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Solo: Apocalypse Avenue - The Job

Session #2: The Job

Chapter #1

The part finds themselves transported from the harsh hinterlands back to civilization cuffed and under guard to what was left of the standing buildings around the town of Minute Square. It was here the three saw paved roads that had yet to be broken by the constant assault by roots of grasses. Some buildings managed to stand, though darkened due to a lack of power. Instead of glass, wooden shudders were the order of the day, several were still open. At the end of the street was a three story building with lights still and men in uniforms mulling about it. The three were lead up the stoop, past the reception desk, and to the left. It was a 1st floor office with an aged wooden door, no secretary's desk stood nearby to greet them. The lady who lead the small party opened the door herself and shuffled the three into the office.

This time is considered a rest. Uses rise by one and healing is done by HD die.

NPC: Casi Longwalker (4 HD) Pure Strain Human. Attack: Laser Pistol (D: 1d10 / R: Far). S: 2 Attacks per round. Usage Die: d12

Casi: Taps her fingers against her still intact glass desk to get their attention. “So a Thieves falling out leave five men dead and one of your own injured. It's a good nobody else was waiting in that supply depot when you walked in on them.”

Erkiss: “Yeah, good for them. We'd have a few more bodies we'd have to deal with.”

Casi: “Bad for you that this occurred in Trade Syndicate territory. What we took out of there.” She lets out a whistle: “Ammunition, food, vehicle parts-”

Watts: “Hold on, what the hell makes it your territory?”

Casi: Leans to the side looking past them for a moment and then leans back again to Watts: “Your army is a little late to the party if you want to contest it.”

Standish: “We do not have an army.” He says earnestly. As he turns his head to the glares of Erkiss and Watts. He glowers: “We do not!”

Watts: “Alright. So you got the gear and you didn't break a sweat. Except maybe for walking outside, it has been rather warm. Why keep us here?”

Casi: Leans against her chair with a raised: “Finally we get to the root of it. Why have I dragged you three here if I was just going to take your stuff. Well, it turns out I do have some work for you.”

Erkiss: “I didn't see you guys having a lot else except for humans, are you sure you're in the market for Lizardmen.” Leans to Standish, noting: “Or Patchwork people.”

Standish: “I am patchwork?”

Casi: “The Syndicate is an equal opportunity employer, I assure you-”

Standish: “What do you mean I'm patchwork?”

Watts: “Standish. Just relax. Erkiss didn't mean anything by it. What kind of work did you have in mind?”

<Standish makes a CHAOS check to see if the word 'Patchwork” which is a term for his Golem state will be remembered as an insult. He rolls a d20 vs. 14 for a total of 2. He let's the term drop.”

Casi: “A distance from here is the town of Fern. A major breadbasket area untouched by the catastrophe. Have you ever heard of the place?”

<Does any character recall it? 75% chance = 68%. Who? 1-2 Watts, 3-4 Erkiss, 5-6 Standish. 2>

Watts: “I lived there for awhile. Kind of a backwater for your Trade fellows.”

Casi: “A backwater that has access to a lot of clean food. They know it too, that's why they've been stalling for the best trade deal possible. No exclusivity- they wanted to trade with us, but they didn't want to cut out the Bullet Farmers or the Unity. But, now they're desperate for aid. So desperate that they will sign any deal we put in front of them.”

Watts: “Oh? What's that?”

Casi: Smiles, but wags her finger in the air: “No questions, gentlemen. You just drive the lead scout car ahead of the party. We need us some canaries on the road.”

Standish: Frowns and says: “Bait.”

Erkiss: “What do we get out of it if we say yes?”

Casi: I'll refill your equipment with ours. You get to keep the car if your survive, and a combination of food and supplies.”

Watts: “And if we say no, then what? We don't walk out of this town alive?”

Casi: “Why would I threaten your lives like that? Of course, if you stay here you have to earn your keep. I could use some more frontline people advancing our front line. I like to use strong fellows like your friend to clear minefields. The Lizardman can work our fields. And you, Mister Watts, can grind up ash and manure together for fertilizer.”

The three exchange glances and slight nods. Naturally nobody dreams of a life of cleaning out explosives, field labor, or being barefooted in a mound of feces and ash- save perhaps for convicts trying to hurry their sentences or masochists. All three nods in turn.

Standish: “When do we start?”

