Thursday, May 17, 2018

Making Monsters with Microlite

One of the neat things included the Adamantine Edition of Microlite20 5e is the Monster Creator. This is a quick-and-dirty method of creating monsters to attack your adventuring party. This is probably better for minions over actual NPC's or 'boss monsters' - actually there is a section about making a boss monsters, but we'll get to that later.

A demon dog from the nether region

Challenge Rating (CR): 1
HP: 15
AC: 14
Physical Save: +4 / Mental Save: +2
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Attack Bonus: +5

Attacks & Specials
Bite & Claw (Multiattack): 1d8+3 / 1d6+3 respectively.

Shoulder Spike: 1d8+3; S: Impale: Damage upgrades 1d10+3 on a charge attack.

Draining Suckers: 1d6+3; S: Reach, Drain - The amount of damage done with a sucker heals the Stalker up to its maximum total.


-Felstalkers are the hounds of the nether. They are often brought to the prime material as watchdogs, guards, and shock troops for Warlocks or planebound fiends. Their intelligence is comparable to intelligent dogs or wolves.

-Demonhunters have found that shoulder spikes on felstalkers can be cut and molded into a weapon that can harm demons. Quite a number of hunters either use felstalker parts for arrowheads or as spears.

-Felstalkers prefer arid environments, suggesting that their original plane is a large infernal desert.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Estaria - Borderlands Justicar

I'm slowly getting back into blogging again after a hiatus and slowly trying to get into things that are not just conversions or race stats where I add a little bit here a little bit there in stat changes. Though I will say, I do love tinkering on Microlite 5e. Here are a pair of characters in the Borderlands.

Estaria of the Field
Race: Elf / Class: Paladin

Brief: Before the Great War, Estaria represented the Elven branch within the Order of the Just. A sacred order dedicated to the Divine known as Justice. A serious minded Elf, she held off proposals or entreats for marriage, preferring to rise her ranks as a crusading Paladin against fiends, undead, aberrations, and fel dragons who infested the Known World. The only time she felt heartbreak was the onset of War and having to fight her fellow Paladins in the name of her Kingdom.

Post-war, Estaria has rejected offers to join with the Elven mercenary group, The Exiles, in favoring of walking the Borderlands alone (or in a small party) in order to meet out justice to those unchecked fiends within the untamed Borderland region.

-If Estaria had a last name she has given it up. She prefers using her first name or the honorific for knights, which is 'Sir'.

-Prefers using either a Greatsword or a Longsword held in two-hands. She is a walking mass of plate in the field. She finds it hard to be discrete even out of armor due to the musculature required to hold up so much armor.

-Her holy symbols include the Gryphon and the Scales. The signs of nobility and justice.

Adventure Seeds

Assist: Estaria is hunting something in the region (a fiend, undead, aberration) and she needs to work with or hire a party to help her bring it down. Sometimes she pays up front, sometimes she pays with promises of wealth that her target is hording.

Arrest: Estaria has recently slew a Dhampir merchant in Port Kyna. Unfortunately for her, the City does frown upon murder, even if the act was viewed by the Paladin as the 'justifiable cleansing of unnatural scum'. The party is brought in to bring her in for trial.

Ally: While thrown in a cell by a group of Red Knives who are working with a fiend for their own ends, the party meets the captured Paladin. The two agree to work together together to get out of the situation. She will fight with them. They help her put down the fiend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Faction: The Brute Squad

The Brute Squad

Going out for a night on the town? Want to project overwhelming strength while you meet-and-greet friends? How about some strapping lads and lasses of the 'Brute Squad' be your bodyguard?

Rep: A mercenary company that hires out tough races like Minotaur, Giff, and Orcs to serve as muscle and protection.

Brief: Founded by a pair of Minotaur brothers who had come to the big city, the Brute Squad, is a mercenary unit that works within The City. They provide bodies for strictly for protection jobs for those who can afford it. For a nightly fee, a noble is guaranteed at least three sellswords who are generally trained for martial combat. Higher fees can get a customer more bodies or more specialized types such as spellcasters or elite warriors. Membership is open to what are viewed as tough races. Minotaur, Orcs, Giff, Goliaths, and Dragonborn are to name a few who can find steady work within the squad.

Seeds & Ideas: -The party happens to be comprised of races above and find work under the Squad. It seems like an adventurous noble could use some bodies while he goes on holiday in a hostile environment. How does an all expenses paid vacation sound in the middle of the jungle or battlefield strike you?

-Gunther Warboar, an Orc mercenary and member of the Squad approaches the party about trouble brewing within the Company. Can the party pose as either potential mercenaries or clients to try and route out the criminal element gripping the group?

-Two noble houses are upset and desirous to control a certain part of The City. They are desperate for bodies and both have approached the Brute Squad for the muscle. Does the Squad (and subsequently the players working with the squad) work both sides or support one side over the other?

-Werner Direhorn, one of the Minotaur brothers who founded the Squad, is dying. Who will now take control of the company? Well his will stipulate trial by combat. Very appropriate for a guy who made his money selling sellswords.

-You're a race that is viewed as weak (Elves, Men, Halflings, &/or Gnomes) and want to try out for the Squad. Now you have to go through training while being viewed as a pariah by your fellow colleagues. Hopefully you have the grit to make it through and have the honor of calling yourself a Brute.