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Conquered Earth - A Campaign Sketch

The New Boss
This might show up Thursday, but this is suppose to represent Wednesday's post. I plan to tinker with the schedule to show up at Wednesday and it certainly is going to go down to the wire as it's 11:10 when I started this at Eastern Standard. But, here we go for campaign sketch week.

Conquered Earth

Precis: Players are either Humans or an alien occupation force that has conquered a dystopic version of the Earth.

A Pleiadian
Background: Before they came, the FedGov Controlled everything. Humanity's rights? Taken away for state security reasons. Humanity's stadiums? Exhibitions of death and mayhem to try and placate a population. Humanity's roads? Used for death marches for credits and food, so that the masses would be so demoralized that they would refuse to fight back. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the planet Earth was not alone, and in the stars there were eyes upon the world. Now, one might argue that those eyes looked upon with patronizing pity upon the Terrans and their way of life, but many a citizen danced in the street as Galactic Union forces swept down and tried to sweep away the old order. That was a few years ago.

It now present day Earth. The FedGov has been driven underground by the Union: a combine of reptilian Saurians, grey skinned Zetans, and luminous Pleiadians. In place is a provisional regime setup with the blessing of Union commanders to rubber stamp what they feel is necessary to help pick up the shattered remains of the Terrans and help them reach the stars as productive members of the Galactic Community, just as long as they remember they are the junior partner in this endeavor.

Humanity is now torn. It is occupied, but at least by benevolent rulers. There are those who gladly collaborate. There are those who rebel to free Earth of both the Union and mop up the FedGov. There are those who would rather see the FedGov return to power- at least the devil you know is better than the devils from above.

Role of the Players: The Players can range from collaborationist forces, working with the Galactic Union against rebel forces and rooting out FedGov sympathizers. They are armed with better equipment (not as good as their xeno benefactors, but their armor works and their blaster rifles pack a lot more punch than slugthrowers). Player's could be rebels. Wishing to push the Union off their planet and settle accounts with the hated FedGov. Players might also be just struggling to survey a post-dystopia world where law and order are in very short supply. They might not care for Rebels, Union, or FedGov and just want to live their lives in peace.

Conversely players might play Alien characters. They are Grey, Nord, or Saurian technicians, soldiers, and officers who are now stationed on Earth. They have a job to do, and that is to enforce the will of the Union on the Terrans until the Terrans are ready to join the Union. But how long can they sit on occupied territory with a species that may or may not like them? 

Themes, Ideas, and Things to See

-Conflicted loyalties: Players, especially those who choose the collaborationist role, are sometimes asked to root out, arrest, or slay their fellow Earthmen in order to stop their rebellion against Union forces. How far are they willing to go to serve an xeno-controlled government?

-Settling Accounts: Player's may have someone or some event from the dystopic past effect them. Are they willing to forgive those pockets of FedGov left? Are they willing to arrest them, knowing their only fate could be rotting in a isolation cube? Or are they willing to get a little revenge.

-Helping Earthmen: Xeno characters, whether its a full party, or its a liaison from the Union military are now stuck on a backwater planet. Working with and helping a people who may hate and despise them. Will they cope? Or would it be better to write the planet off and be done with it? 

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