Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Relief to Dragonclaw! Cast of Characters

Before I get into the episodes. I wanted to do a post dealing specifically with the characters. These characters are made using the 1974 Style role-playing game, with a few personal tweaks that we will get into later. People who have read my past work might recognize some of the characters. Think of this as a sort of reboot to my previous solo stuff.

Our band includes:

Valkira Frosta
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (3)

AC: 15 or 16 (Plate or Plate & Shield) / MV: 3 or 2 / HP: 19

Sword (1d6), Dagger (1d4)

Skills: Leadership, Horsemanship, Survival

XP: 350 / 6,000

-Valkira is a Northern woman living in the Borderlands. She is a member of the Blade's Guild, a guild promoting mercenary work.

Nora Bellchapel
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (3)

AC: 15 (Plate) / MV: 3 / HP: 21

Maul (1d8), Sword (1d6)

Skills: Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Local – Port Kyna), Swimming

XP: 350 / 6,000

-Nora is a native to the Borderlands and a member of the Blade's Guild. She is Valkira's friend and confidant to the Salt Marsh area.

Grolip Ul'Char
Race: Ratfolk
Class: Fighter (3)

AC: 12 (Chainmail) / MV: 6 / HP: 21 / 21

Halberd (1d8), Bow (1d6), Sword (1d6), Bite (1d4)

Skills: Survival, Handle Animal / Racial Abilities: Infravision, Small

XP: 350 / 6,000

-Grolip is a Ratfolk and native to Salt Marsh This is first job with the Blade's, which he is up for consideration to join the Guild.

Annalise Shoemaker
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (3)

AC: 11 (Leather) / MV: 9 / HP: 16

Musket (1d8), Sword (1d6), Dagger (1d4)

Skills: Repair, Perceptive, Survival

XP: 350 / 6,000

-Annalise is a native to the Salt Marsh area, specifically the town of Seaside. This is her first job with the Blade's, she is up for consideration to become a member of the Guild.

Bonaparte Falx
Race: Gnome
Class: Magi (3)

AC: 10 (Robes) / MV: 12 / HP: 22

Dagger (1d4), Staff (1d6), Alchemist x3 (2d6)

Skills: Alchemy, Lore (Arcane) / Racial: Infravision, Small

XP: 350 / 6,000

Spells (4 per day):

Lightning Bolt: Straight bolt deals 2d6 points of damage. Save for ½ damage.

Floating Lantern: Creates a lantern that follows the caster, offering a torch-like luminescence.

Spider Climb: Allows the user to climb up or down vertical surfaces with no effort.

Blink: Caster teleports himself a short distance in the direction of his choosing.

-Bonaparte is a Gnome native to the Gnome Enclave in Seaside. He has just been released from his apprenticeship with his Master and has decided to make his way as a mercenary adventurer. This is his first job with the Blades, which he is up for consideration as a member.

Gulsen Gearminder
Race: Dwarf
Class: War Mage (3)

AC: 12 or 13 (Chainmail or Chainmail + Shield) / MV: 6 or 5 / HP: 16

Pick (1d6), Mace (1d6), Holy Water x4 (2d6 vs. Undead/Fiends)

Skills: Lore (Religion), First-Aid / Racial: Infravision, Stonelore

XP: 350 / 6,000

Spells (2/day)

Heal: Heals 2d6 points of damage. Hit point healing can be replaced by purging toxins or diseases from the system.

Smite: Regardless of weapon held, the weapon is able to hit creatures that require magic or silver and damage done is upgraded to 1d10 points of damage while spell lasts.

Detect Evil: Can sense emanations from purely evil creatures such as fiends, dragons, undead, or mortals who are magically imbued with fell powers.

Fireball: Deal 2d6 points of damage in an area. Save for ½ damage.

-Gulsen is a War Mage who has traded his spellcasting ability to wear armor and wield weapons beyond the simple weapons that most magic-users are trained with. He has a loyal strength to the deity Dendir, the Earthlord.

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