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5e/Scarabae - Goliath Sub-Groups & Ursine

One of my latest favorite pdfs includes "Southland Heros" by Kobold Press. Any pdf where I can get new races to add is my favorite, but a big plus to me is when they have a chart of trait substitutions that you could use to customize the race in question or build a new one, like I did with my Grippli build for Fipp. So, I had a few ideas on how to make little substitutions to get new races out of an established race, and who I happened to pick for this experiment was the 'Goliath' from Elemental Player's Companion. Let's take a look at what we got.

Goliath, Skotharian

Brief: Skotharian Golitahs are a race known to have the blood of frost giants within them. Some believe that for a period of time, groups of Frost Giants were cursed to give birth to deformed progeny that were significantly shorter than their parents. Those that weren't slain outright were driven from the tribe, forced to settle other parts of the cruel tundra regions. Skotharian Goliaths have varying shades of blue for skin, white or blonde hair, and light colored eyes. Though they are shorter than their distant frost giant ancestors, Skothrians are quite tall compared to other humanoid race. In Scarabae: Skotharians, Goliath, and Jaianto groups congregate in part with Minotaur to form Tallfellow Avenue. Skotharians typically find work as sailors or stevedores due to their large build and an appreciation of the sea, a love picked up from their past of being exiled from the mountains to the frozen coasts by Frost Giants.


+2 Strength, +1 Constitution

Speed: 30 ft.

Survivalist: You have proficiency in the Survival skill.

Frost Blood: You have Advantage on Saving Throws vs. Cold, and you have Resistance to Frost-based damage and effects.

Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

Frost Born: You’re acclimated to high altitude, including elevations above 20,000 feet. You’re also naturally adapted to cold climates, as described in chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Goliath, Jaianto

Brief: The Jaianto represents the third of Goliaths descended from giant kind which include Goliaths (Stone) and Skotharians (Frost). Jaianto's are descended from Fire Giants who dwell on islands of forests and grand volcanoes. At some point in time even the majestic Fire Giants succumbed to the Year of Ruin where their women gave birth to the deformed Jaianto. Like other giant-kin, the Jaianto were given little and often banished to the lower portions of the mountain or on the shores of the islands they controlled. Over time as the curse subsided, Jaianto Goliaths, like their distant cousins, had established their own communities and had begun to grow as a people. Jaianto have a skin tone that ranges from shades red with black hair or black with red hair. They are known to adorn their bodies with caricature tattoos and iconography that is popular on their home islands (such as Koi fish, tigers, or bears). In Scarabae: Jaianto is considered the smallest of the giant-kin community. Their seaside houses tend to reflect the exotic style that they hail from including black tile roof and sliding panel doors made from silk paper. Street gangs typically comprise of Goliath, Jaianto, and Skotharian who typically turf war against Minotaur, Bugbear, and Orcish allied groups.


+2 Strength, +1 Constitution

Speed: 30 ft.

Dark Vision: Up to 60 ft. you see dim light as bright light, darkness as dim light. You cannot discern color in total darkness, only shades of gray.

Fire Blood: You have the Advantage on Saving Throws vs. Fire, and you have Resistance to Fire-based damage and effects.

Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

Mountain Born: You’re acclimated to high altitude, including elevations above 20,000 feet. You’re also naturally adapted to cold climates, as described in chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.


Brief: Ursine are also known rather simply as 'bear-men'. They a biped anthro-race known for originating from forests, hills, and sometimes tundra. Their fur coat typically reflects their environment with black or dark brown for the plains, dark brown to light brown for hills, and white for tundra dwellers. They are omnivores, enjoying the taste of meat but can also sustain themselves on berries, nuts, and honey. Ursine make for good shock troops, but have a bad habit of being deep sleepers, reflecting some distant connection to true bears who hibernate. In Scarabae: Ursine are a myriad of races found throughout the free city. There is a greater push to colonize the western frontier. There is a presence of Ursine in the city of Oleander.

General Traits

Strength +2

Speed: 30

Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

Keen Senses: You have proficiency in Perception.

Natural Weapon: You gain a claw attack that deals d4 + Strength damage.

The other traits are granted via sub-race, which include:

Plain (Black & Brown Bear)

+1 Constitution

Toughness: Your hit point maximum increases by 1 and you gain +1 HP every time you level.

