Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Setting Sketch: Alban Arms and Delapore House

Delapore House

Alban Arms is one of many small towns that cling along the River just outside of the City. It's hard to say what is more interested: The River, which seems to have a knack of attracting very strange towns that have settled along it, or the town itself. Is the infection of the weird a caused by the water? Or just a strange coincidence that all of the towns seem to a hint of the odd. It doesn't help during the great Witch Hunt that gripped the North that a number of families were displaced from the Coast and settled in parts elsewhere.

-Alban Arms is a town that borders the river and is surrounded by rolling rolling tree line hills and caves. Flying Devil signs are so common they are part of the tourist trade.

-The Townsfolk are prone to familial grudges. Such as the feud between the Delapore and the Norrys family over land surrounding Broom Hill where Delapore House sits on.

-Alban Arms is closest to the City and its river connection serves as one of many way points to drop off northern liquor that has been banned in the Union as part of a recent pro-temperance streak that has gripped the government. Funny how a lot of purchasers of criminally procured spirits are the same government officials who voted in such laws. Because of the money, the Arms has seen an influx of city-folk who have a criminal background and interest in securing Northern booze.

-Visitors include hunting parties who are after elk and moose. Reports by groups going into the woods include deep red eyes and shadowy figures stalking them. The locals believe it is ill-advised for locals to go out by themselves hunting at night.

-There is the occasional lone cabin in the woods around Alban Arms. Rumors persist that these cabins are the homes of descendants off of the coast and accused of witchcraft.

Nowhere is such stories, rumors, and superstitions more prevalent than that of Delapore House. Sitting on Broom Hill and overlooking the town, Delapore House is the last known location to one of the last known scions of one of the great families within the Union. While the family itself has a reputation for its honor, prosperity, and contribution to the Union's arts, this particular house and member is viewed as that very peculiar, tainted branch on otherwise healthy tree. Kind of like that one family member who philanders or gambles... except in this case is involved in sorcery and cannibalism.

-Delapore House is the home of Mortimer Delapore, as noted, one of the distant scions to the original Delapore who made their fortune in king cotton in the south. Before moving to the countryside he was known as a prosperous gentleman and contributor to the City's great library before moving away from the City after the sudden illness and death of his fiance, Stephanie van Brunt.

-The Hill's property is technically Delapore's from an original agreement he had with the Norrys family. A feud over undercutting the original value by Delapore has lead Finn Norrys to be very bitter about the deal.

-Broom Hill has a number over caves running underneath the property and is believed to have possible connections to the River. A fact that has made William Kirkpatrick of the Cherry Road gang very keen on acquiring the property- if Mortimer is dead, of course.

-Hunters tend to shun the area around Broom Hill, noting that a surge in red eyes and shadowy figures is higher than in other parts of the Alban Arms region.

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