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Solo: Apocalypse Avenue

Apocalypse Avenue

A Gene Hack Solo Session

Form: Golem; Flux: Psionic
Level: 1

Str: 10
Dex: 8
Con: 11
Int: 14
Wis: 6
Cha: 14

HP: 14 / Armor Points: 4 / 6 (Reinforced Coat / +2 w/ Crossguard)

Dagger (Crossguard) 1d4 damage; Pistol (Light) 1d4

Items: Binoculars, Medkit, Geiger Counter, Radio, Flashlight

Form Powers (Golem)

All Sewn Up: You can attach anatomy of a defeated enemy to yourself to gain any special ability that it provides (such as a scorpion's stinger). Only one such modification can exist at a time.

Hardened Materials: Resistant to slashing damage.

Rebuild: Regenerate 1d4 hit points as an action. Usage: d8

Flux Powers (Psionic)

Retrocognition: When concentrating on an inanimate object you can read into its past. You will pick up simple impressions that become more vague the further you go back in time.

Mind Spike: Make an INT test to do 1d8 psychic damage. Usage: d8

Mind Melt: Make an INT test to gain the Advantage at avoiding damage during a full combat. Usage d6 / d4

Lost in the Mind: All physical attacks are reduced to d4.

Erkiss, the Reptilian
Form: Reptilian; Flux: Humanoid

STR: 10
DEX: 13
CON: 10
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 10

HP: 12 (6) / AP: 6 (0) (Kevlar Undercover Vest + Scaly Flesh)

Machete (Bladed, Heavy Heft +2) d6+2 / Assault Rifle (Medium) 1d8; Ammo: -; R: Far

Items: Scanner, Radio, Rope, Tent, Heater

Form (Reptilian)

Heightened Senses: You can “see” in any environment. Alternate sense is Thermal Vision.

Cold Blooded: Resistant to Elemental (Heat) damage.

Scale Armor: +2 Armor from scaly skin. Can wear an extra layer of armor over this natural armor.

Reptilian Brain: Vulnerable to psychic damage.

Flux (Humanoid)

Intuition: Gain Advantage on any attempt to use a relic or item of past technology.

Adept: 2 attacks per turn with a melee or ranged weapon. If a ranged weapon is used with this ability then its usage dice must be rolled twice to determine if there is ammo lost.

Favored Weapon: Select one of your starting weapons. You can use between Str, Dex, Int, or Wis when making tests with it.

Form: Human Flux: Electrokinetic

STR: 12
DEX: 11
CON: 14
INT: 17
WIS: 16
CHA: 7

HP: 14 / AP: 4 (Padded Armor)

Stun Rod (Blunt x2) 1d8; Rifle (Medium; R: Far) d8. Ammo: d6

Items: Water Purifier, Flashlight, Radio, Compass, Tent

Form (Human)

Skin Deep: Mutations do not show up on your physical form. Take Advantage with INT or WIS in social situations.

Quick on Your Feet: Take Advantage on a DEX check during a combat. Can be used 1/combat scene.

Good Genes: Advantage on CON tests. Resistant to Elemental (Radiation) damage.

Flux (Electrokinetic)

Battery: You can power any electrical device you hold or touch at a cost of 1 hp per 10 minutes.

Zap: Test WIS to do d6 Elemental (Electrical) damage. Max range is Nearby. If you roll less than ½ your WIS score (round up), repeat this attack on another nearby character and repeat again if these conditions are met. Roll usage die for only the initial attack. Usage: d8

Discharge: Anytime your Zap usage goes down to d4 you deal 1d4 damage to anyone at near range around you.

The Session

Scenario Overview: Standish, Erkiss, and Watts are three mercenaries who are about to be hired for the biggest job of their lives. Helping to escort a batch of antibiotics to a farming community outside the territory of the local power structure. They will have to fend off raiders and the mutant wasteland in order to get it.

But now we start with a beginning...

The party was just behind a ridge that was parallel to the supply depot. The gates surrounding the property slowly faded from the stress and wear of time. Now there were only the most sporadic portions of metal in the way. Not that that stopped the three who were looking over the facility. A set of binoculars lift away from two very dull grey eyes. A strong chin shifted and crackled just a little as misplaced bones continued to struggle to make themselves fit in the mouth. The man, for he was mostly sewn together pieces of male, lifted the binoculars to those grey eyes and looked again.

