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Faction: The Exiles

The Company Flag
Name: The Exiles (Exiled Ones, The Company)

Rep: A force of Elves who were banished from the Empire. Forced to live in the Borderlands where they work as a private security force. They are known to strong arm towns with "protection fees."

Brief: The Exiles is a band of Elves who had to flee "the Empire" after incurring the Emperor's wrath as mutineers, rebels, or in some manner that they could not remain on pain of death. Upon arriving in the Borderlands, the company set about securing their fortune by serving as a private security force for towns in the area. Towns that don't want to be troubled by monsters or rebellion best pay the company's "Protection Fees." Non-Elves may join as auxiliary troops, but it is made clear, only Elves are fit to lead within the Exiles.

Sample Members: The Rentar Family

The Rentar's are a group of Elven siblings who are members of the Exiles. They include:

Marquand Rentar
The Warrior
Class Type: Fighter

-Marquand is the Eldest and is a highly respected warrior/soldier within the Exiles. He holds the rank of Captain.

-Is a veteran of "The Great War" between Kingdom of Men and the Empire of Elves (Kingdom vs. Empire). Has a distinction in slaying orcs who served with the Kingdom.

-Plotted against the Emperor in protest of signing the treaty of peace with the Kingdom. Formed the Exiles after the family was expelled and lost their place within the Empire.

Talnash Rentar
The Sorcerer
Class Type: Caster (emphasis on blasting spells)

-Talnash was an Imperial battle-mage, trained for combat and attack spells rather than theoretical work or teaching as is expected of other magic-users.

-Is the second eldest in the family and, as is tradition, pursued the career of a magic-user to please his parents.

-Favors setting things or people on fire. Partially as training of being a battle-mage leaves little room for subtlety. Partially by straddling the borderline of between doing one's duty and being a fiend.

Bellagunda Rentar
The Ranger
Class Type: Warrior (Emphasis on being a woodsman, archer)

-Bellagunda is a scout for the Exiles after having served as part of the Empire's expeditionary force. Unlike her other kin, she served specifically in the Borderland region while the others pushed towards the Kingdom.

-Choose exile due to a combination of familial shame of being related to treasonous plotters and being out of touch with Imperial society, having grown fond of the Borderlands.

-Serves as the family's diplomat when on mission as she has the least contempt towards non-Elves and locals of the Borderlands.

Damas Rentar
The Apprentice
Class Type: Caster

-Damas is the youngest in the family and was training to become a imperial wizard when he learned of his family's exiled. He choose to go into exile rather than remain in the Empire alone.

-Damas favors buffing and defensive spells over direct attack spells. This is due to his training as a wizard over a battle-mage.

-Serves as a representative of the Exiles in towns, as he is very comfortable with urban environments compared to Bellagunda.

GM Ideas

-The Exiles can serve as enemies, rivals, or reluctant allies depending on what the GM needs. Is there some Elven artifact that could be presented to the Emperor as a prize? The Exiles will kill to get their hands on it. Is there a rogue Elven agent looking to destroy the Borderlands? The Exiles might send a reluctant liaison (like one of the Rentars) to help the party. A beast attacking the countryside? The Exiles might join up to bring down this beast.

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