Friday, May 20, 2016

Campaign Sketch: They Hunger - Rockwood Valley

Inspired by the Half-Life mod "They Hunger" by Black Widow Studios

Campaign in Brief: They Hunger pits player characters in the mood of a pseudo-1950's universe, specifically in a B-Horror movie with just a touch of science-fiction. Player's can be survivor, townsfolk, or soldiers who deal with an outbreak of the living dead along with other monsters in the Rockwood Valley area.

Rockwood Valley

Situated in a remote part of the united States and practically sealed off by high rolling hills and mountains and forests is the Rockwood Valley, and it's main town, Rockwood Township. Both named after the first family to settle the region during the pioneer era. Since then, the town has remained a quiet corner of heartland for small town folks, vacationing sportsmen, and people trying to get away from the bustle of the nearby cities. Noted locations include:

Rockwood Township: The small town of Rockwood is noted for the Railside Inn, BMRF Radio Station, and St. Luke's Cathedral. The town, while small, is slowly inching its way towards a modern era. Just recently the town built Rockwood General Hospital, a modern medical facility to provide quality care to an ever growing tourist trade.

Rockwood Hospital, on the right.
The Devil's Rift: Besides the hunting and fishing offered by the valley, sightseers also have something to look forward to. The Devil's rift is a large magma chamber found within the valley, just south of town. Spectators can admire the periodic pyrotechnics created by nature as the volcano occasionally belches smoke and fire.

Forest Green Power Station

The Forest Green Dam serves the electrical needs of the valley through hydro-electrical turbines that pump through the facility. Visitors can often book train rides that cross the span, allowing them to take in the view of the Green River below.

Rivendell Asylum for the Criminally Insane

And what a tour could not be complete of the Rockwood Valley except for a visit, or at least a brief look at the Rivendell Asylum. The wonderful brick and mortar building offers high quality treatment to patients by providing them a relaxing atmosphere within the Rockwood Valley area. The asylum also boasts the highest security features to prevent escape attempts from hostile patients so that they in no way disturb visitors to the valley, no matter what stories are told in town.

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