Hill (Grizzly Bear)

+2 Constitution

Survivalist: You gain proficiency with the Survival skill.

Tundra (Polar Bear)

+2 Constitution

Frost Blood: You gain Advantage on Saving Throws vs. Cold, and you have a Resistance to cold-based damage and effects.

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Solo: Air Trouble


Constance Stillwater
Race: Human / Home Planet: Acaidia, Imperium / Build: Gunslinger Captain

Strength: 3D

Agility: 3D+1

Wit: 3D

Charm: 2D+2

Skills: Pistol: 2D (4D+1), Dodge: 1D (4D+1), Brawl: 1D (4D), Pilot 2D (5D+1), Navigation: 1D (4D)

Defenses: Block: 12 / Dodge: 13 / Parry: 9; 12 (w/ Talent) / Soak: 11 (2 – Duster)

Perk: Martial Arts: If aware of attack, a Martial Artist may use their 'Brawl' skill in place of a weapon for Parry without penalty. Can make 'Lethal' strikes with their unarmed attack. / Complications: Secret: Rebel Sympathies – could be arrested for crimes against the Empire by passing notes to the Union and their agents.

Brawl: 3D / Curved Knife: 4D; R: Close (Thrown) / Pistol: 4D; R: Near

Gear: Keepsakes, Credits (Imperial Notes – 2,600 on hand), Origami (Rooster)

Ship: The Wyvern

-Constance Stillwater is a free citizen of the Imperium hailing from planet Acaidia. Lacking any arcane power herself, Constance made her way like other non-magic users by taking up work as a skyship crew member. She now owns her own freighter, 'the Wyvern' which is licensed to service both the Empire and the Union. She is sympathetic to the Union and has a number of times taken up smuggling slaves from the Empire to the free territory in violation of the Stormcloud Concordant.

Trantor Greathorn
Race: Minotaur / Home Planet: Taurajo, The Wild Remnants / Build: The Heavy

Strength: 4D+1

Agility: 3D+1

Wit: 2D+1

Charm: 2D

Skills: Brawl: 1D (5D+1), Axe 1D (5D+1), Shotgun 1D (4D+1), Athletics 1D (4D+1), Lift: 2D (6D+1)

Perks: Natural Attack (Horn): Gain +3 on damage using the Brawl skill / Complication: Hot Temper: If character is insulted he must make a Wit check to avoid taking belligerent or even violent action against a perceived insults.

Defenses: Block: 16/ Dodge: 10 / Parry: 16 / Soak: 13

Gore: 5D+1 / Shotgun: 4D+2; R: Close / Axe: 7D+1

Gear: Cigarettes, mints, a book of drawings to clam oneself, Credits (1,200 on hand)

Trantor is a Minotaur from a rather wild area known as the 'Remnants'. He technically has no legal rights within the Empire, but due to his employment he does have access to trading hubs throughout the Empire. He was hired by Constance to be her bodyguard and general laborer. He is a rather neutral person, but he does like the pay and drink.

Floyd Sixgears
Race: Gnome / Home Planet: Clockwerk, Imperial Expanse / Build: Radiance Engineer

Strength: 2D

Agility: 3D

Wit: 5D

Charm: 2D

Skills: Repair 2D (7D), Search: 1D+1 (6D+1), Brawl 1D (3D), Shotgun 1D+1 (4D+1), Navigation: 1D+1 (6D+1).

Perks: Small: +1D Stealth & +1D Dodge when fighting a man-size or larger target. / Complication: -5 Might based skill, damage rolls, Block, & Parry. -5 is not counted against Soak, Stamina, or Healing checks. Small characters do not suffer these penalties when against Small or Tiny creatures.

Defenses: Block: 4 (-5) / Soak: 12 (+3) / Parry: 1 (-5) / Soak: 7 (+1 – Utility Outfit)

Wrench: 3D+1 -5 / Tri-Barrel Shotgun: 4D+2; R: Close

Gear: Navigation charts, repair tools, cigarettes, Credits (1,400 on hand)

Floyd is the Engineer of the Wyvern and Constance's friend. He is a Gnome from 'Clockwork' which as associated with Gnomes is a vast techno-mountainous city in the Imperial Expanse. As a Gnome, Floyd is treated at the level of most 'free citizens' of the Empire – just a step above the slaves the Empire has in bondage. He has helped chart out a number of 'scenic routes' to help facilitate the smuggling of slaves and avoiding both Imperial and Union patrols.