<Standish INT Test: Natural 1!>

Standish looks over the property and quickly ticks off what he sees in his head. He spots 5 raiders in makeshift gear hovering about and haphazardly patrolling.

Standish: “That is about as close to accurate as it shall get.” He offers the binoculars to the man on his right.

Watts wasted no time in plucking the binoculars from grey-green flesh of Standish's hands and looking through the eyepieces. A quick scan confirms the present of 5 outside the compound. Two stood next to the raider's battle jeep, one next to the entrance of the dull grey building with its faded blue stripe. In turn was another pair who mulled near the loading docks to the left. Cigarette smoke, a sign of a rare commodity flaunted with their little trails rising in air from their lips. Watts drew the binoculars from his blue eyes and scrunched his lips marring his otherwise sandy complexion.

Watts: “Looks like they aren't expecting trouble. Now, a smart group would wait until nightfall after they left and take what we want.”

Erkiss: “But because we're what? Morons?”

Standish: “Lamebrains.”

Erkiss: “We're doing a full charge or what?”

Watts: Gives them a look: “We can't let them get out all of the choice stuff. I mean how many rounds does the machine gun have?”

Erkiss barely tilted the blunted tip of his snout to look over the weapon he was lugging. The Reptilian knew very well he didn't have much left in the way of munitions, what he thought was the secret to the teams success. His clawed hands patted the gun and his black eyes returned to Watts.

Erkiss: “How are we going in then?”

Standish: “This is the last of the cover.”

Watts: “That's right. You cover Erkiss with the machine gun. I'll run point and Standish backs me.”

Erkiss makes a DEX check for attack. He has the Advantage on the first roll and can attack up to three targets due to using an automatic weapon. He rolls the following vs. 13+1: 5, 10, 15

(Raider; Bullet Farmers) HD: 2 (7). Pistol: Damage 1d6; Usage: d4

Raider #1 takes 1 point of damage.

Raider #2 takes 5 points.

The two guards near the Humvee are hit by automatic fire, though it appears the Humvee took the worst of it. A third man near the entrance counts his blessings as rounds rip through the corrugated metal and miss him by inches. Usage Die Test (3) = 6, 6, 6. Ammunition is not lowered.

Round #1

Test Result
18 vs. 8 = Fail
3 vs. 13 = Success!
6 vs. 11 = Success!

Erkiss fires another volley at the 3 targets he aimed for last time. He rolls Dex test of 13 with a d20+1 for totals of: 19, 6, 5

Raider #1 dodges to the side and falls prone, meaning the Humvee is struck.

Raider #2 is peppered with rounds for 4 points of damage. He falls back having not even loosened his pistol.

Raider #3's body convulses as assault rifle rounds pound through his body in rapid motion (8 damage). Blood sprays the walls behind him as he slams back and then slides to the ground with a sickening rubbing noise. Ammo checked (3) results in (d6): 2, (d4): 1

After the last burst Erkiss' rifle clicks, the gun is now empty.

Erkiss: “I really hope we find some more than a broken down hovercraft and some car batteries like last time.”

Watts runs over the hill and advances to being near Raider #1. He fires two shots from his rifle. Dex test is vs 11 with a d20+1 for two rolls: Natural 1, 14.

Raider #1 takes double damage of 8 points. He grabs at his stomach and does a half twist as he falls down.

The second shot misses and strikes the Humvee again. (Does the Humvee explode from damage? 25% chance = 39% No.) The Humvee takes abuse but most of it is superficial armor damage rather than anything truly destructive. He takes cover behind the Humvee. Ammo check turns up a 3 & 4 on a d6. No change.

The two bullet farmers who were near the loading dock run towards the attack with pistols drawn. Raider #4 and Raider #5 have two viable targets (1-4 = Watts at the Humvee and 5-6 = Erkiss behind the grass covered knoll. #4 attacks 5 / #5 attacks 4.

Erkiss rolls a Dex Test of d20+1 vs. 13. He has the Advantage due to cover. He rolls a total of: 6. He ducks back down to near prone, but is comforted as the bullets strike the mound of dirt and rock.

