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Breachworld: The Drowned Lands

Breachworld: by Jason Richards

"It was for only a moment, as if the Breach understood it was somewhere normal to open the doorway and let all of that water rush in. That moment was just enough to turn Miami, Tampa into the sunken cities of the modern world. Sure, their buildings still stand above the wave, but slowly that salt shall dissolve even the toughest material and those cities will vanish beneath the waves."

-A brief account from a BRAC conference dealing with Florida.

Brief: The far and wide destruction caused by the Breaches did not merely contain themselves to the central states. Gate failures and breach openings swarmed every part of the world. Unfortunately for the Caribbean and the southeast, the area swamped in those early days was beneath the surface of the world, and for a moment in time those breaches opened spewed water from whatever marine they were open to. The Breaches created the Civilized Lands, but it also formed the Drowned World.

Miami: The Golden Age: Golden Age Miami gave man one of the greatest marvels in gate technology. The first gate to link the port of Miami to Tokyo Bay and the first successful teleportation test that sent a cargo ship from the Pacific to the Atlantic in seconds. Now companies of Europe, South America, and the Eastern United States could open up to new markets while countries in the Pacific could do likewise. The 100% Success rate lead expansion of the semi-submerged gate, despite warnings from scientists who pointed that there was not enough known about the controlled breaches in space-time to warrant such an aggressive expansion. Unfortunately for them, their warnings would prove true in a very disastrous manner.

The Bimini Breach: In hindsight theories abound just how the Miami gate worked so well, how it managed to harness the energy necessary to still function even as the gate grew larger. Miami of course is but one of the corners of the Bermuda Triangle. An region of water that has always been noted for disappearing craft, mysterious lights, and compass interference. While theories of alien interference or Atlantean influence had been discarded as crackpot theories, several breach researchers now believe that there is an air of truth to those old stories, specifically that the Bermuda Triangle had had breaches before, before the Golden Age these breaches were small, temporary, and chaotic. It is taken as a fact that Breaches typically act as a single doorway into our world, but at the same time the, breach researchers admit, not all of the Breaches are understood to create any sort of scientific law. The breaches could have at times swallowed ships into their alien worlds.

Bimini Road
Theories about the Bermuda Triangle might have a connection to breaches were viewed as a distinct possibility when the greatest of these breaches opened in response to the Miami gate failure. "The Bimini Breach" so named because of its location just above the "Bimini Road" near the Bahamas remains one of the larger breaches to a marine world. During the first moment of breach opening the chaotic energies believed to be in the Bermuda Triangle and the gate energy collided and allowed gallons of water to be displaced into terrestrial waters. The seas rose, swallowing islands and drowning a large portion of Florida. The breach still sits at the bottom of the ocean, its top just visible above the waves.

Power Groups and Locations in the Drowned World

Location: Driftport

Brief: A floating platform-yacht turned into a trader's village and power center within the drowned world.

Rep: The palm trees look nice, but kind of a rough place. Good spot for a quick sale on scrap needed for its fabrication unit.

The Golden Age's fabrication units had allowed corporations to create grand wonders. Some were uses for the common man, but there were also fabricated items that only the rich need apply to. One was the Megalodon Corporation's "Paradise Island". This artificial structure served as both a home platform and a yacht, allowing the island to travel to any part of the world, though emphasizing comfort over speed. With the fall came a new purpose for one of the first models of "Paradise Island." Seized by Clayton family, the island became a floating village and trading post for scavengers and survivors of the drowned world. Their main interest is scrap material that the island's built in the fabrication unit could use to create useful items. With it they can trade harder to recover pre-Fall artifacts in exchange for critical parts needed to keep ships functioning in the region. Driftport is also known as maintaining the night club originally built on "Paradise Island" as a for-charge recreation center.

Power Group: BRAC Unit Epsilon

Brief: A BRAC "Breach Research and Closure" unit that is charged with investigating and closing the Bimini Breach.

Rep: A noble cause, though viewed as a tall order given the logistics needed to close the Bimini Breach.

A branch of the "Breach Research and Closure" or BRAC. The Epsilon Unit is stationed on an abandoned M1 class submersible yacht, the Stingray. From their roving base the BRAC continues their mission of xeno- ichthyological species that have entered the hot zone of the world. The unit is made up of people who love the sea, and people sent from the BRAC organization's home base in the Civilized Lands as a sort of punishment, trading the dry land for the murky depths.

Power Group: Pirate Gangs

Brief: Crews of pirates, both independent groups and former naval personnel who have become desperate for survival.

Rep: The terror of the Drowned World. It is unclear which is more dangerous: alien-life from the deep, or pirate crews looking to steal and murder to get by.

The Drowned World has created desperate Men and Xenos who now view themselves either stuck in a hostile world, or find a very neat setup in robbing other people for their scrap or gear. Pirates are divided into gangs or crews, taking on all manner of names like the "Blacktide Boys", or "Bloodybay Crew" or "the Headhunters." They compete for stretches of water, islands, or golden age ruins and can be typically bribed or beaten through force.

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