Saturday, January 12, 2019

Krevborna: Ravenfolk


Brief: Cursed by witches at birth, Ravenfolk are a race of avian-humanoid hybrids. It is a terrible thing for a Ravenfolk to be born. They often begin life with a small hard beak, red eyes, and a pale body with clawed feet. It is said that witches sometimes kidnapped young maidens to impregnate them with the essence of Ravenfolk so as to ensure the child is born and nurtured by witches. As they mature, the Ravenfolk's beak grows further out and his once pale skin takes on a black or dark purple plumage. Ravenfolk are common in the area around Hemlock, but rogue Ravenfolk have made their way to Lamashtu, Piskaro, and Creedhall. They generally avoid Chancel, as the folk of Chancel view Ravens as an ill omen, and the witch spawn of Ravens and Humans are treated accordingly.

As a Player Character... A Ravenfolk PC is typically a rogue Ravenfolk who has either run from an unhappy home or escaped the witch they served. They are typically raised as Fighters to scout and protect their cruel matrons. It is always possible, of course, that a Ravenfolk could get their hands on tomes of power or make a pact with an entity in order to gain power (and vengeance) on their hated makers. Ravenfolk Druids tend to try to seek balance and peace with what they have become, while Ravenfolk Clerics hope that by living Saintly life may cure them of their affliction.

Ravenfolk use Aarakocra stats from Elemental Evil Player's Companion


Friday, January 11, 2019

Selection Series: Meriweather Stillwater, Half-Elf Warlock

Name: Meriweather Stillwater
Race: Half-Elf / Class: Warlock / Level: 5 / Background: Criminal

Strength: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 17 (+3)
Mind: 18 (+4)

Info.: Proficiency Bonus: +3 / AC: 15 (Leather + Ring of Protection +1) / HP: 29

Physical: +0
Subterfuge: +3
Knowledge: +3
Communication: +0

Common Skills: Athletics (Str/Dex): +1/+3, Notice (Mind): +10, Stealth (Dex): +6, 
Persuade (Mind): +4, Intimidate (Mind): +4, Lore - Arcana (Mind): +7, Lore - Local (Mind): +7, Ride (Dex): +3

Combat: Melee: +4 / Ranged: +6 / Magic: +7

Dagger: Attk: +6, D: 1d4+1, R: Thrown
Longknife: Attk: +6, D: 1d6+1

Wand of Fear (Charges: 10, Cost: 1, Saving Throw: Will 15 Negates): Target creature must make their Will save and either Flee or Grovel. If in Grovel a creature will also tell any secrets the user asks of them. If it is a buried secret the user has the Advantage on Social rolls to draw it from the subject.

Traits: Half-Elf (1/day): Normal Movement. Normal Size. Darkvision. Half-Elves are immune to magical sleep. They automatically Proficient with Notice (Mind + Subterfuge). In a case where they have Proficiency in Subterfuge, Half-Elves gain expertise (Mind + Subterfuge x 2). Due to their fair looks, charm, and balanced view of the world, Half-Elves may once per day roll a Persuade/Intimidate/Social check with the Advantage. It requires a Long Rest to recharge this ability.

Meriweather's Magic: Mana: 29 / Magic Attack: +7 / Saving Throw: 15 / Current Mana:

Eldritch Blast: Cost: 1 - You conjure a bolt of pure arcane energy that you can hurl at a target as part of a magic attack. The bolt deals 1d10 (force) damage. At 5th level you create 2 bolts. At 17th level you create 3 bolts. You can direct the bolts at 1 target or separate targets. Roll a Magic Attack for each bolt thrown.

Cantrips - Cost: 1
Blade Ward: For 1 round you have resistance to all non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing weapon attacks.

Chill Touch: Ranged magic attack deals 1d8 (Cold) Damage. At 5th level 2d8, 11th level 3d8, and 17th level 4d8
Friends: For 1 minute all Mind checks to persuade, threaten, and socially manipulate target non-hostile creature are done with the Advantage. At the end of the spell the creature realizes it was manipulated and becomes hostile, maybe even violent.
Mage Hand: For 1 minute you create a magical hand that can lift up to 10 pounds or performs minor interactions such as opening unlocked doors or pour contents out of a vial. Cannot be used to attack or cast spells.

1st Level Invocations - Cost: 3
Armor of the Ice Witch: For 1 hour a spectral armor of cold covers the caster granting 5 Temporary HP. Whenever they struck by a melee attack and they have these points, the attacker takes 5 dmg (Cold). +5 Temporary Hit Points & Damage per level spent above 1st.

Charm Person: Makes one person your friend for 1 hour.

Hex: For 1 hour target takes a +1d6 (Necrotic) damage whenever you hit them. You also select one attribute (Str, Dex, or Mind). Target rolls a Disadvantage when making checks involving this ability (including attack rolls). +1 when cast as a level above 1st. Counts as a curse for the spell Remove Curse.

