Thursday, June 30, 2016

Planet Lemuria and Deep Star E

Deep Star - E-Station
Planet: Lemuria
Sector: Mu

One of the many "blue" planets, pure ocean or predominately ocean planets in Mu Sector, Lemuria is considered the most vibrant in aquatic life. In the eyes of "big pharma" oceanic giants that teem with life equals large amounts of credits due to a number of biological and botanical pharmaceuticals- medicines and chems produced from the proteins of marine life or from the blooms of marine planet life.

Planet Lemuria
The Deep Star project is a major colony/corporate project between the Solar Federation (the government representing Human controlled Earth and Zetan colonized Mars) and New Path Pharmaceuticals. The functions are divided that the Federation builds and assists in the colonization project while New Path employs workers until such time as other businesses can grow and develop. For the time being, New Path is the largest employer on planet Lemuria, competing against other colonies founded by the Saurians and the Pleaidians.

Fast Facts and Rumors about Lemuria

-Deep Star E is the most recently completed facility of the Deep Star project. The stations are settled in the southern hemisphere, a good distance from rival faction colonies.

-The colonial population of the Federation is typically Human over the Zetans (Greys). The latter preferring solid land and underground facilities to full oceanic worlds. The sun also makes life uncomfortable for Zetans with pale white or grey skin. The few Zetans who do live on the colonies are greener skin Zetans as the green skin seems to take in the sun better.

-The Saurian Empire is heavily committed as species such as Saurians, Grippli, and Florin (Flamingo-humanoids) are accustomed to warm/topical conditions. Saurians have expressed interest in bio-tech that is capable of giving their colonists longer lung capacity or gills for better adaptation under the water.

-Pleaidian Protectorate's colonies are made up of a ethnicity of Pleiadians, known as Atlans. They are fully adapted to watery environments due to their homeworld being a water planet in the Pleiades System. They are leading the first colony projects that are fully underwater and not semi-submersible

-Lemuria's fauna is known to produce several hostile species. The Ichthyosaur shown on the left is one of several species of hostile fish that cruise the waters. Colonists in the Deep Star Program are advised to keep behind fencing and report any breaks in carbon-steel fence lines.

-Sporadic sightings have reported possible xeno sightings with an undocumented intelligent life. Reports are shadowy humanoid shapes, fins, and glowing yellow eyes but with little report. Atlan colonists from the Pleiadians do believe in the possibility, but even their underwater colonies have no conclusive evidence proving or disproving intelligent life.

-Rumor has it the Saurians are keen to acquire as much land or sandbar facilities as possible in order to claim a majority stake on Lemuria as they have done on Lemuria's "sister planets" of Royollo and Kanita within the Mu Sector. Grumbles within the Galactic Union of Saurian's aggressive expansionism has been echoed on vid-screen and in-person meetings between Solar-Fed and Pleiadian leaders.

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