Arijit Jarjoon
Race: Tigran / Home Planet: Commodus, The Expanse / Build: Catfolk Mage

Strength: 3D

Agility: 3D

Wit: 3D

Charm: 3D

Skills: Spellcasting: 2D (5D), Brawl 1D (4D), Lore: Arcane 1D (4D)

Perks: Sorcerer, Natural Weapon (Claws - +3 to Attacks and +3 Damage) / Complications:

Defenses: Block: 12 / Dodge: 9 / Parry: 9 / Soak: 11 (+2 – Reinforced Coat)

Rapier: 5D/ Claws: 3D+3

Arijit is a Tigran from the planet Commodus within the Imperial Expanse. He is a minor envoy of House Pathjani which seeks to establish trade relations within the Union. Radiance ore in exchange for credits (also known as Imperial Notes) which remains the dominant currency of the crystal sphere. Due to the secrecy of the mission he has posed as a crew member aboard the Wyvern.


TN: 15
Range: Close
Duration: Instant

Creates a bolt of fire that must be thrown at a target. Creating and throwing a Firebolt in the same round counts as a multi-action penalty. A character can hold the Firebolt for a number of rounds equal. Targets are attacked with a Throw roll vs. Dodge. If the Throw beats the Dodge by 5+ the target is also set on fire. They take the initial damage (Wit Dice. Current: 3D) and half-amount (round up) every round until the target takes an action to put the fire out.

Detect Magic
TN: 10
Range: Near
Duration: Concentration

The caster can see a magical glow on anything enchanted.

Session #1 - Air Trouble

Scene 1

The dull roar of rain rattled off the metal hull of the Wyvern while Constance sipped her coffee. The freighters common room doubled not just as a sitting area, but as a chart room with a table dedicated every map navigating the various asteroid clusters and rocky lands of the Expanse. Several charts were marked with both confirmed and suspected Imperial patrols. She took another sip as she and Floyd Sixgears plotted their next course.
Floyd: “How long do you think the storm has?”
Constance: <Wit check vs. TN 12: 12>: She closed her eyes and listened for a moment. “It has a deep sound. A heaviness.” She opened her eyes and said. “Feels like we're in it for awhile.” <Is she right? 50% Chance. 35% Yes>
Floyd: “The news I got it's the 'Finger of Death' out on patrol this week. I used the same people last time, they seemed to be pretty accurate.”
Constance: “The Finger, huh? Gunboat, yeah?”
Floyd: “The same. Maneuverable, but we could take it in a fight if we had to. The question is what's our guest going to think about it?”
Constance: “Hell Arijit might love it. How's our other passengers?”
Floyd: “Their safe, Trantor brought some food. The steam release keeps 'em cozy. I also put an extra lock so none of them get into the actual cargo.”
Constance: “You worried about a piece of fruit or two going missing?” He shook her head, a chuckle on her lips as she finished her cup. As she walked away she heard Floyd call back.
Floyd: “I would like to actually turn a profit, Connie!” He turned back to his chart and continued to mutter, “Worse than being a freedom fighter is a broke freedom fighter.”
GM: A check reveals to move away from a thread, which is a good time with Floyd and Constance's banter.

On other side of the ship: the galley where a slab of meat sizzles in an iron pan above the ship's small on-board stove. The smoke drifted to the ceiling and through the grating that lead into Blue. His hands are in gloves to help keep any strands of fur from getting into food, not that he minded in his food, but the others minded. In front of him was a port hole that looked out into the storm. <Is there something on the wing? 65% Chance. 12% Exceptional Yes. Search 13 to notice. Result: 10.>
Trantor: After prodding the slab again he used his serving fork to push the meat onto his plate. He didn't look up, even as lightning flashed, even as the figures landed on the ship's hull near the engine. He turned his head when he heard steps outside the galley.
Arijit: “Good evening, supper ready yet?” He asked as he approached the Minotaur.
Trantor: “Soon. How do you like yours?”
Arijit: Looked over the plate of cooked meat and said, “About the same as that, thank-you.” He stepped near the counter and asked: “Seems like we've stopped moving.”
Trantor: “It's probably the storm. Captain doesn't like trying to fly through it when it's this rough. Best just stop and ride it out.”
Arijit: <Search check: 12. Result is: 14>: His mouth began to salivate as he watched the second slab of meat cook when another streak of lightning crossed the sky with a white-blue flash. He turned and raised a brow. He saw... as he said: “There's men near the engine.”
Trantor: Looks up. Another flash of lightning revealed (d4+1 = 5) creatures crowding the port engine. He saw their biped figures with arms moving over the engine, a brief flash of light from the engine's metallic shell. “Call up the Captain. I'm going up.”
Arijit: “Where are you going?” He turned to see the Minotaur pause near the entrance of the galley and reach for the fireaxe secured near the door.
Trantor. “Up.” He turned right and headed for the hatch.

