Monday, June 27, 2016

Campaign Sketch: JUMPGATE

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So I tackle it. The one I've been sort of sitting on as I wasn't quite sure how to word it, explain it, or show it off without it coming off as every other space setting.

Precis: Exploring the universe, colonizing planets, or just hauling freight for cash. All while you're a friendly rival with a Saurian captain, have a Zetan engineer who complains how you misuse the ship's Jumpdrive, and your lover, well they are probably the same species as you, because the other aliens are greys, lizardmen, and mantis-people.

Conspectus: In the distant future Terran technological advancements are increased tenfold by the arrival of Zetan refugees who have colonized Mars. The Zetans, the famous Greys of past lore, are interested in forming a partnership with humanity and help advance humanity's technology by creating ships capable of "Jumping" moving at a faster-than-light speed to other planets. The trouble is even though these Jumpdrives do increase speed making trips to stars shortened by months or years, that is still considered too slow. To help speed the colonization process Zetans and humanity construct Jumpgates. Massive rings in space that can send a ship to a corresponding Jumpgate that is willing to link up. The Zetans reveal that they are not only race that are capable of manufacturing Jumpgates. So the great game is afoot, the race to colonize planets for the best spots before other factions can to them. Politicking with rival factions or breakaway colonies, and dealing with raiders, smugglers, or out of control mercs- those are probably also the player characters.

Themes, Things to See, Things to Do

A Pair of Saurians
-Jumpgate is space based campaign with an emphasis on somewhat stock or seemingly silly aliens adventuring with humans. Lizardmen, blue mantises, greys, and Nordic aliens are just some of the races that humans find themselves stuck with.

-Adventures tend to be smaller scale, rather than big sweeping changes to the campaign world. The focus is personal, on a cargo freighter or a smuggler's blockade runner rather than large scale invasions, though the occasional local skirmish is possible.

-Aliens range from humanoid types that talk, share a coffee, and chat to monstrous infestations that would love nothing more than to eat the talking, chatting aliens. Its always a good idea to explore a derelict colony or ship with caution.

-Find and recover malicious technology (Maltech) that the Zetans were working on that lead to the destruction of their home world. Malicious A.I., Nanoweaponry, Weapons of Planetary Destruction. There is something hidden in their home space that they don't like to talk about.

-Get wired with Zetan cybernetics. Learn Psionics from Nord Psi-Masters on frozen temples, fight with the Tigrans in their civil war over spice producing desert planets, serve as Saurian expeditionary units as they further colonize ocean, swamp, or jungle worlds to add to their many spheres, or help a Terran mining corporation setup their new Cosminium refinery on an uncharted planet.

Inspirations: Strange Stars, Stars Without Number, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Star Wars

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