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House vs. House


Precis: Player characters are mercenaries, soldiers, smugglers, courtiers, or nobles in a time of political upheaval through the known galaxy.

Conspectus: With the death of the Sovereign (Emperor Bedford V) the realm of known space has been thrown into turmoil. The Crown Prince is but an infant, a king in his minority. The government instead is ruled through a combination of the House of Lords, the Order of the Star, and through the Queen Mother (Margret of Laurasia). It is a period that citizenry views as one of lawlessness and bad governance as regional governors pledge themselves to lords and money over the crown, lords themselves fight against the House of Lords, and for rebels who wish to crush the old order and to bring back a period of self-governance, the time for them to strike is now!

Themes, ideas, and things to see

An Empire in Decline?: Rosefall takes a lot of ideas from the Shakespearean play Henry VI. In it, the Empire is facing a decline due to a combination of a dead but popular king, an infant son, and the squabbling of lords. Adding tot he climate in this case is an active rebellion. The Player's have a chance to finally end what could be viewed as the tyranny of the Empire, establish themselves as lords of their own planet, or make a play to seize the throne themselves.

Aliens Abound: While Bedford was a human from Planet Garden (The capital world of the Rose Nebula), that doesn't mean humans are alone in the galaxy. Aliens exist and can be citizens along with humanity or as members/representatives of a distant system. Alien influence on the current politics could be secretly fermenting rebellion to weaken "the Rose" or Aliens might just shrug and go about their work.

Guardians of Justice and Peace? Or Agents of Tyranny?: The Order of the Star are a group of Psionic Knights who are pledged to protect the throne and safeguard the system from the evils that men do. Tales and myths are spun of the virtues and adventures of crusading Knights. But those days have long past, and while there are knights who wish to live up to the old order, there are plenty who now sell their sword for personal gain.

Inspirations: Dune, Star Wars, Henry VI (Parts 1, 2, & 3), Castle Otranto, Star Trek

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