Scene 2
It only took a few steps for Airjit to run into Constance and Floyd who were looking at one of the pressure gauges. A pressure loss with the port engine drew the attention of the Gnome and the Human only to turn and see the Tigran approach with a worried look in his eyes.
Arijit: “We've got trouble out there!”
Constance: “I've got trouble in here, see Trantor.” She said as she drew a cigarette from her coat, “What do you think, Floyd?”
Floyd: “Sudden loss, something must have struck the engine out there-”
Arijit: “There's a man... men on the wing.”
The pair turn to the Catfolk who points over his shoulder. “Trantor's gone to check it out.”
One can actually exist in the Blue. The reason ships are enclosed is that the breathable gas that the Blue is made up is often rather cold and uncomfortable. At times some of the storms are dredged from Underside, the portion where the Blue becomes the Green and the world becomes toxic. The cool air meant little to Trantor's furred figure as he stepped out of the hatch and onto the backside of the skyship. The rays of the sun had been blotted by the clouds.

Trantor: Leans a little due to the force of the winds. His eyes fixed one of the figures ahead of him <Search check. Result: 9> Trantor is aided by the fact he knew which direct to concentrate on, otherwise conditions might have. He sees at least two of the figures hunched over the engine. The lightning flashes again to reveal their gray-and-white hunched over figures, their backs covered in sharp spines, their hands covered in terrible claws. He hefted his axe and tried to sneak on the pair. <Stealth roll: 12. Does he get a chance to notice the other 3? 35% Chance. 09% No.>
GM: He might have seen more than two, but he is very focused on the enemy before him. He gets a vague Search roll <Search -1D. Result: 1 on Wild Die. Fumble>. He has targets to kill and he is following three. Of the 5. Two continue to play with the engine. Two more head towards the access hatch he has left open, the fifth has gotten around his backside. It prepares to pounce.
GM: The Gremlin gains an automatic surprise attack against Trantor <Claw (4D+1D) vs. Parry (16) = 15>. The Gremlin launches itself. By either providence or instinct, Trantor turns and brings to Axe across his chest to catch the Gremlin and push him away before the claws can slash out. The Gremlin skids along the wet catwalk and stops just short of falling off. It lifts his head and flashes a sharp tooth grin at Trantor. The grin is full of teeth.

Gremlin (Competent Creature)
Attributes: 2D+2 / Skills: 4D / Defense: 12 / Soak: 10 / Attacks: Claws (4D+2)
Initiative #1
10 of Clubs
Gremlin #1
8 of Hearts

Trantor: Charged at the Gremlin who slashed at him. He swung his axe twice to try bring down the Gremlin <4D+1 & 4D+1 vs. Defense: 12 = 9 & 15. Miss & Hit. 7D+1 vs. Soak 10 = 20. Kill blow!>. Trantor's first swing swished above the head of the Gremlin, he turned the axe and brought it down again. The blade of the axe bit into the Gremlin's skull, dropping the creature. He did a half turned and saw the other two move from the engine towards him. Their steps slow, claws sprung from their hands.
The trio made their way towards the hatch with Constance taking the lead. A cool air blew through the metal corridors as droplets of rain hit the bottom rung and metal grating of the ship.
Constance: “How many did you see again?” She had a hand on her revolver as her ears perked. The sounds of fighting were heard outside.
Arijit: “More than a couple.” <Search check. He gets first pick due to his Tigran background. Search: 3D (+6 w/ Hero Point) vs. Stealth: 4D = 15 vs. 12.> He stopped the pair and said. “Shh! Look!” He pointed forward.
At first, all the three could see was the way the ladder shifted and squeak as something moved down it. Then, a silhouette appeared, then another, then another. Shadowy beings whose figures drew looks of disgust at the way they could crawl down the metal gratings of the ship. The scratching upon the metal grew louder as one of the gremlin's heads cleared the threshold and looked at a Human, a Tigran, and a Gnome- all suitably armed and drawn.
Constance: “Oh, you've screwed up big time on this ship.” She sneered in the face of a monster.

