Monday, June 6, 2016

Campaign Sketch Week: Under a Neon Sky

It seemed like a good time as any to have a special week to get back into writing, plus, my previous incarnations had a lot of old campaign sketches that got lost in the shuffle, so, I wanted to dedicated this week on the Embassy to making a campaign sketch once per day. These sketches will not have any rules attached to it, more like just some ideas as a sounding board for the readers to take and make with whatever set they like.

Under the Neon Sky

Dieselpunk Espionage

Precis: Player characters are extraction agents or counter-intelligence agents working for the great corporations that control a dieselpunk version of the world.

Inspiration: Dick Tracey, Film Noir, "New Rose Hotel"by William Gibson

Mad Scientist Wanted
Background: In the years after "The Great War" government institutions found themselves overthrown by a disillusioned populace who had grown tired of seeing the best and brightest of their youth sacrificed to the horrors of the trenches. Now the world no longer is run by the state, but instead by the corporations that now control the world's worth. Citizens are now employees to these corporations and open conflict is avoided as war, at least large scale war, tends to cut into the money.

Of the biggest money makers out there is fringe science. The rocket makers, the robot builders, and the mutagen creators who at a time worked in out of the way laboratories now are given carte blanche equipment and personnel to accomplish their dream so that the corporation can sell that dream for a lots of money. Namely to other corporations, to the populace at large, or to what is left to the nation states that still exist. Corporations are desperate, not for the products, but for the men who create the products. That's where the players come in.

Role of the Players: The players are freelance extraction or corporate counter-intelligence agents whose job is to either extract or protect corporate assets from falling into rival hands. As freelancers, the player's are paid in generous amounts of gold or equipment with the understanding that they will be disavowed should they be caught by a rival company. Working as a counter intelligence officer, the player has a steady salary and access to equipment, but are at the beck-and-call of their employers.

Themes, Ideas, and Things to see:

Dieselpunk: This campaign deals in the Dieselpunk period with technology found in such things as Commando Cody / Rocketeer, The Phantom Creeps, Flash Gordon, and Castle Wolfenstein. Player's use rocket packs, ray guns, freeze rays along with standard semi-automatic handguns, revolvers, and Tommy guns.

Corporate Intrigue: The Corporations have begun to replace nations as the power. America is now known as "America Inc." or "Colonial Arms" as large sections of government services have been privatized by these Corporations. The biggest resource fought by these groups is human capital in the form of fringe scientists.

Mad Scientists Strike Back: While "fringe" scientists enjoy luxury, ample working facilities, and are no longer despised as being "Mad". There is a sect that wouldn't mind dominating the world or watching the corporate powers burn. To this effect they may act as double agents or outright hostility towards recruitment. Agents sometimes have to walk a fine line of recruiting or disposing of these volatile assets.

Heroes and Anti-Heroes: In keeping with nods to Cyberpunk, the player characters can range from rebels who are working to bring down the Corporate powers. They can also be loyal company agents who value order and stability, even at the cost of allowing Corporate powers to encroach on personal liberty. Player characters could also serve in a pure mercenary fashion, just doing a job to get paid.

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