Homeworld: Kepleri Prime

Strength: 16 (+1)
Dexterity: 16 (+1)
Constitution: 18 (+2)
Intelligence: 13 (+0)
Wisdom: 14 (+1)
Charisma: 13 (+0)

Saving Throws: Physical: 13 / Evasion: 14 / Mental: 14

Skills: Exert: +1 / Leadership: +0 / Punch: +0 / Shoot: +0 / Stab: +0

Foci: Saurian (Level 1 - Gain Swim Speed & Semi-Aquatic), Close Combat I (Use pistol in close-quarters without penalty; ignore shock damage from melee)

Combat Info: Base Attack Bonus: +1 / Armor Class: 16 (Woven Combat Armor) / HP: 10 / Max Strain: 18 / Melee Attack: +2 / Ranged Attack: +2

Gear: Compad, Binoculars (Advanced), Shoulder Lamp, Rope, Rations, Canteen

Claws: D: 1d4+1 S: Natural / Combat Rifle: D: 1d12 R: Far Special: Burst Fire: -5 Bullets, +2 Attack & +2 Damage / Laser Pistol: A +3 D: 1d6 R: Far / Knife: D: 1d4+1 R: Close, Thrown


-Slathis is a Saurian, an alien race that dwells outside of Terran space and forms the second faction that dominates the known galaxy. The Saurian Star Empire is an Imperium ruled by a Queen and served by a parliament partly made of officials voted in by the citizenry and partly by powerful noble houses.

-Slathis is a soldier, a straight combatant to serve either in military campaigns or as part of a mercenary crew. Even when he is a mercenary, Slathis views himself a loyal member of the Empire.

-Slathis often hisses before he talks. Not all Saurians make that sound, that is just a stereotype held by the common galactic citizen. Slathis, however, he does make the hissing sound.


-This character was made with Stars Without Number Revised Edition. I used the free version that you can get here.