Sunday, August 20, 2017

Savage Spelljammer: Trooper Obed & Giff

Trooper Obed / Giff / 0 XP / Novice

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d4, Shooting d6, Survival d4, Swimming d6, Throwing d6
Traits: Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (2 - Chain Vest, Torso)
Edges & Hindrances: Ambidextrous, Two-Fisted, Brawny / Clueless, Loyal, Stubborn, Vengeful (Major)

Head Bash: Str+d6, S: Natural Attack / Cutlass: Str+d6, S: +2 to resist disarm

Dagger: Str+d4, S: Thrown (3/6/12) / Pistol: 2d6+1, R: 5/10/20, RoF: 1, Reload: 2, Ammo: 20

-Trooper Obed is a discharged Giff marine serving as a soldier of fortune either on space going vessel or planetoid battlefields in the outer void. Trooper is the last designation he earned within the Giff before deciding to turn to mercenary work as the title stuck with him. He may change it if an organization that he respects give him a new title. Such as a Mercenary company with prestige awarding him 'Corporal' or would make him change title.

-He follows the money, but he is loyal and has a touch of pride in himself. He has the Vengeful (Major) edge. Any perceived slights are answered with either harsh words or can also be answered with a challenge to duel. Any duel he takes part in will at least be a fist fight to unconsciousness if not a duel to the death

-While he does love his pistol (all Giff love the smell of smokepowder). He favors a dual fighting style of a cutlass and a dagger. He does carry a pistol and wouldn't object getting a longarm musket.

Racial Template (Giff)

Brief: Giff are a bestial-humanoid race from across the void and crystal spheres. They resemble a cross between a humanoid and hippopotami. Their skin color includes shades of gray or blue gray, with small ears, a large snout, and a rotund figure (curvy, as the female Giff would call themselves). Giff are stalwart troopers, though not always the brightest.


Strong: Begins play with d6 Strength

Large Figure: Giff are large figured creatures. They begin play with the 'Brawny' edge.

Dull: Smarts requires 2 points to raise a character creation.

Head Bash: Natural Attack deals str+d6

Darkvision: Can see in total darkness up to 60 ft. (12 sq.) albeit in a grayscale. They are not penalized due to a lack of light within 60 ft. but have a hard time discerning features of an object, like its coloring.

Clueless (Giff): Giff are focused more on pay, drink, and food to really care about the happenings of the outer world. They suffer a form of the Clueless edge, but may negate it about certain topics (such as where the next conflict is springing up and opportunity to make money). This Hindrance can be bought off through the course of play as a Giff perhaps becomes more enlightened.

Friday, August 18, 2017

King Bears

Seriously? How did he get the crown?
King Bears
aka: Czar Bears, Kaiser Ursine

Brief: King Bears are a strange sort of magical animal. This dire bear is certainly larger, more fearsome than normal bears of the world. A frightening ability of these creatures isn't just their size and strength, it's the fact that King Bears have latent psychic ability that allow them to 'hug' their victims at range. King Bears tend to be dire polar bears with fur white, light gray, or silver in color. Somehow, sages are not sure how, King Bears will attack caravans until they manage to find a crown to put on their heads.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d12+4. Vigor d12
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Intimidate d8, Notice d8, Swimming d6
Traits: Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 12; Size: +4


Claws: Str+d6

Telekentic Hug (Power Points 5 / Cost: 2 per use / Range: 6/12/24): When the King Bear locks eyes on a target it makes a hugging motion against a target, sending waves of telekenetic energy against the victim. Targets struck take 3d6 points of damage and on a raise the target is knocked prone and requires a Vigor (-2) check to will their body to shake off the residual psychic energy.

Bear Hug (Mundane/Physical): Bears don’t actually “hug” their victims, but they do attempt to use their weight to pin their prey and rend it with their claws and teeth. A bear that hits with a raise has pinned his foe. The opponent may only attempt to escape the “hug” on his action, which requires a raise on an opposed Strength roll.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Monster: Aboleth


Brief: Lurking in Underdark caves, rivers, and even oceans is the terrible Aboleth. The best that Sages can offer is that the Aboleth were either a primordial being from some undoubtedly chaotic age when wicked things roamed the world, or a dimensional creature that traveled to prime material to plague mortals before being driven into reached of the Underdark. Either case, Aboleths hate everything, they are not too terribly fond of each and are able to lay eggs without intercourse with their species. Their flesh tends to be blue-gray or blue-black with a pinkish underbelly, three red eyes, a fluke for aquatic speed, and tentacles to help move it along the ground. Aboleths like to sometimes beach themselves and watch their stable/larder of mind controlled slaves. When hungry, an Aboleth will infect one of their slaves with the greasy film on their tentacles which turns mortal flesh into a soft, translucent membrane. The person is left helpless and in agony before the Aboleth decides to slurp them down. Aboleth will sometimes make deals with Underdark denizens, such as Drow or Duergar: Slaves for treasure the Aboleth has collected or answering some esoteric question that the other races might have.

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d12, Strength d12+3, Vigor d12
Skills: Climb d8, Fighting d0, Intimidate d10, Knowledge (History) d10, Notice d10, Psionics d10, Swimming d12,
Traits: Pace: 3 / 10 (Swimming) / Parry: 7 / Toughness: 12; Size: +4 (Large +2 to Hit); Charisma: -4
Specials: Darkvision, Imp. Frenzy, AB: Psionics, Mucus Cloud, Slime, Aquatic

Tentacles: Str+d6 S: Slime: When an Aboleth strikes a target with exposed skins or in soft armor (such as leathers) the target must make a Vigor (-2) check. On a failure, the target's stricken area becomes a translucent membrane that must be kept moist with cold water or the target suffers a Fatigue. Upon Incapacitation the target is slain and degenerates into a pool of mucous. A Healing power applied in the first hour can be used to counteract the state, after the first 2 hours a Greater Healing Spell or potion is required.

Psionics (Power Points: 15): Powers includes examples such as: Bolt, Stun, Confuse, Puppet - Trappings for powers such as Bolt are typically Acid.

Mucous Cloud (1 per 2 hours): A swimming Aboleth may eject a cloud of inky mucous that acts as the Obscure power in a Large Burst Template area. Seeing as Aboleths live in dark, murky places, the penalty is typically -8 to normal humanoid vision.