Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NPC's: Dr. Knock and Miss Knit

Hugorio Knock (the Cutter of Ankh Street, Owner and Operator of Knock's Pharmacy)

Species: Gnome
Class Type: Spellcaster (with Alchemist focus)

Rep: A most professional and discrete pharmacist and part-time mendicant in the lower quarters of the City. He doesn't ask questions about how wounds were inflicted, and though his specialty is in dentistry, he treat other kinds of injuries.

Brief: Hugorio Knock is a Gnome "patch" a mendicant that does back alley medical work with no questions asked while charging extra for such discretion. His storefront is a small pharmacy in an area known as Ankh Street right between a pawn shop and a shop that sells protective charms to ward off evil.

Physical Description: With stiff peaks of white hair and a face framed in a green traveling cape is Dr. Knock of the Gnomish Knock family. His figure is wiry and his height is average, for a Gnome, which puts him at knee length with a human lady or a man of average portion. His eyes are a pale jade green, typically hidden by a pair of spectacles. His jaw line and chin are hirsute with a salt-and-pepper tint to his facial hair. When he wears accouterments one is his class ring, the other is a gift from girlfriend, Miss Eugenia Knit.

Brief: Hugorio Knock is a quiet, rather grim looking specimen who is use to being overlooked by a great many tall-folk, that is folk at Dwarf height or taller, that is until they need some medical care off the books or with few questions asked. In medical school he placed fourth out of his class of 100, which suits him just fine for the neighborhood he works in.

As for Hugorio's magical skill, it's in-born rather than taught through a master-apprentice relationship that is common to wizards. This is due to arcane talents coming very natural to Gnomes, the demi-human race second only to Elves- and even that second place is less due to talent and more due to people not noticing Gnomes in arcane arts. He is a natural, but prefers to channel whatever powers he has into alchemy over spellcasting.

Because Ankh Street sits in an area of neutral territory with gangs, it is not uncommon that criminals on either side visit Dr. Knock for medical treatment. This includes treatment for stab or bullet wounds, but can also be a treatment when an outbreak of creeping crud or painted lady poison breaks out among the less discrete prostitutes in the area. Hugorio relies on a combination of a reputation, a few arcane talents, a pistol, and his partner Eugenia to protect himself from an angry customer.

His only customer to threaten him was a Halfling named Reed who didn't care much for the price he had to pay to numb and sew up a stab wound. Reed was further steamed that when he complained he was hit in the face by stinging powder thrown by Miss Knit. The Halfling has vowed that he'll at some point get back at the two Gnomes, soon after his eyes heal from taking a face full of stinging nettle hairs.

Eugenia Knit (The Missus of Ankh Street, the Nettle Brewer, She-Witch of Gnomes)

Species: Gnome
Class Type: Caster (emphasis on Witchcraft)

Rep: Hugorio Knock's partner both as a horticulturalist in rare alchemical plants and as Knock's romantic partner. She typically works in the back room's green house and assists Knock when he has to treat a patient.

Brief: Eugenia is a fellow Gnome, working partner, and personal partner to Hugorio Knock. The two struck up a relationship being one of the few Gnomes on Ankh Street. She is also known to be a witch who is not above hexing people who do not pay their bills or who threaten the pair's lives or livelihood.

Physical Description: On the short side among Gnomes- making her even shorter when compared to humans. She has an average figure that is typically hidden beneath her working smock and laboratory clothing. She likes wearing long brim hats that enhance her reputation as one who is involved in the eldritch arts. Her hair is black with just a hint of grey, typically hidden underneath her hat or drawn in a pony tail. Her ears are slightly pointed, which to superstitious hints to the power that she wields.

Brief: Eugenia's family are relatively recent immigrants compared to Gnomes who have longer roots in the City due their family's origins as part of a number of pagan travelers that formed outside of the City. Eugenia and her family decided to settle down in the City after wandering in the forest. She is one of the siblings who further broke off from the family and settled into Ankh Street where she met Hugorio Knock and formed a professional and romantic partnership with him. The latter has Ankh Street residents believing their relationship is due to a lack of options more than actual affection, they do seem to get along well if rather quiet.

Eugenia serves as Knock's grower in the small garden area that the pharmacy keeps for rare alchemical substances. For even rarer plants the pair will charter a party to recover something or they will special order it from the Scoleri Brothers- export-import merchants who work in the Ankh Street area. She also serves as a nurse when Knock has to treat a patient and as the lead when dealing with a patient of the female sex, the latter is the personal view of Knock that female patients are more relaxed around other females for medical treatment.

She currently has a feud with Piper Fleetwood, a Halfling purveyor of protective charms and neighbor to Dr. Knock's Pharmacy. This stems from an angry customer being successfully hexed by Eugenia Knit while supposedly wearing one of Piper's protective charms. The matter has lead the Halfling to believe that the slow business has been caused by rumors of the ineffectiveness of his charms. The two will turn their nose at each other, walking in an opposite direction so neither have to speak.

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