Initiative #2
Ace of Spades
8 of Spades
6 of Spades
10 of Diamonds
King of Diamonds

Trantor: Trantor grunted and stomped towards the gremlin. He kept his form loose, ready to move to dodge one of their slashes. The two gremlins were quite close together. Close enough that given his size and reach he makes two attacks, one at each Gremlin <2 Attacks costs 1D. Axe is now 4D+1 vs. Defense 12. Totals are: 14 and 17. Hit and Hit with +1 bonus damage. Trantor deals 7D+1 in damage with the axe vs. Soak 10. Final totals are: 10 and 13. Incapacitated/Slain and Outright Slain>. The axe is brutal and merciless, perhaps the real terror if Trantor was a fiend. Instead the only to fear it were the two beasts before him. The first Gremlin takes a blow to the cheek the caused it to roll, thrash, and then fall still. The second buried the axe blade deep into the gremlin's skull. It shuddered for a more and then laid still.
Floyd: Saw the gremlin poke its head around the threshold. He also has seen the silhouette of at least two others. Trouble is afoot. To see that bestial face, its sharp teeth clacking, its wild eyes crossing over the trio. It caused the hair on his neck to raise. <Wit vs. 10 to avoid panic fire: 19. He doesn't panic, but does he fire at least once? 50% Chance. 45% Yes>. He raised his triple-barrel shotgun. He squeezed the trigger on one of the tubes, ejecting the fiery mass at the target <Shooting (4D+1) vs. 12+5 (Cover) for 17. Result is: 20. Hit! Damage is 4D+2 vs. Soak 10 with a final result of 13.> The Gremlin's head snapped back from the blast and it slumped down to the floor.
Arijit: Though he saw no target, Arijit wasted no time in preparing a spell. He knew two others were present, and the spell he had in mind he knew he could hold and wait. He opened his right palm and paused to allow the mana around them to gather into a flaming red ball <Spellcasting (5D) w/ TN: 15 for Firebolt = 21 with 1 explosion.> The spell is conjured (Can hold for 3 rounds)
GM: <Does either Gremlin try to flee? 65% Chance. 12% Exceptional Yes!> The two Gremlins have enough sense that they are in trouble. Their screech is loud as they proceed to climb back up and out of the hatch. One makes it onto the roof... to face Trantor or fly away. The other is held for a moment when...
Constance: Followed them in and looks up to see the gremlins trying to escape. She shakes her head: “Trouble enough without pests around.” She lifted her pistol up and fired twice <2 shots at Shooting -1D: 3D+1 vs. Def: 12 results in: 13 and 8 with 1 on the Wild Die. Misfire. Damage is 4D and results in: 4. Wounded!> She first shot struck the gremlin in the shoulder while the second shot was a misfire that belched a little flame and caused a Misfire. She curses, she knew the gun would be gummed until she could clean out the chamber.
GM: Gremlin makes a hold check to stay on. <Athletics vs. TN 12. -1D for wound = 7>. The Gremlin's hold slips and it begins to fall back towards the bottom.
Constance: “This is where it gets bad...” She said as her eyes caught the spiny figure fall towards her. She tried to dive away <Dodge vs. TN: 13 = 17>. Her dive was a good backwards jump that got her out of the way. <Gremlin takes 2D+2 in falling damage on metal: 15 w/ 1 explosion – 10 for 5 points. Wounded turns to incapacitaton. It is decided the creature is alive but prone and flailing.>

Trantor is a melee beast who kills/incapacitates two Gremlins.
Floyd kills one with a well-placed shotgun.
1st round of Arijit's held Fire Bolt spell.
Constance manages to wound a Gremlin, but jams her pistol in the process. Gremlin is now on the roof.

