Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Episode #1 - We All Get Together

Mister Chalmers, Master of the Blades
Scenario: The town Seaside has been contacted to deliver aid in the form of alchemical supplies to Dragonclaw Township, located within the Great Salt Marsh. The party is lead by Valkira Frosta and her friend Nora Bellchapel. The two arrive at the Trade of Blades Guildhall. They are met by administrator Chalmers.

Chalmers is a serious looking human who looks at the world through a squint. His hair is steel grey, kept short and connected to the close cropped beard hugging his jawline. He regards the two women who entered his office.

Chalmers: “So, you arrived together? You meet on the road?”

Nora and Valkira exchange glances.

Nora: “That makes a difference... how?”

Chalmers: “I'm just curious. You're the first two women to show up, asking for a mercenary job.”

Valkira: “We worked together in Port Kyna. Guarding private cargo for ships that pulled into port.”

Nora: “Highly rated for our protection work, too.”

Chalmers: “And so you left the Port to come here... for the money? The fame? You certainly made a good choice if you're looking for either.”

Valkira: “All we got were crate guarding jobs.”

Nora: “And a lot of propositions. A lot.”

Valkira: “We couldn't rebuff, or beat everyone who made an advance, so we decided to take up work here. Less people.”

Nora: “Easier to thrash people who step out of line here.”

Chalmers: “I see. Well. It just so happens I do have a job, and since you're both members of the Blades Guild, it looks like I already found a pair to lead it.”

Chalmers ushers the two from his office to the adjoining common area. Here, current and prospective members of the Blade's Guild wait to take jobs with prospects agreeing to fight under the command of a Guild liaison. The room includes.

Valkira: Valkira Frost is a human formerly of the North who is a much recent transplant to the Borderlands. Her dark hair and pale features stand in contrast to the reds and browns, the tan skin of other humans. She is garbed in fighter's plate with a sword strapped to the side, not too far from her is her shield that she sat aside for the meeting.

Nora: Nora Bellchapel is a human from Port Kyna and is very much a native. Her skin is tanner compared to her friend's. Her hair is red, with just a hint of orange that reminded someone of fire. She wears a set of fighter's plate, with a greatsword strapped to her back.

The two are introduced to the other 4.

Annalise: Annalise Shoekamker is a Borderlands native, also a human. Her hair is dark brown and hidden under the long brim of a blue hat. She wears a set of leathers that is mixed of a very dark brown and navy blue pantaloons. Besides the sword in her belt she has a musket strapped to her back.

Grolip: Grolip Ul'char is a Ratfolk whose fur color is an off-white with shades of light grey around his snout. He stands at a short height that puts him at the knee or thigh of the human characters. He wears a set of chainmail with a chopping sword belted to his side. Just like Nora's shield his bow and halberd are also laid out to the side.

Gulsen: Gulsen Gearminder is a Dwarf who bears the talismans to the Earth Lord, Dendir. Despite the lines on his face and his snowy white beard, his eyes still gleam with the vigor of adulthood rather than the faded look of old age. Looped to his waist is a reinforced pickaxe. His shield lays sitting against the wall near the other equipment.

Bonaparte: Bonaparte Falx is a Gnome dressed in a gold spun overcoat with a high collar. His hair is cut short at the top and flares into an impressive set of muttonchops, his jawline is covered in a closer crop beard, the color of his hair is a coppery hue. He sips on a drink as he regards the room with a pair of ice blue eyes.

Names are exchanged in brief hellos and more drinks are passed out. After the brief introductions Chalmers takes center of the room and clears his throat.

Chalmers: “Now friends, I'm very pleased to see that we could bring both members of the Blades Guild along with our many hopefuls out there. We are hoping for another fruitful year here in the Guild, serving the public good while getting paid for it.”

Annalise: “I might even apply to one of the Exiles.”

Grolip: “You ain't ready for the big leagues, lady.”

Annalise: “Like you are, greenskin?”

[Grolip notes the insult and makes a TN 10 check to let it go. He rolls with a d20+3 for a total of 17.]

Grolip: Makes a gesture at the remark and says: “Only thing the Exiles would bring you in for is a camp girl.”

Annalise: “Tough talk for a race they wouldn't even use for the stables-”

Chalmers: “Is that enough?” He fixes the pair with a hard stare and attempts to cow the two. [He rolls d20+10 vs. TN: 14 for a total of 25.] The two become subdued in their jibes and fall silent.

Gulsen: “What exactly are we doing for this work, Sir?”

Chalmers: “The nearby village of Dragonclaw has been calling for aid. It appears a virulent mold is choking the life out of the village. The Red Mold- that's my creation, like it?” He looks to see the faces of the party? [Grolip gives his nod of approval, everyone else is neutral]

“Crops are withering, drinking this substance is toxic, and while certain magical spells are able to purify both, there isn't a lot of magic to meet a growing demand. An alchemical solution has been found, based on a few samples we've received. We have the cure to help treat the plants and provide some immunity to give you time to unmask who has caused this.”

Valkira: “Are we sure a sinister force is behind this?”

[Bonaparte tries to recall some lore thanks to his Alchemy training. He rolls a d20+3 with Advantage vs. TN 15 for a total of 22. He knows a few details about the Red Mold.”

Bonaparte: “No. Red Mold is an alchemical weapon that was developed in the North during the Grand War. Their plan was to either lob or have the substances used against Elven forts here.”

Valkira: “My people- engage in such monstrosity as chemical weapons?” She shakes her head in disbelief and disgust.

Bonaparte: “It was a different time. The North and the South were at war and the Elves were becoming victorious.”

Chalmers: “Yes, fortunately there is a counter agent to the mold that has been discovered in the intervening years. Thanks to the Long Peace. Now that we have the cure, it has to be moved up north. Unfortunately the Red Mold and its near use against Elves is a very, very bitter memory to Elves- which is why the Seaside government would prefer the Blades Guild to handle transportation. Miss Frosta and Miss Bellchapel, being members of our Union shall be in command and this will be your imitation examination. If you do this, you will become members in full to our organization.” After a pause he adds after making a note: “There is also a reward of $200* to each who goes along. That is after the Guild's cut and taxes, so you don't have to worry about reporting the money to the locals.”

Grolip: “Well that's good, at least $200 should cover the bar tab.”

Annalise: “Where do we meet?”

Chalmers: “Direhorn Livery. Tinosh and Ganaje will have the medicine and supplies ready. You meet them in the morning after breakfast. Now, if you'll excuse me, my throat is tired at talking. I need a drink.”

The party breaks-up. Currently the party's composition has not changed. Everyone settles with no special attention given to anyone character. Downtime goes without issue.

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