Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Laskar, Tombari, and Melchiot

Conqueror Laskar of Cygnus

Description: Laskar is a verdant sect Saurian, which means he has a mottled of green and yellow scales, black eyes, and a muzzle in which two black nostrils poke out of. His teeth are sharp, suited for flesh eating and is typically found stuffing oneself of crustacean-like organism or fish. He has a long smooth tail that raises itself when he walks and can wrap around a leg or whip out with the sideways jerk of his body. His scaly hands end in a set of retractable black claws. His typical dress is either the silken cloth, which makes it easy to remove when he wishes to swim. When on duty he wears a standard-issue medium combat vest with a ballistic cloth lining to stand against laser or slug fire.

Brief: Within the Saurian expeditionary forces Laskar is ranked as a "Conqueror" and thus a sub-commander underneath Imperator Torath. His designation is that of mobile infantry. He, like other soldiers, are loaded into drop pods and deployed to secure a ground based landing zone for ground equipment in coordination with orbital and atmospheric attack. Such cohesion allows the Saurians to quickly scout an area, destroy heavy defenses, and then roll up smaller forces with ground troops. Laskar has personally assisted in the quick takeover of Grippis, the homeworld of the Grippli species. In the great galaxy Laskar is known as "The Frog King" due to his actions and because the appearance of Grippli are that of bipedal amphibians.

-Laskar is from a Science-Fiction campaign ala JumpGate, White Star, or Strange Stars with an emphasis on a somewhat pulpy world. He is a Lizardman who works with a faction of reptilian creatures.

-Despite his work as a Conqueror which might put him at odds with player characters (unless they are part of the Empire or Saurians themselves) he does conduct himself with an honorable mien. He is pro-Saurian, but believes all steps should be taken to safeguard civilians and reduce casualties.


Description: Tombari stands a foot taller than the average human height. Has a heavy bulk, that isn't fat, it's just a lot of muscle contained under a thick furry hide. His fur is black, covering most of his body, save for the soles of his feet, the palms of his hand, and the flesh on his feet- the flesh is a darker grey with a set of yellow eyes. Though he has sharp canines, he also has several flat teeth that allows him to eat fruits and nuts. He typically a set of padded robes with piecemeal metal plate that adorn his shoulders and arms.

Brief: Tombari is a War-Sorcerer and a Gaborian, a primate-humanoid race that hail from a distant island known as Gaboria. Colonization has put other races in touch with the Gaborians, who are a superstitious and withdrawn society. Tombari has felt the brunt of that superstitious from a distrustful to hostile reaction from his people. He has become so embittered by dealing with his own kind that he has decided to try his hand at mercenary work with the newly arrived colonists. He serves as a both a guide and a caster.

-Bitter from his treatment, Tombari seeks comforts of luxuries to ease his frustrated state. He works for money and uses that money on wine, silks, and warm bedding. He'd like to have a woman, but very few Gaborians work with the colonists and even fewer have much to do with Tombari.

-Recently discovered metal plates, which he uses instead of wooden armor to protect his arms and shoulders from attacks.

-The one gift from his father, his staff, it allow him to increase the range of his magical attacks by firing into the crystal that sits atop the wand and directing its energies at a target.

-Tombari is a character from a fantasy world, especially a world that has exotic islands that players might want to explore.

Melchiot Pen

Description: Melchiot is an elderly party who stands just at the thigh of the average human. His beard falls just above his waistline, and like his hair, is a mixture of white and grey. His skin is hardened and wrinkled. Despite the withered look his eyes are a very clear blue. He has a set of pointed ears, which give him a more feyish look.

Brief: Melchiot is an elder Gnome Warleader from the city of Farli. One of the few who can remember the great Dwarven Interregnum during which clan and thane fought for the Diamond Throne. Melchiot for his part backed the Felhammer Clan whose tales of fighting demons inspired him to stand against the riches of Diamondtip, Greymountain, and Deepstone. Despite his service, his bravery, and his honor, Melchiot was paid in riches but given little standing in the Dwarven court. Gnomes, the Dwarves believed, were good friends, allies, and cousins. But they were to always be second to Dwarvenhood.

-Melchiot retired after serving as an adviser in Felhammer Hall to the Gnomish city of Farli. One of the few free city of Gnomes that answers to no Dwarven clan. There he oversaw the creation of "the Guard," the self-defense forces of Farli.

-Deals as a figurehead for Adventurers looking for work in Farli. Farli quests are typically retrieving items of Gnomish history for safe keeping in the underground vaults of the city or on display at the museum in Falri.

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