Monday, May 16, 2016

White Star: Alien Race Templates (Redux)

By James Spahn
Really this isn't anything new. In fact you probably have already a set of rules of your own for James Spahn's "White Star" Role-Playing Game. But I still wanted my own set of racial templates to throw out there, either for people who just joined us here at the Embassy or for people who didn't see these races from last time. This first set is inspired by several alien races shown in White Star, for which I'll add more races when I get that touch of inspiration.

The following are small templates you can apply in lieu of the Alien Brute and Alien Mystic class from White Star's core book. You could still use those classes to represent aliens you might not have plans for, but for your system's core alien, you might consider these templates to offer your players.


Brief: Us, humans, a bipedal species with a myriad of hair and skin colors. They are typically the most numerous species in the galaxy.

Extra Effort: x1 per day humans can re-roll a d20 roll of their choice.

(Special thanks to Wrathofzombie's blog for this template idea)


Brief: Falcon-men (Falkons) are avian xenos who typically dwell on arid or plains worlds where they are master of the great blue sky.

Flight: Can move 12" a round in flight mode. Requires no or specially modified light armor to do so.

Wing Buffet: Natural attack that deals 1d6-1 points of damage.


Brief: Felinoids (Tigrans) are a feline xeno who like to dwell on jungle or forest planets.

Infravision and Senses: Can see in the dark. Has keen senses of hearing and sight that makes them difficult to surprise.

Claws: Natural attack that deals 1d6-1 points of damage.


Brief: Greys (Zetans) are a hairless, small sized humanoid race with large black eyes and small noses. They dislike speaking, typically using their mental disciplines to speak for them.

Read Minds (1/day +1 every 3 levels): Can cast "Read Minds" as the spell.

Psychic Blast (1/day +1 every 3 levels): Can launch a
Psychic Blast at 60 ft. that deals 1d6 points of damage.


Brief: Raccoon-humanoids who are small, aggressive, and very good shots with ranged weapons. They also have a love of explosives that is borderline unhealthy.

Weapon Specialization: +1 Attack with Laser weapons and Grenades.


Brief: Qinlon are humanoid aliens whose distinct feature are the cranial ridges on their head and nose. They value the art of war above a lot of endeavors.

Weapon Specialization: +1 Attack and Damage with any melee weapon.


Brief: These bipedal canine-humanoid xenos are known for their thick fur, long snouts, and pointed ears. They typically live on forest and temperate worlds.

Keen Senses: Wolflings have an impressive sense of smell and hearing, making it very difficult to surprise them.

Pack Attack: Wolflings fight better when they work together with their "Pack" this could be other Wolflings or a party that it has adopted as its pack. Anytime a Wolfling is adjacent to two more pack members they receive a +1 to Attack.

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