Sunday, July 3, 2016

Four Humanoids, Briefly Described

Trey Causey over at the Sorcerer's Skull is not just a Google+ buddy, He also has done work that has inspired me, him and Jack Shear have helped me in ways to stir away from overly long posts and try to create sketches that GM's could use to fill their world. In this case, I don't want to call it lifting an idea whole cloth, but I got to, my thing is all about uplifting Nonhumans.

Mishan / Ursoid (Bear Humanoids): In a fantasy setting the Mishan are a humanoid species of bipedal ursine (bears) with white or dark brown fur, a pointed muzzle with a black nose, and a flat top head with no extraneous hair besides their fur. They live in the northern regions, far beyond the Northern Kingdom instead living in their own region beyond the mountain. Mishan form small familial groups known as Sleuths.

In a Science-Fiction setting, Ursoids are ursine humanoids whose fur color ranges from shades of brown, black, or white. They live in the Pleiades region of space and are one of the co-worlds in the greater Pleiadian Protectorate, serving as heavy infantry and guards for mysterious Pleiadian ambassadors. It is not uncommon to see a Nord psychic have a group of bears as her bodyguard detachment. Despite being one of the founding co-worlds, they are still treated with a degree of patronizing by their Pleiadian leaders as a species that needs to continue to rise before they become equals. If Ursoids have a problem with this, they have yet to speak on it.

Gnomes: The strict definition of Gnomes as according to the Embassy is this: Gnomes are a group of humanoids who once held a common ancestor with Dwarves. It is believed that at some point in the most ancient past that a magical storm had struck and separated the two groups. While Gnomes became shorter and shorter in stature, their mastery over the strange grew. Gnomes typically pick a patron element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water) and attune their magics to that element. Gnomes typically tie themselves of Dwarves in a political manner, building support towns that keep the great fortresses fed and active. Dwarves in turn embrace their cousins, despite a discomfort towards magic.

Minotaur: In a fantasy setting, Minotaur are a species of bovine-humanoids who are large in size and known for their sharpened horns which they use as a weapon of last resort. As a people, Minotaur are known for founding city-states within the Borderlands and other regions outside Great Kingdoms or Empires. They prefer their freedom and working with the great powers, not answering to them, not at least without getting paid. Minotaur are know to take mercenary jobs.

In a science-fiction setting Minotaur are from the Taurus Region of space and are one of the independent species who have not come under the domination of "The Big 3" (Humanity dominated Federation, Saurian controlled Empire, and the Pleaidian Protectorate). Like their fantastical cousins, Minotaur like serving as mercenaries for other, forming either Minotaur only companies, or joining up with Xenos and mixing company.

Carcharian: Carcharians are thought to be a strange off-shoot from pure-strain Wereshark interbreeding while in their hybrid state. Or, they are perhaps their own species. Or, they were a species created through one too many experiments by bored or crazed magicians. No matter their origin, Carcharians do exist as a hybrid of humanoid sharks. Carcharians are a coastal dweller, requiring at least an hour of submersion to stay comfortable on land. They are a pure meat eater, paying butchers handsomely for cuts of meat. As a people, Carcharians either form clans underwater while their surface dwelling kin typically stick to coastal city-states. The latter hire themselves out to ship crews as sailors or marines.

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