Witch Bolt: You make a magic attack to strike target for 1d12 (Electricity) damage up to 30 ft. For up to 1 minute after you may use your normal action to deal a bonus 1d12 (Electricity) damage automatically in lieu of other actions. The spell ends when the target moves out of the range of the spell or the caster takes a different action besides using witch bolt. +1d12 damage per level spent above 1st.

2nd Level Invocations - Cost: 5
Cloud of Daggers: Creatures within, stopping, or moving through a 5 ft. cube within 60 ft. of the caster take 4d4 (slashing) damage from magical knives. +2d4 damage per level above 2nd.

Darkness: Creates a globe of darkness for up to 10 minutes.
Enthrall: Target must make a Mind-save otherwise can only perceive caster for the duration of 1 minute or until caster cannot speak.
Misty Step: You teleport up to 30 ft. in the form of silvery mist.

3rd Level Invocations - Cost: 7
Dispel Magic: Cancels magical spells and effects. If a roll may be required per the view of the GM it should be d20+Mind vs. 10 + Spell Level.

Fear: Creature must make a Mind Save or drop whatever they are holding and dash away from caster at full speed. May be able to make a Mind save on rounds they do not see caster.

-Meriweather is one of two female twins born to the crimelord, Florence Stillwater. Unlike her sister, Lizbeth, who followed a martial path, Meriweather is the chief arcane vizier to her mother on the streets of Tempest, a city-state within the Known World. Meriweather is known to use her personal knowledge of the underworld to cultivate her spy network and spells like charm to gain temporary informers.

-Since the arrest of the Queen Margerate of Tempest, Meriweather has been instrumental in aiding her mother's takeover of their portion of the city. Meriweather's desire for power stems from her ambition to be named her mother's heir upon her mother's demise. Which, after naming Meriweather her direct heir, maybe soon after if Meriweather gets desperate enough for the power.

-Is working on making contacts with a company of sellswords, Black Dragon's Brood, that operate outside the city. Meriweather is interested in finding adventuring parties willing to act as intermediaries between her mother's gang and the sellswords for various ends.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Jairie Lightstone - Dwarven Warlord

Jairie and Rendford's pre-ceremony pose.
Name: Jairie Lightstone

Race: Dwarf / Class: Warlord / Level: 5 / Background: Nobility

Strength: 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Mind: 17 (+3)

Info: Proficiency Bonus: +3 / AC: 18 (Field Plate +1) / HP: 65 / Current HP:

Physical: +6
Dodge: +1
Will: +3

Physical: +3
Subterfuge: +0
Knowledge: +0
Communication: +3

Common Skills: Athletics (Str/Dex): +7/+4, Notice (Mind): +3, Persuade (Mind): +6, 
Intimidate (Str): +7, Ride (Dex): +4, Lore - Nobility (Mind): +6, Lore - Local (Mind): +3, 
Stealth (Dex): +1

Combat: Melee: +7 / Ranged: +4 / Magic: +6

Attacks: Warhammer of Alfi (+1 Warhammer): Attk: +8, D: 1d12+5
Shortsword: Attk: +7, D: 1d6+4
Pistol: Attk: +4, D: 1d10+1, RoF: 1, R: Near

Traits: Dwarf (1/day): Slow movement. Normal size. Darkvision. Has Advantage on Saves vs. Poison. Once per day, a Dwarf may re-roll a failed Poison, Disease, or Magic Save and take the better of the two rolls. It requires a Long Rest to recharge this ability. Gain +1 bonus HP per level.

Great Weapon Fighter: Re-roll any 1's or 2's first rolled by a Fighter with a two-handed weapon. The Fighter must take the secondary results, even if they come up a 1 or 2 again.

Multiple Attacks: Starting at 5th level a Fighter may make 2 attacks per round.

Warlord Abilities: Superiority Dice: d8 / # of Dice: 4 / Save: 15 / Current Dice:

Commander's Strike: Spend one dice to sacrifice your attack to allow an ally that can see and hear you to make a devastating attack. If the attack is successful you roll your Superiority Dice and add it to your allies weapon damage.

Maneuvering Attack: Spend one dice to not only devastate a target by adding your Superiority Dice to damage. At the same time, an ally who can see and hear you can move at half-speed. They are immune to attacks of opportunity as they move.

Rally: Spend one dice to allow one ally to heal their Superiority Dice + Mind to the limit of their current maximum HP.

-Jairie Lightstone is the Dame-Protector of a Valley region known as Alfi. While her father is technically the Thane, she is the true power and speaks on his behalf to other Dwarven clans and outsiders of the Alfi region.

-Married Rendford Greymountain, the heir of one of the Lightstone's allied banner houses. While her marriage is partially one of political importance to further secure the allegiance of another family, Jairie admits that she married Rendford because 'he keeps his opinions between me and him, and he's a good cuddler.'

-Currently working to expand the reach of Alfi outside the borders of her valley. While much of her land is surrounded by either rival Dwarven families, monsters, rebellious Human subjects, she has an ambition to form a new kingdom that overthrows to the current Dwarven regime and set up a more egalitarian regime. One ruled by her, of course.