Monday, July 18, 2016

Campaign Sketch: Homelands

In 1995 Wizards the Coast debuted the set "Homelands" which was designed by two customer service people who had a story idea first, then some card designs that ultimately didn't work. If you want to go into a more detailed history than that then I would recommend checking out this video, now we shall move on to making this a campaign sketch.

Quick Note: I haven't read the comic series that followed this set. This is just a interpretation of a campaign setting based off the cards alone. By studying the flavor and looking over the cards there is actually a setting worth using.


Precis: Players are natives to a plane cut off from the greater multiverse and have to defend their world from an encroaching vampire lord, a cunning-thief king, and the occasional trapped fiend that wanders the world.

Conspectus: Once upon a time two powerful beings entered the realm of Ulgrotha having survived and had become embittered by a war of the powers. One was Feroz, a Power and a mage, the other was Serra, a Power of mercy and justice. Having seen the destruction wrought by other Powers like themselves, Feroz and Serra worked to protect their adopted homeworld from intrusion. The two created what was known as Feroz's Ban which sealed the Homelands and all who dwelt therein within the plane. On one hand, it protected them from the intrusion of the Powers, on the other nobody could leave or be banished from the plane. Good or evil, the people of Ulgrotha were stuck.

It is now present day: Feroz has passed on and Serra vanished from the world. While she is gone, the Church of Serra remains a stronger force than ever. But with the two passing from direct intervention of the world, evil has risen in its place. A powerful vampire from the Darklands, Baron Sengir, has risen with plans to dominate the realm of Ulgrotha. Rogues from the East prey upon merchant caravans traveling between the central forests where the folk of An-Havva live and the Kingdom of Aysen in the northern desert. Along the coasts, Dwarven sea-clans and Dwarven merchant houses battle undead pirates for control of the profitable water routes and resources that can be dredged up from the sea. All the while the Timmerian Fiends, demons trapped by the ban, seek to weaken their prison to allow their comrades to enter and conquer the world. It is a period in need of heroes.

Themes, Things to See, Things to Do!

-Racial shakeup: Heroes include races such of Humans, Dwarves, Minotaur, and Goblins. A lot of races we see from other settings (ala Elves, Halflings) are left out of the card mix and are also left out this campaign sketch.

-A Big Bad to face-off: Homelands has a true villain to the setting. Baron Sengir, an ambitious Vampire Lord would love nothing more to do than to ascend to the status of Power over Undeath and Decay. To that he needs to conquer lands and drain the souls of his subject. Any deal he makes is temporary, any peace he offers is fraudulent. He bides his time, slowly leaching from the world until he has achieved his goal.

-Places to see!: Visit the deserts of the north and Aysen City, where the Church of Serra holds sway. Visit An-Havva! The folk are friendly and perhaps one might see a spectral bear who guards the woods or glean some wisdom from the mysterious Autumn Willow. Visit Koskun Keep in the eastern mountains, where the seemingly immortal Eron the Relentless is both king and target, constantly dying and regenerating. Go the coast on the west, help Dwarven sailors fight undead pirates.

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