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Dragonclaw Episode #3.1

(Things are moving slow and this has a lot of talky bits, but I'm still working on Dragonclaw. This is the first quarter of Episode 3.)

Episode 3

Dragonclaw Township is one of the dotting towns within the Salt Marsh, specifically in the patches of land that very fertile thanks to the nutrients of the swamp. The town owes a dryer condition to its location, 20 ft. feet above the sinking fields. Underneath the torch light is very clearly patches of red where the mold has taken hold. The party is stopped at the gates for a momentary check. This is a perfunctory work and the party is soon escorted to the through the closed buildings and the soft glow of hanging lanterns- much of the area is still dark.

The party begins at Linwood Livery Stables to park their wagon and stow their gear. A letter of credit provided by the Blades takes care of the rental fees.

Master Gregor Linwood: “There's an extra 100 charge for watering. Sorry folks, but we've had to import fresh water until the crises is resolved.”

Valkira: “Of course, I don't believe there would be any objection to splitting the check?”

(Is there a possible split? Chaos Level 3. 15% chance. Result is 06. Yes with 1-in-4 characters with 1. Annalise, 2. Grolip, 3. Bonaparte, 4. Gulsen. Result is 3)

Bonaparte makes a face at Valkira and notes: “I don't see why I should be paying an equal share. You guild members make more than me, surely you can contribute a little more to the cause.”

Nora: “This gentleman asks for a few coins until we resolve the water issue. Surely you can spare a mere 16 coins.”

Bonaparte: “Yeah, but since I'm the one mixing the cure, I think I should be entitled to some compensation for my talents.”

Valkira: “You pay in an equal share, like everyone else.” [She glares and makes a check to cow Bonaparte. She rolls d20+3 vs. TN 12 for a total of 12.)

Bonaparte's face remains in a scowl before reaching into his pack and removes some money. The others do so with little complaint. Each member loses $16 in silver. Valkira spends an extra 4 pieces to make up the difference.

Valkira: “Alright. Let's check in at one of the inns-”

Linwood: “I'd recommend the Red Dragon Inn. It's got a better menu than the Green Dragon Inn-”

Nora: “There's a Green Dragon Inn?”

Linwood: “Well, no, but if there was one, the Red Dragon would have a better menu.”

Valkira: Clears her throat and tries to jump off this tangent with a brief: “Thank-you.” She pauses and waits for Linwood to walk away before turning back to the party. “We'll check in... at the Red Dragon Inn. Tomorrow Nora and I will meet with the mayor and get a briefing on the situation. Annalise, you and Grolip know this area, yes?”

Grolip: “Yep, working the river since I was a lad.”

Annalise: “I do too, not from river work. I just lived her a long time.”

Valkira; “I want Annalise here to ask around the tavern, talk to some of the locals. Seeing as you worked the rivers, Grolip, I'd like you talk to some of the river merchants to get our survival report back to Seaside. I don't want the Direhorns to come looking for us, thinking we died in the Marsh. Gulsen, go with Grolip as that will take you out of the city. Keep an eye out for trouble.”

Valkira turns and lowers her eyes, giving Bonaparte a glare. She says: “As for you, cheapie, you stay in your room and get to mixing the alchemical compound. I want it read to use once we find the source.”

Bonaparte: Smiles and offers a salute: “No problem, it's what I was brought in for.”

Valkira pays an extra $3 to have one of the stable boys carry the trunk. The party would be charged $5 to stay at the Inn, but the Innkeeper does accept a Letter of Credit from the Blades. The owner does note there is a separate charge for food or water.

[Current Party: Valkira, Nora]

The next day the party splits up into their separate groups. The first is Valkira and Nora who walk to the mayor's house. There route is looked after by a few deputies and there is little activity during the day. There is currently no encounter chance heading that way. The party arrive at the center of the township where they find the two story grey brick building that serves as the town hall. They pass through the doors and are lead by steward of the building to the office of one Rutherford Cornwallis.

Rutherford Cornwallis: Is a heavy-set gentlemen whose lines and grey hairs hint at an advanced age. He greets with handshakes and offers drinks from a silver tray near his wide oaken desk. Set against the wall behind him is a portrait of the town's founder: Horatio Robliare

Rutherford: “We are very much in-debt to the town of Seaside for their assistance. Is the chemical mix ready?”

Valkira: “It is sir, we just need to find where the corruption is coming from in order to effectively use the counter agent. Our alchemist believes that treating the source will filter through the rest of the area.”

Rutherford: “Excellent. You also have the documents?”

Nora: Touches a satchel that she carries from the wagon: “The ingredients to create more of the counter agent. Do you have an apothecary in town that can produce more?”

Rutherford: “Yes, a Master Milo Mosswood is our town apothecary. A bit of an amateur I'm sure compared to Seaside, but he is our best authority on the matter.”

Valkira: “We've also brought our own alchemist to assist your Master Mosswood.”

Rutherford: “Splendid, splendid.”

Bertan Coldforge
Bertan Coldforge: The door opens and a stout, dark haired gentlemen steps through the door. The clink of chain link hints that despite the pleasantries and openness of the office, there are still those who walk in some kind of armor. The Dwarf is introduced as Bertan Coldforge who says hello in a quiet manner.

Rutherford: “I've called you in here, Bertan to discuss a bandit gang that attacked our new friends here.”

Bertan: “The gear, especially the masks leave us to conclude that the people you faced were the so-called Red Knives gang.”

(Nora gets a recall check, being a local. She makes a Lore check with Advantage from “History”. Her roll is d20+3 vs. TN 11 for a total of 20).

Valkira: “And who are these Red Knives?”

Nora: “Pro-human separatists. Some of them are veterans of the Great War who suffered when this land was under Elven occupation. A lot of them are locals who dislike all of the Orcs and others who were driven from the North after the conclusion of the Great War. Are there a lot of Orcs in this town?”

Bertan: “There is a small community of them. They have begun to mingle with the outside community, but they have taken over a portion of the town as their personal shanty.”

Valkira: “Could the Red Knives be connected to the appearance of the mold?”

Rutherford: “That would things make nice and neat- Red Knives, Red Mold. A lot of Red involved.”

Bertan: Shakes his head. “Up until now it has been attacks on the road against non-humans, the occasional complaint nailed to our door. Alchemical attacks is something rather new for them.”

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  1. Honestly, I am a fan of slow talky bits. They make the characters seem much more real.