Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bottoms Up! Sci-Fi Edition

I was originally planning to do a post showing off my JumpGate setting, but really, do we need another space opera setting where humans go to space, find aliens, and etc? Rather than shoehorning a setting, I wanted to write something inspired by Trey Causey's Strange Stars. A bottom-up approach of introducing a character and from the character we see setting material appear.

Meredelaine Talmara

"What sapient would deny themselves the peace and security of Mara's teachings? To live any other way is to invite madness and death." -Meredelaine

Species: Nordian
Class Type: Psychic (Healer Focus)

Description: Stands at an average height for her race, which makes her nearly as tall as human men. Her hair is a flaxen blonde color that is typically kept long and upbraided. Her eyes are amber in color, with a soft illumination that stands out in a crowd and can be considered a liability at night if she needed to sneak around. Her skin is pale, with just a hint of color around her cheeks.

Brief: Meredelaine is an ambassador-healer of the Protectorate whose role is to help expand the control of the Protectorate among those the ruling council has deemed in need of protection and evolution in the ways of Mara's Teaching. She is typically found at the Nordian Embassy on what are considered backwater worlds, often in the company of Protectorate security forces who are made up of species who have fallen sway to the blue and gold of the faction.

As a Nordian (or Nord) Meredelaine is naturally a psychic and a student in the school of Biomancy (Healing disciplines). She typically engenders respect and trust among the locals by performing psychic healing on the sick or injured of a society. Though a trained healer, Meredelaine does possess powers that can stun or incapacitate an assailant to allow her security forces to subdue and contain the threat.

Meredelaine is a devotee of Mara and believes that the galaxy is better served, not under any one religious dogma, but by devoting themselves to the philosophy of the greater good. She is a natural enemy of Commercia station, banking establishments. She loathes credits and refuses to touch either, depending on Protectorate agents to keep books and handle purchases on her behalf.

Garn Talmarasworn

"My faith rewarded!
I take the mantle of sworn.
To serve HER always." -Service Poem of Garn before taking the surname Talmarasworn

Species: Saurian (Crocolisk Branch)
Class Type: Warrior

Description: Standing taller than any man or clone Thrax, with deeper green scales along the back and most of the chest, save for the mid torso where the green lightens to that of a pale of green. His eyes are red, with a black slit that runs in the center that is sensitive to light- allowing him to catch moonlight and use it to full advantage, while making him sensitive to sudden bright lights, such as a flashbang. Thick fingers end with clawed points that are sharp enough to cut through ballistic cloth, making him a terror on primitive world. Complimenting his bulky frame is a thick tail that aids in swimming and as a combat aid at tripping people.

Brief: Garn is Crocolisk Saurian, one of several reptilian species throughout the known universe. His species in particular is special, having been heavily co-opted en masse by the Protectorate as soldiers and guards for Nordians. In Garn's case, he is the immediate and trusted bodyguard of Meredelaine Talmara, so honored, that he is one of the few Saurians to take a surname (also known as being "Sworn").

Despite having a lot of good things go for him: being a sworn, a trusted bodyguard. He'd like nothing more than to be able to breed as feels his lineage shall serve the Protectorate further. To that end he has politely petitioned for Meredelaine to send forth a female partner to mate and produce eggs with.

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