Initiative #3
4 of Spades
10 of Hearts
10 of Spades
Queen of Spades
8 of Clubs

Arijit: Throws his Firebolt at the prone figure <Throw vs. TN 12. The creature is technically prone, but the distance negates such protections. Result is: 13. Hit! 3D fire Damage = 7 after Soak.> The Gremlin on the ground is slain with a blackened burn on its chest.
Constance: “I need to get the ship powered and ready to go. Check on the gauges and keep an eye on them.”
Floyd: “I'll have to spend some time with the engine to get it working. They've seemed to damage parts of it.”
Constance: “Right now we need to get away from the storm, picked up more trouble than it was worth it hiding from the Imperials...”
GM: Up above the last Gremlin faced down the hulking Trantor <Does it run? 85% Chance. 100% Exceptional No!> Despite the initiative and chance to escape into the cloud. It opens its toothy maw in a growl and shows both claws. It charged at Trantor, slashing at him twice <3D Slash vs. Parry 16 = 13 & 10. The former having a 1 Wild Die, allowing an immediate counter-attack. 4D+1+6 vs. 12 = 18. Hit with 1 bonus damage and -1 Hero Point. Damage is: 7D+2 vs. Soak 10 = 17. Slain!>
Trantor: As the creature approached Trantor was calm. He took a step and then brought the axe from up under and underneath the chin of the gremlin. It gurgled green ichor before its eyes fell closed and as Trantor jerked it out it fell down. He used his hoof to push the creature over the side and climbed back down into the ship.

End of Session

Scarabae: Factions of the Free City

When not adventuring across the great wide world, plowing through danger and seizing treasure, many a picaro who wishes to make ends meet while staying in Scarabae take up work with the so-called factions. Forget any expectations that the factions are just 'philosophers with clubs' organization. Factions include enterprising tavern houses, unions, and individuals whose influence may go back since the Foundation Wars that changed the city from a traditional principality to the the city it is now. Let's take a look at a few factions.

The United Brotherhood of Orcish Workers
Aka: The Orcish Union; The Pickmen

Profile: The Union is a working class fraternity dedicated, as they show on their pamphlets, to protecting the rights of Orcs and 'Orcish-races'. Their members include Goblins and Hobgoblins in their ranks (Bugbears by in large are a little too wild to group up with the organization). The Union are known for their parade demonstrations in the streets, carrying their banners and wearing their black and silver sashes. Work offered includes dealing with troubles inside mines that the Union are currently working on, collecting debts from members who have borrowed from the pension fund, or 'dealing' with building projects or mining operations that have not paid or hired Union members. Picaros can be any race to work with them, but only rough races such as Half-Orcs, Orcs, or Minotaur can join the Union as a full member with benefits. Amenities of being a member include: lodging and mundane supply, access to either mining sites or at least information where rare ores can be found.

The Griffon House
Aka: Tavern and Entertainment Emporium; the Juggler's Men

Profile: The Griffon House isn't just a tavern, there are plenty of those that dot Scarabae. The House is known as an 'Entertainment Emporium' with games of chance, a grand stage of spectacle and titillation, and also, of course, drinking. The House also serves as curt for the Harlequin thief, the Juggler. The Juggler can only be described as female, probably Human or Half-Elf, it is difficult to tell with her painted face and golden mask. She is considered a rather comely creature and perhaps she knows it, given her costume choices. Her gang is ran out of the Griffon House where she fences stolen property and sells magical trinkets and wondrous items. Prospective members include Bards and characters who have proficiency in the Perform skill. Jobs one can find at the House include the standard performing on stage for money. The Juggler also buys fenced property and is always looking to gather secrets, rumors, and information that she can sell.

House Scabberhorn
Aka: The Scabberhorns; The Family

Not every faction is an organization or gang. Sometimes a single family can pull the strings on life in Scarabae. The Scabberhorns are a family of Tieflings under the leadership of one Joseph Scabberhorn. His immediate family, as well as members of his eldest son's family-by-marriage. Their interest includes currency speculation, fencing, protection, and loansharking. Scabberhorn owns stocks and debts over various businesses in the Free City and doesn't mind using force and threat to collect. His largest rival is House Stillwater, but he also has to contend with smaller, more mobile gangs that can cause him trouble. Full-membership requires a touch of otherworldly blood. Picaros just looking for jobs can find it in collection runs, recovering items for the House, or conducting raids or making trouble for Scabberhorn's rivals.