Monday, July 11, 2016

Kyna: Tomaq and Bertan

A Scene from Lower Dragonclaw
Dragonclaw is one of the many free-cities that exist in the Borderland region between the Kingdom of Men (North Kingdom) and the Empire of the Elves (Empire). Once a small hilltop town sitting on the edge where the green river flows into the Great Salt Marsh, Dragonclaw has come to represent the change in the Borderlands. A select group of NPC's who live and work in the town include:

Tomaq Dreeson
Species: Ratfolk

Brief: Tomaq is the harbormaster of the more recently built Lower Dragonclaw. For a lot of Ratfolk, Halflings, Orcs, and Goblins, river jobs are the most sought after for those who are tired of fighting. Tomaq was one of the earliest arrivals and parlayed his time scampering up masts to rig sails into a job of scheduling departure times and overseeing customs work. Despite the advancement he still lives in what would be viewed as the dregs within Lower Dragonclaw.

-Is part of the "River Rats" and unofficial group of Ratfolk who look out for each other between ship jobs. This relationship and his species makes him partial to a Ratfolk in need. He likes to be fair, but he will go out of his way to find one of his "Brothers" a job.

-Is interested in hiring Adventurer's to help secure parts of the river. A bandit gang robbing the waterways down stream? Send in the mercenaries to clean it out. Is there some kind of primordial creature lurking within the swamps to the south? Send in the mercenaries. He is willing to throw around reasonable coin to keep his rivers safe.

-Tomaq's position is challenged by popular Halfling captain Corwin Amberseed. The Halfling is planning to challenge the Ratfolk in the next election which might pit the town's Halfling and Ratfolk population against each other.

Bertan Mithralspur
Species: Dwarf

Brief: Bertan is a lifelong resident of Dragonclaw before even the Great War. His clan, the Mithralspurs, settled the hill that Dragonclaw resides and were the family to discovered the claw that sits in the town square as an ornament. While most of the Mithralspurs have gone into being merchants and craftsmen, Bertan remains a believer in the martial arts. He now serves as a Captain of the town watch.

-Bertan's main interest in adventurers is to drive out the rebel group "Red Knives" from the area. The group is a human-supremacy group that looks down on non-humans, calling them "refugees" and "scum." The Red Knives are known for raiding and pillaging trade caravans, including wagons belonging to his Dwarven kin.

-Bertan has received emissaries from Felhammer Hall to negotiate a permanent trading post between the Felhammer clan and the town of Dragonclaw. This deal is profitable, but will also offend Felhammer rivals including Diamondtip and Goodneighbor. He also cannot okay the deal without backing of the town mayor, but his support would be influential.

-Bertan is distrustful to Goblins and Orcs. Though he has sworn to uphold the town's "Open Door" policy to all law-abiding individuals, he cannot help but think that the Orcs and Goblins who are newcomers are up to no good. 

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