Monday, June 13, 2016

Faction: Brotherhood of Sellswords

Guild Logo

I'm trying to follow a specific format when doing faction posts. These factions are designed to be generic and should be, for the most part, able to fit into a campaign world. Sometimes they lean a little bit harder in the genre of fantasy or science-fiction, but with a little tweaking the core concept should still be valid. Entries go like so.

Name: Faction Name (Aliases go in this bracket)
Rep: What the player's might know about it without a check. What is known in-game by the man on the street.
Brief: Slightly more OOC information that only a GM should possess or require a bit of research from the player's to learn.

Name: Brotherhood of Swords (Adventurer's Guild, B.S., Blades Guild)

Rep: A trade union or guild that represents adventurers, mercenaries, and swords for hire. They take a 10% cut on adventurer pay from reward money, but use it to fund Chapterhouses that provide food, lodging, and work opportunities for adventuring parties.

Brief: The Brotherhood of Swords was founded by a group of adventurers who wanted to avoid violent competition for jobs, provide pensions and assistance to adventurer's who were to old for work or aid for their families. It has grown to be a very profitable Union due to how many adventuring groups wander a fantasy world.

Founded by several adventuring companies who were interested in making money and helping people without fighting over jobs, the Brotherhood is a major trade union that has an office in any major city in the Known World and several townships have at least an office or a tavern that is a Brotherhood affiliate. The Brotherhood takes a cut of reward money and offers to buy equipment salvage at a quarter rather than half retail, as usual for adventurer's in the field, but the perks they offer for such costs include:

-Free room and board for registered adventuring parties within the Brotherhood.

-Rapid job placement. If someone needs adventurers to help them in the area, the Brotherhood of Sellswords will network parties with clients quickly.

-Reduced price on healing potions, resurrection spells, and regeneration spells. Several Chapterhouses include a in-house Sage, Alchemist, and Scribe to handle mundane matters an adventurer needs fulfilled.

-Free legal consultation through the Brotherhood's Solicitor's Department. One of your adventuring companions is in jail for brawling? The Brotherhood will be happy to provide legal help to reduce or perhaps become acquitted of the charges.

GM Ideas

GM's could use the Brotherhood for things like:

-Giving the player's an HQ in a large city with free room and board.

-Hook the player's to a job. Want to run a module for the evening? Well it turns out the Brotherhood has a client who needs people to investigate area X.

-Want to control the gold flow. Well 10% comes off the top of the reward money. Plus encourage the players to sell magic items to the Brotherhood through their store network. Sure, the Brotherhood only pays 25% over the standard 50%, but it is also helping fellow adventurer's and their families. Also offer health potions or services cheaper.

-Party generation can always been another meeting at the local Brotherhood Chapterhouse as another party registers to be an adventuring party.

-The Chapterhouses or the Order itself could actually have some nefarious secret that has to be dealt with by the party.

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