Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Campaign Sketch: Fallout Heights

A City Emblem? The State Flag?
Precis: A cyberpunk setting set post nuclear war that humanity rebuilt from, but has to contend with mutant animals and humanoids.

Conspectus: After "The Big Boom" lit up the world for a few brief centuries humanity began to rebuild. Contrary to beliefs held by doomsday naysayers, humanity tends to dislike living forever in small agrarian villages or junk towns. Overtime humanity began to pick itself back up from the nuclear destruction. Sure, there were blast zones that still could not be used and Florida had sunk below a rising sea-level, but there were cities that remained active, untouched, their progress in creating future-tech slowed only by having to find new sources of critical part but in no way cutoff.

The one thing humanity has to contend with was the unpredictable effect of nuclear radiation: It brought about a new species of life.

Mutant Humans, people with incredible powers unveiled themselves. Some were ghost mutants, using only a few discrete powers. A few were mutant horrors that retreated to the wilds to plague farmers. The other group that grew in mass were Mutant Animals, especially Bestial Humanoids.

There were some animals that were merely mutated: they were born larger, they had the ability of producing energy, they generated venom sacs when they were not originally a venomous creature. Some however became fully sapient and bipedal, these were the Bestial Humanoids. They arose to join humanity in a strange new world.

Themes and Other Things

-Fallout Heights takes place in a mashup of Cyberpunk and Gamma World. Humanity has more-or-less rebuild and great city-states glow anew. Now they just have mutants in the mix.

-Once powerful corporations have become states onto themselves. Ruling cities and towns from their technocratic penthouses.

-There are still secluded areas that refuse to join the rest of the world. Can they be left alone? Do they hold technological secrets from Earth's more technologically advanced past?

-Raiders are still a problem, but are no long tolerated as just a "fact of life" huge bonuses are placed upon the arrest of Raider scum to be brought to trial for execution.

-Mutant Animals linger as second-class citizens. A growing movement within the cities are demanding civil rights.

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