Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1974 Style: Profession Templates

While I like a lot of what 1974 Style has to offer in the form minimalist role-playing games I like to add a little extra meat to very perfect skeleton of a role-playing game. Does it bog down the game by adding more? Possibly, but I'm trying to add just a few things that do add differences without over burdening the system. So with that in mind let's look at some profession templates for use with 1974 Style.

The Combatant (aka Warrior, Fighter, Soldier)

The Combatant represents martial types that have the ability to early on wade into combat while others require special training. The Combatant has the following traits:

Armor Training: Can take Heavy Armor or lower at the start of play.

Fight On! (1/day + 1 for 3 levels): When a Combatant is reduced to 0 HP. The Combatant can roll a Saving Throw (d20 + HD vs. DC 10) to regain 1d4 hit points to continue to fight. Once the number of days have exhausted the Combatant is susceptible to being knocked unconscious or slain.

The Expert (aka Thieves, Rogues, Scouts)

The Expert represents those who have traded the martial experience of a Combatant for more technical experience to aid the party in an adventure. The Expert has the following traits:

Armor Training: Experts can take Medium Armor or lower at the start of play.

Knack (1/day + 1 for 3 levels): A Expert can spend "Knack Points" to gain the Advantage when making an out-of-combat skill check. This represents a bit of luck, recalling some obscure knowledge about the subject, or finding a paperclip to help run a bypass on an object.

The Caster (aka Mages, Priests, Sorcerers)

The Caster represents those who are gifted with some kind of esoteric powers. They have long since traded martial skill to harness this knowledge.

Armor Training: Casters can take Light Armor or lower at the start of play.

Spellcasting (Special): Caster's main talent is spellcasting over any other ability. It could be argued that Casters should only be able to take one weapon to serve as their only weapon, requiring them to depend on their spells. A caster can cast a spell per level (thus a 2nd level caster can cast two spells per day.) A caster begins play with 3 spells of player and GM's choice (collaboration encouraged). Every 3rd level a Caster chooses another spell. Casters can also pick up spells during the course of their adventures.

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