Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Campaign Sketch: Monsters Must Die!

Shoot to Kill
We continue with Campaign Sketch Week with another revival of a previous campaign I jotted a few ideas for.


Precis: Player's are freelance monster hunters in an alternate Earth where monsters are very, very real.

Background: It is an alternate Earth, and especially for the gun loving crowd, an alternate America. Monsters of lore and quite possibly pop culture are very real and a threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for John Q. Public. In response to an increasing number of paranormal incidents, the United States government authorizes the Lee-Cushing Act, which is also known as "Monsters Must Die!" The bill is signed into law and allows the creation of paramilitary units that specifically deal with threats of an insidious nature- monster hunting, for hire. Paramilitary corporations range from slick operations with the absolute best in professionalism, training, and decorum. Then there is C&C Paranormal Extermination Agency.

Role of the Players: The players are members of the C&C Paranormal Extermination Agency ("Professional paranormal troubleshooting at a reasonable price.") C&C isn't the most advanced in the field of monster hunting. It's members are new, slightly crazy, or too misanthropic to work with more professional corporations. What they lack in professionalism, they make up for in firepower and hopefully a love of killing monsters.

Themes, Ideas, and Things to see:

-Fight back the forces of darkness: C&C is committed to protecting their clients lives and property to the best of their abilities. Granted, they are at times not the best trained, but probably make up for it with enthusiasm.

-One Ghostbusters, two parts Evil Dead 2: Monsters Must Die! Probably serves best as a horror-action or horror-comedy type campaign. The threats of zombies, boogeymen, and killer robots are very real, but they are with a force that isn't just armed, but probably knows the tricks to each creature. Have you ever wanted to play a group who knew how to handle a zombie outbreak instead of getting eaten by rookie mistakes? Now it's your chance to live the dream.

-Monsters! Monsters!: Night time is no place for the fainthearted. Monsters are very real. They stalk the streets, the alleyways, the parks, and abandoned buildings looking for something new to eat. Where the monsters stalk, however, there are certainly hunters armed to the teeth to dish out a lot of bullets.

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