Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Campaign Sketch: Venus: 1886

Time to make you guys cool again.

Precis: In an alternate history of electro-punk Britain, the colonization of the swamp planet Venus has begun. The players are agents, knights, and freelancers who have arrived on Venus to seek their fortune.

Conspectus: In 1886, the sun never truly sets on the British Empire. Large portions of the Earth, Moonbase Nostradamus, parts of Mars, and now the Union Jack flies over the first British colony of Venus. It is a hot world: a land of swamps, jungles, and rivers. Giant mosquitoes swoop down and attack workers, native Saurian are distrustful to newcomers, and despite the domination of Britain, the great powers of France, Germany, and Russia are always in the background, waiting to strike.

Themes & Things to do:

-Venus 1886 deals in intrigue and adventure as the British Empire, backed by ageless Knights, has become powerful, but vulnerable to the depredations of the great powers due to the size and stretch of resources. The Empire needs agents and soldiers to defend the Empire.

A Venutian
-The natives to Venus (the Venutians) are a Saurian species that are tribalistic in nature due to the conditions of Venus. They are still amazed that the Britons are so willing to build structures of stone and glass in the marsh. Some tribes willingly work with the colonists in exchange for weapons, luxury items, and building material. Still, there are tribes that will actively resist colonists.

-Electro-punk aesthetic is littered throughout. Great airships crisscross the world. The repeating rifle is a relatively new invention that is changing the way wars are fought. The invention of both the automatic pistol and now, the latest gadget, the silencer assist in covert operations.

-The Empire is overseen by Tristan and Isolde. A pair of married Knights who are charged with establishing Marijian Colony on Venus. The lovers are partly sent due to their trust worthiness, but also due to exile from the crown. What big secret haunts the pair?

-Besides the deadly fauna of giant mosquitoes, killer crocodilians, and angry Saurians. The Order's past continues to haunt their step in the form of the supernatural. Shambleau, a monstrous cross of a gorgon and a vampire live in the caves of Venus. Their siren's song draws even the Saurians to their deaths.

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