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Dragonclaw Episode #4: Goblin Attack

The party sets north, leaving the city from the southern gate and traveling down the hill. As they dip to ground level they turn again along east, north east line which takes them through the dock's that support Dragonclaw.

Grolip: “By the way I got that satchel moving for you, Chief.”

Valkira: “How much did it cost to deliver some mail?”

Grolip: $10. I get reimbursement, right?”

Valkira: “Over $10 silver?”

Grolip: “Well... it's a lot to me.”

The follows the path past the docks district and soon returns to the wild. The stunted growth or trees, the red mold that covers the plants. There is a hush in the air of insects, beasts, or birds. There is just the constant flow of water. (There is a 1-in-6 chance for a daytime encounter. The result is a 5)

By afternoon the party pulls to the side of the muddy road and takes a break consuming a ration and from their canteens.

Bonaparte: “Have to be careful how much we go through. I mean it was nice of that lady to give us two of her water barrels, but we shouldn't get careless on drinking.”

Valkira: “I noticed you only took two sip of yours, you should have plenty.”

Bonaparte: “The advantage of a small body is two sips is all I need to sustain me.”

Passing from it's center spot is the sun, it continues on its journey towards the west as the crew drives forward. The party layout is as follows:

Annalise – Lead

Valkira & Nora – Secondary

Grolip & Bonaparte – Center/Cart

Gundar – Rear

(Because of the growing evening the chance for an encounter increases to 2-in-6 chance. The result of which is 3.)

By mid-day the party sets up camp, this time in a hollow with a log for cover. There is a distant rumble of thunder as grey clouds begin to roll across and snuff out the blue sky and yellow sun. A bolt of lightning lashes out from the sky towards the Earth, causing another thunder clap.

Gundar: “Rain.” He snorts. “Damn stuff gets in the fur and makes me smell bad.”

Grolip: “Never fear, try some of this stuff.” He offers a bottle of emerald liquid to the Minotaur.

Gundar: “What's this?”

Grolip: “Special fur perfume, makes you smell like lilac. It's so good that when women pass by they sniff and say: Is that lilac?”

Valkira: “I want a proper fire built up. Nora, Gundar, Annalise and Grolip see to that. Annalise take point with your rifle and keep an eye out for trouble.”

Gundar: “Should we burn wood that's contaminated by the mold?”

Bonaparte: “I can whip up some counter agent, treat the wood so the mold doesn't get into the air.

Valkira: Nods and says: “Good, I want the agent ready to go when they get back. Gulsen, see if you can bring some taste to our rations. I will watch the camp.”

The party breaks up into their separate groups with Annalise, Gundar, Nora, and Grolip walking into the woods.

(The wooded parts of the realm can be quite hazardous, especially at evening and off the road. As the trio moves in there is a 3-in-6 chance for an encounter with a result of: 2. Encounter! 1D4 events occur with 1) giant spiders, 2) Wild Owlbear, 3) Pack of Goblins, 4) Red Knife Gang. Result is 3. 1d8 Goblins for a total of 8.)

Annalise steps forward with her rifle pointed down. Besides the babbling sound of the water is the sound of Nora and Grolip chatting as they pick up sticks. Gundar grunting as he picks up larger branches to carry. Annalise makes a Notice check (d20+3 vs. TN 10 with Advantage for a total of 18.) She is able to listen out, slowly drawing her rifle from around her shoulder to be in front of her. (As an alert member the party can only be surprised on a 1-in-6 chance.) She notices a short figure climbing up one of the trees. (Surprise roll for both parties – PC party rolls a 5. Goblin pack climbing through rolls a 2 – SURPRISED!)

Annalise sees one of the reptilian creatures climbing towards a nearby birds nest. It's angular face turning to face her, showing a set of wild red eyes and rows of small sharp teeth, obscured as the forked tongue flicks across it's thick dark green lips.

Annalise: “Goblins.” Annalise quick fires from her rifle as she says it. (She rolls d20+3 vs. AC 12 for a total of Natural 1! The gun jams and she curses.)

Gundar: Gundar drops the branches and draws the sword as his side, growling: “It seems like the red mold didn't take care of them.” (He makes a notice check of d20+3 <7>. He only sees the one that Annalise indicated but he is on alert)
Grolip: Grolip turns faces the rear side of the party, leading back towards the camp. He tries to spot more of the creatures (d20+3 vs. 10 <15>. He spots 1d4 Goblins). He sees another two now crawling towards the party and draws his sword.

