Sunday, July 31, 2016

Campaign Sketch: Deacon City

Success Avenue Station

Deacon City

Precis: Characters live in a Decopunk Fantasy based around a metropolis city-state. The world of fantasy meets the world of science-fantasy.

Conspectus: Deacon City. The grand jewel of steel and neon lights. A lot of has changed since the elder days. The Elves who once danced beneath the stars slowly vanished until they were only a vague figment. Villages became towns, towns became cities, and cities morphed and altered themselves until they became Deacon City: a metropolis by itself. Such a grand city, to think, how could so much bad seem to well up in the foundation? A man could look down on the world from "the Hill" of Bathory Park to the Bayside Carnival or Shear District Warehouse and not see scum? Well its there, hiding between the cracks that the good, uncaring people step over. There's always trouble, and there is always someone willing to pay to have that trouble cleaned up.

Role of the Players: The players are citizens and probably professionals of Deacon City. In this Decopunk Fantasy the players can find themselves as detectives fighting the mob, a special taskforce of the police stopping doomsday cults or bringing down the mob. The player's could be political fixers working for a party boss who needs things fixed, just so they can usurp and take his place at the head of the boar. The player's could be freelance guns, hired by different organizations to kill each other- rack in that dough while people drop like flies!

Themes, Things to See, Things to Do:

-Decopunk meets Urban Fantasy: Deacon City is set in a fantasy world that has moved into the Decopunk Age. Races like Orcs, Gnomes, Goblins, Humans, and others live and work in the city. The only race decided missing or rare are Elves who appear to have either died out or just fled a world of steel and concrete.

-Gangbusters and the Call of Cthulhu: Plots in Deacon City can include the players dealing with criminal gangs or occultists who have grown sick of the world as it is and are trying to end it by summoning "Elder Things". The players might be hired to stop them, or they might be caught and have no choice but to do something.

-Robots!: Deacon City is home to C.o.G.S. (Creations of Generated Science). These are robotic units built to serve humanoids. Sometimes though a unit goes rogue and begins to develop self awareness. Sometimes its tolerated, sometimes they are hunted down and "retired".

-Visit Bathory Hill! - Want to see some green? Want to enjoy a little bit of nature with just a pinch of magic and lighting? Then come to Bathroy Hill- as long as you have the money. It always seems like the cops are more willing to harass citizens for walking on the Hill, even though its a free city. Seems like all that money can paper over those things. Both the Hill and the large park are named after the Bathory Family, a very old money family who has given much to city's beautification. Georgina Bathory still lives in the Hill area at her secluded estate.

-Visit Bayside Carnival! - Located along the dockside promenade, the Bayside Carnival includes a great Ferris Wheel, roller coasters, fried food and red hots, and cotton candy. Work here is mainly performed by Orcs, Goblins, and unlucky, lower classed humans who have been stuck working the area. The area can get a little rowdy, but that's just the zest of life that goes on at the carnival. People with weak stomachs should avoid the Freak Show tent.

-Vote Beaumont! - His Honor, Party Chairmen Paul Madvig is hosting another fundraiser at Beaumont Hall in support of the "Fair Deal" party as well as the "Labor United". Remember! A vote for Beaumont is a vote for the common man. In related news, Mr. Madvig has declined to comment about the recent loss of a political aide to what seems to be foul play. Mr. Madvig believes that the police will do their work, but has offered to setup an independent investigation to get to the bottom of such a senseless death.

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