Tuesday, June 14, 2016

1974 Style: Western Sketch

So I saw on one of my Google+ communities a question about a good western-based role-playing game. Now, 1974 Style comes out of the box  with some rules that fit well for a western based game. It has both core rules and rule additions such as called shot and hit location rules. But here are a few more notes to quickly get a western style game going using 1974 Style.



The Master of the pistol

HP: 1d6+1 per level/HD
Typical Weapons: Revolver (1d6), Derringer (1d4), Knife (1d4)

Two-Gun Bob: A Gunslinger can fire any one-handed weapon from either hand without incurring Disadvantage for firing from the off-hand allowing the Gunslinger to make two separate attacks with each pistol.

Gunslinger Dodge (1/day): A Gunslinger hit with a successful attack can make a Saving Throw check to avoid damage. The Gunslinger ends their move by being prone in a direction of their choice.


Long range killer

HP: 1d6 per level/HD
Typical Weapons: Revolver (1d6), Rolling Block Rifle (1d10), Repeater (1d8), Knife (1d4)

Quick Load: A Marksman is an expert at quickly loading the very deadly Rolling Block Rifle. They are able to fire every other round, compared to other classes which require two rounds to reload the rifle.

Sniper (1/day): A Marksman can roll with the Advantage when making a ranged attack at long or extreme ranges. This typically is used to counter the Disadvantage that occurs when trying to make such strenuous shots.


Up-close and personal

HP: 1d6+3 per level/HD
Typical Weapons: Revolver (1d6), Shotgun (2d6/1d6 - Artillery at short range), Dynamite (2d6 - save for 1/2), Pick (1d6), Unarmed (1d6)

Brawler: A Miner is known for their great feats of strength due to the labor intensiveness of their job. Their unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d4 like other classes.

Throw Anything (1/day): A Miner gains the Advantage when making a throw attack. This can include anything from knives or axes (1d6) to sticks of dynamite.


A well-rounded sort of gunhand

HP: 1d6+2 per level/HD
Typical Weapons: Revolver (1d6), Repeater (1d8), Shotgun (2d6/1d6 - Artillery at short range), Saber (1d6), Knife (1d4)

Survivalist: Are treated one level higher when making Saving Throws vs. Poison or Disease. They also are treated one level higher or gain a skill bonus when making Survival check (depending on whether or not the skill system is being used.)

Fight On! (1/Day): Soldiers have the discipline and grit to continue fighting when others would lay down and die. At 0 HP a Soldier can make a Saving Throw to continue fighting. On a success they gain 1d4 hit points back.

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