Nora: Notes the others and drops her sticks to draw her sword. She turns to face he flank opposite of Grolip and looks around (d20+3 vs. 10 <19>. She spots 1d4) She spots four more goblins crawling from her side. “I count four.”

Grolip: “I've got two.”

Annalise: “I've got one...”

Initiative #1!

GM: 11
Grolip (+6): 22
Nora (+3): 13
Annalise (+9): 19
Gundar (+6): 23

Gundar holds action and waits for a goblin to approach him.

Grolip holds action and waits for a Goblin to approach him.

Annalise takes a full round to quickly unjam her musket. (Repair roll of d20+3 vs. 10. Her “Repair” skill counters a Disadvantage for a jammed weapon in the field. The total is 7. The gun remains jammed).

Nora holds action until a Goblin approaches her.

Goblin #1 leaps down and and slashes at Annalise with its claw. Due to being stuck trying to fix rifle, the Goblin gains the Advantage (d20+1 vs. AC 11 for a total of Natural 20! Damage is d6 x 2 for a total of 6 points of damage.) The Goblin's claw embeds itself into her shoulder, making her cry out in a combination of rage and pain.

Gundar steps forward, taking his hold action and striking at the Goblin #1. (Gundar rolls d20+3 vs. AC 11 for a total of 18. Hit! He rolls 1d6 for a total of 2 points of damage.) Gundar's sword bites into the Goblin #1's arm, causing it to growl in pain.

Goblin #2 and Goblin #3 move at Grolip with murder in their eye. Grolip gets a slash at Goblin #2 as he held his action. (He rolls a d20+3 vs. AC 11 for a total of 21. Hit for 1d6 points of damage. Total damage is 6 points.) Goblin #2 is slashed across the chest and slain as it approaches. Goblin #3 bites at Grolip (D20+1 vs. AC 12 for a total of 7. Miss!)

Goblin #4, #5, #6, #7 all leap and make their way to Nora. Nora gets an attack of opportunity as they close in as she held her action. (She rolls d20+3 vs. AC 11 for a total of 10. Miss!) Her swishes just in front of a Goblin with no hit.

Goblin #4 and Goblin #5 move on either side of Nora, hunger and malfeasance is in their eyes. Goblin #4 attacks first with Advantage (d20+1 vs. AC 15. Final total is 13. Miss!) Goblin #4's bite just scuffs the chainmail on her arm. Goblin #5 also makes a bite aimed at her leg (d20+1 vs. AC 15. Final total is 16. Hit! Deals 1d6 for a total of 2 points.) Nora's chainmail yields to pressure, sending pain up her body.

Goblin #6 launches itself to bite at her other leg. Its attack carries no Advantage (Goblin #6 rolls a 6. Miss!) Goblin #7 makes a claw slash at her hand (Result is a Natural 1!) Not only does Goblin #7 miss, its wide swing leaves it open for Nora to make a counterattack roll (Nora rolls a 19 vs. 11. Hit! Total damage is 1d8 for 7 points). Her sword slashes across Goblin #7, rending it.

Current Goblin Status

Goblin #1 (6/6)
Goblin #2 (Dead)
Goblin #3 (3/3)
Goblin #4 (5/5)
Goblin #6 (3/3)
Goblin #7 (Dead)
Goblin #8 (4/4)

Current Party Status

Annalise (10 / 16)
Grolip (21 / 21)
Gundar (21 / 21)
Nora (19 / 21)


GM: 2
Annalise (+9): 15
Grolip (+6): 20
Gundar (+6): 16
Nora (+3): 10

Grolip makes a slash at Goblin #3 (result is 8. Miss.) He misses and stands ready to continue the fight with the Goblin.

Gundar makes another sword swipe at Goblin #1 (Roll Result is 6. Miss!) His slash also does nothing but cut through the air.

Annalise drops her rifle and draws her sword, making a swinging attack at Goblin #1. By spending her movement in dropping and drawing, she forgoes positioning herself to flank. This is a standard roll (Result is Natural 20! Damage is d6 x2 for a total of 10). He rapier catches Goblin #1 right through the eye. A thin trail green blood rolls down the metal before she quickly withdraws it from the collapsing form.

Nora slashes at Goblin #5 to try and break the flank (She rolls a total of 15. Hit! Her damage is a total of 4 points.) A heavy slash knocks the Goblin off-balanced, but does not quite slay the creature. She calls out: “Help me, damn it!”

