Sunday, July 31, 2016

Microlite20: House Rules

So I decided to take a leap back into Microlite20. I don't think I gave it an honest shake, or didn't try to tinker with it some. That's kind of the nature of M20. It's one of those games that works out of the box, but it probably needs some tinkering to it. Fortunately Jack Shear, aka, MisterGuignol posted some great house rules years ago. I decided to re-use some of them for my stuff. Let's take a look:

Getting Rid of Attribute Scores: Instead of rolling attribute scores player's receive 5 points to distribute among the three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Mind). No score can rise higher than +3 via these points, though attribute boosts by race can increase the score to +4. (I.e. Dwarves gain a +1 boost to Strength. A Dwarven Fighter who has his points increase to +3 via points further increases it to +4 because of natural strength).

Combat Bonus to Armor: Players and Monsters add half of their score (round up) to their Armor Class to represent martial training they have received.

Starting Hit Points: Rather than rolling for scores players start with the following hit points.
Warrior Types (Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian): 18+Strength and 5 per level after level 1. Expert Types (Rogues, Clerics, Bards, Druids) 14+Strength and 4 per level. Caster Types (Magic-User, Warlocks, Summoners) 12+Strength and 3 per level.

Starting Mana Points: This a personal house rule that I made up and represents my love of Mana and the Elder Scrolls series. In my games, any class can pick up spells, Magic-Users and Cleric types just start play with spells and gain more mana points. Heavy Caster Types (Magic-user, Warlock) 18+Mind and 5 mana points per level. Moderate Caster Types (Druids, Clerics, Bards) 14+Mind and 4 per level. Light Casters (Fighters, Paladins, Rogues) 12+Mind and 3 per level.

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