-Equipment is loaded to a die of d12.

-The party possesses one scout class car. Three seater. Back seat area's top opens up to a turreted machine gun (Heavy Weapon: D: d10; R: Distant; Ammo: d20; S: Attacks up to three targets per round. Ammo must be checked for each use.)

Chapter #2

The party is lead from the headquarters of the Trade Syndicate by walking behind Casi Longwalker who takes them from there to the open face of a maintenance garage. Workmen are busy welding bits of metal on three vehicles. The first, a dark green civilian model SUV is molded with extra metal. A turreted machine gun sticks from the top, which has been fashioned into a canopy.

Casi: “This is your scout vehicle. It's a modified civilian vehicle and should be able to store equipment, supplies, and provide sleeping space for two of you. Seeing as you should be taking turns to stand guard this should be adequate.”

Standish: “I do not sleep, I wait.”

Watts: “It should be fine.”

Three human men of average height, tan skin, and red hair step out from the garage doorway near the center slot. From inside the grill of a tractor-trailer's cab is clearly seen, even though it is slightly obscured by the presence of the three.

<Watts gain's an Intelligence check of d20 vs. 17 to recognize what the three men are. He rolls a 16.>

Watts raises a brow but recognizes the three and why they look exactly the same: Same build, same red beards, same eyes. He opens his mouth and then closes it due to a high Wisdom preventing him from stating the obvious.

<Standish makes a Wisdom check of d20 vs. 6 for a result of 15>

Standish: “You all look the same.”

Casi: “Yes. These are three are clones. Gentlemen. Meet Rigby, Nigby, and Digby.”

Rigby: “Hello.”

Nigby: “How are you?”

Digby: “I was actually first out of the vat... I, uh, I just don't like to broadcast it.”

Watts: “You guys will be driving the supply truck?”

Nigby: “That's correct. Rigby and I will be handling the truck. Digby will be waiting in the back, watching the gear.”

Erkiss: “Just in case something teleports in?” He notices all three clones give him very serious looks.
Digby: “Stranger things have happen.”

Watts: “Well it's nice meeting you guys.”

Casi: Gestures to another pair walking up to group. “Rounding off as a support vehicle is Karigan Cobblebay and Bella Saxon.”

Karigan appears as a pure human, though her eyes have a piercing effect that reminds Watts of the way his eyes can look when he uses his powers. Her rich chestnut skin was complimented by a set of dreads that were held down by a band she had wrapped around her head where her goggles rested.

Bella is a bestial humanoid who resembled a tall humanoid crossed with that of a German Shepherd. Her black fur color was heavy around her muzzle and face with just a few strips of brown around her neck.

Karigan: “Gentlemen, it's nice working with you.”

<Does Erkiss mention something about another bestial humanoid? 50% chance = 44%>

Erkiss: “Well hey, nice to see another friend without smooth skin.” He holds his hand out to Bella.

<Erkiss Chaos is checked vs. 10 equaling 4>

Bella: She looks down and shakes Erkiss hand slowly. “Nice to meet you too.”

Karigan: “How long will it take us to get to Fern?”

Casi: “3 days traveling. Now we recommend that you travel only during the day and bunch up at night for defense purposes. The roads around here are alright, but as you leave the area it will become more and more untamed. You will eventually arrive just outside the Fern river valley.”

Rigby: “Any trouble reports?”

Watts: “I'd hope those Bullet Farmers we dispatched was an independent crew.”

Casi: “We don't know. My men are planning to scour the area to provide cover for your vehicles. Just keep on the look out. Alright?”

With some nods of agreement she claps her hands.

Casi: “Alright team. To your stations!”

The parties split off into their groups. Watts, Standish, and Erkiss take up their point vehicle. The clones Rigby, Digby, and Nigby pile into the semi. Lastly Karigan and Bella take over the third vehicle, a sand colored dune buggy with a roll cage. After a few minutes of jostling the three roll from out of the garage onto the road.

Current setup from first to last.: Point Car, Cargo, and Support

Erkiss: “You think any of this is strange, Watts?”

Watts: “I thought it was strange since I teamed up with a Lizardman and we freed Standish from that cage.”

Standish: “Did I ever say thanks?”

Erkiss: “What would you think of all of this?”

Watts: “I think of it as opportunity, pal. Opportunity.”

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