Goblin #3 attacks Grolip with a slash (Total is 10. Miss!) Its slash misses the mark as Grolip's blade threatens and swings, causing the Goblin to step back.

Goblin #4 bites at Nora. Because of the seriousness of the injuries, Goblin #4's attack is standard (Result is a roll of 14. Miss!) Goblin #5 recovers from being winded and slashes at Nora, unlike its partner, Goblin #5 does strike the Advantage (result is 17. Hit! Damage is a total of 6 points). Revenge is a dish best served with a human hand, because the Goblin's sharp teeth definitely sink into Nora's hand. Causing her to cry out.

Goblin #6 slashes at Nora's leg (Roll is a total of 13. Miss!) The Goblin continues to ruin her chainmail with little to show for it.

Goblin #8 bursts from its hiding spot to attack Grolip (d20+1 vs. d20+3 for a total of 18 vs. 20 respectively.) It makes an attack without any Advantage. (Result is 4. Miss!)


Goblin #1 (Dead)

Annalise (10 / 16)
Goblin #2 (Dead)

Grolip (21 / 21)
Goblin #3 (3 / 3)

Gundar (21 / 21)
Goblin #4 (5 / 5)

Nora (13 / 21)
Goblin #5 (1 / 5)

Goblin #6 (3 / 3)

Goblin #7 (Dead)

Goblin #8 (4 / 4)


GM: 4
Annalise (+9): 15
Grolip (+6): 10
Gundar (+6): 13
Nora (+3): 22
Nora slashes at Goblin #5 to put it down (Roll is a total of 16. Hit! 4 points of damage). Goblin #5 is slain from a side slash that hacks at its mid-section.

Annalise runs to aid Nora. She makes an attack against Goblin #4 (Roll result is a Natural 20! Damage is x2 for a total of 6 points.) Her rapier slides easily through the Goblin's chest, piercing the heart. The Goblin falls forward in a heap.

Gundar moves to aid Grolip, positioning himself to flank Goblin #8 with Grolip. He rolls with Advantage (Result is 11. Hit! 4 points of damage). The Goblin is distracted by Grolip's own swordplay that it fails to notice the Minotaur's sword crash down and strike it in the back of the head. Goblin #8 is slain! Grolip says: “Thanks.”

Grolip spins and makes a slash at Goblin #3 (Result is a 19. Hit! 2 points of damage). His sword slash catches Goblin #3 on the cheek, knocking it aside. Yet, it still lives.

<Morale check! Goblin's must make a Morale check to remain on the field since half of their number have been slain. The roll is a 1d10 that must equal 1 for them to remain. Goblin #3 rolls 5, Goblin #6 rolls a 6.>

Both Goblin's flee into the forest, moving in a retreat fashion that gives them a +1 to their Armor (AC is now 12). Grolip gets a slash for them withdrawing (Result is 19. Hit! 2 points damage). His slash slays Goblin #3 as it tries to make a move for one of the trees. Nora's also makes an attack, rolling against a retreating Goblin #6 (Result is 17 and deals 7 points.) Her blow drives down Goblin #6.

A hush falls on the clearing and the air is awash in the steam of blood and sweat. Splashes of green litter the forest from all of the Goblin blood, but the heroes remain standing- sort of. Nora certainly grips her hand to her chest.

Nora; “Son... or... thing.... that bastard took a chunk from my hand.”

Grolip tears strips of his sleeve and uses some of his water to try and clean off the grime. He makes a Survival check to bind the bite on her hand. (D20+3 w/ Advantage! vs. 10 for a total of Natural 20! He heals 1d4 points of damage and rolls the die with Advantage for a total of: 3. )

Nora grimaces, but the cooling sensation seems to help ease the pain.

Gundar: “We should make our way back. Goblin blood is going to attract other Goblinoids.” He looks up at the rolling clouds that promises rain and thunder. He says: “I just hope this storm can give us cover. I'd hate to try and fend off another Goblin raid.”

Annalise: “Aren't you a magic-user, Bull?”

Gundar: “Yes. I am.”

Annalise: “Well then, we should be safe. Between you and the Gnome, we should be able to magically blow up anyone who crosses us.”

Gundar: “I'd prefer a more worthier enemy than just Goblins.” He grabs up his load of sticks and walks over, grabbing Nora's portion. “I'll take care of these, you should lead us back, Nora.”

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