Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Campaign Sketch: 1986

Inspiration in art.

"We're not sure who pulled the trigger. Us or them. All I know is that after the pulse the eyes went dead, the screens became static. Big Brother had been slain and we might have killed him. And that's all it took, that one mistake on the part of us and them. The dominoes fell. Everyone runs wild" -Jasper Aberdeen, Thought Police Agent before he vanished during the sack of London.

Precis: The players now live in a post-dystopia world with the EMP destruction of the three global powers. They have a score to settle with the inner party that followed them, watch them, harassed, and tortured them. Now the party is on the run and the players have a chance to settle the score.

Conspectus: At the end of 1985 one of the three superpowers of the world detonated by either accident or nihilistic malfeasance a worldwide EMP pulse. Everything that runs on an electronic circuit: vehicles, computers, and especially cameras were taken off line. The fine line walked by the super powers: their torture, their censorship, their controls became severed and it was very clear there was no containing the proles. Adding to the chaos, several members of the Inner Party had used this moment of chaos to settle scores or escape the major cities.

Role of the Players: The players are proles, members of the Outer Party (the oppressed bureaucracy), reluctant agents of the Thought Police. People who have been used in someway by the now hated Big Brother. It is now their chance to either build a better tomorrow, get some vengeance against those inner party members left, or just live off a world gone mad.

Themes, Ideas, Things to See:

-1986 is a Post-Dystopia campaign that mixes George Orwell with post-apocalyptic worlds such as the Terminator or Mad Max.

-Inner Party members still survive in enclaves or emergency bunkers. The upside is they still have sections of powers, unit of security. The downside is they are sitting on equipment and valuables that desperate and very angry player characters want and don't mind killing for.

-Players politic with rebel factions, urban gangs, black marketeers, and survivalist groups. They have favors to ask and equipment the players could use. Are deals made? Or is it a murderhobo fun party?

-Pulpy action feel as players travel on motorbikes or supped up battle trucks while hunting Inner Party members. Maybe add in a couple of sword fights while you're at it.

Pieces of inspirations: 1984, Mad Max, Warrior of the Lost World, The Terminator, A Boy and his Dog, Gamma World, Escape from New York

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