Watts makes a Dex test of d20+1 vs. 11. He has the Advantage due to cover from the Humvee. He rolls a 5. The Humvee takes a few more rounds that spark and hiss, but otherwise leave him unharmed.

Standish casts Mind Melt (Int Test 14 = 3). His eyes glow as a shield of energy surrounds him. He has the Advantage of avoiding damage for the combat scene. Casting this power he walks up the crest of the knoll and then down towards the enemy, his grey eyes glowing brightly. Usage die check of d6 results in 2. His use is reduced to d4.

Round #1 Summary:

Raider's 1, 2, & 3 are slain by gun fire.

Erkiss' Assault Rifle runs out of bullets.

Standish activates psychic power.

Round #2

Test Result
19 vs. 8 = Fail
7 vs. 13 = Success!
6 vs. 11 = Success!

<Does more Raiders pop out from the building? 50% chance = 90)

Watts fires a rifle round at Raider #4 (result is: d20+1 vs. 13 for a total of 10. Hit! 1 dmg). The Rifle round barely grazes the grim visage Raider as he strides towards the Humvee. Ammo check = 6.

Erkiss drops his assault rifle and runs up, drawing his machete as he does so.

Erkiss: “I'm out of rounds.”

Watts: “Yeah, I figured.”

Raider #4 has two targets at the Humvee and Standish out in the middle. He fires at the two closest to him at the Humvee (1-3 Watts, 4-6 Erkiss = 6.)

Erkiss makes a Dexterity check with the Advantage due to the advantage of cover. He rolls a d20+1 vs. TN 13 for a result of: 16. He is hit with a solid slug of a bullet farmer's firearm (6 dmg). The blow strikes him in the shoulder knocking him to the ground.

Erkiss let's out a slow breath as his fingers reach for the skin, it is tender, but it appears that the vest caught the bullet. (Armor check with a 1-in-6 chance of sundering with a roll of 6. The result is: 6). As Erkiss pulls away he notices one of the straps on his vest was broken by the force. His armor is rendered useless.

Raider: “You should feel lucky you're tasting our crop.” He fires at Watts, who makes a Dex test (d20+1 vs. 11 w/ Advantage from Cover). He rolls 3. The round bounces off the Humvee but he remains unharmed.

Raider: “Why won't you die!”

Standish points a finger at Raider #5, the one who was talking. He doesn't say a word as his mind wills a bright yellow sphere from the aether around them in front of his head. With a stub of his finger the beam fires off with a hiss as it burns the air. He rolls a Int test (d20+1 vs. 14. Result is: 13). The beam fires and strikes Raider #5 for 5 points of damage. A hot beam burns a hole in his chest, causing pain and discomfort, but no kill. Raider #5 staggers forward looking to bolt (Will he? 75% yes = 50%) (Usage d8 = 4)

Round Summary:

-Erkiss has his armor sundered by a pistol round.

-Raider #5 loses morale and takes 5 points of damage. He has 2 points left. Ammo Check (d4) = 3.

-Raider #4 took a graze for 1 point. He has 6 points left. Ammo check (d4) = 4

Round #3

Test Result
11 vs. 8 = Fail
6 vs. 13 = Success!
15 vs. 11 = Fail

Is Erkiss still holding his machete? (50% = 02%). Yes.

Erkiss bolts up with weapon in hand. He runs around to the other side of the Humvee until he is Near Raider #4 & #5. He targets Raider #5 with a throw attack, using his machete as the weapon thrown. He rolls d20+3 vs. 13 (Result = 8) Raider #5 is hit in the chest with a machete and is dealt d6 points (5). He sinks to his knees and falls over with a blade buried up to the hilt in his body.

Raider #4 turns the gun on Erkiss and fires at him. Being out in the open he gets a standard Dex test (d20+1 vs 13). The result is 14. He is struck! He takes d6 damage (6). A solid shot gets him in the guts with no armor to protect him. (Ammo check of d4 = 4)

Standish moves up to the Humvee, which puts him at Near to the target. He makes an attack of d20+1 vs. 14 (result = 18 / Usage d8 = 2.) The beam shortens out with a jolt to the body. He leans forward, placing his hands against the hood of the Humvee to steady himself. He feels some of psionic will leave him (Usage becomes d6).

Watts moves around gets to Close level with Raider #4. Raising his hand he grits his teeth and lets loose the energy he has built within him. A yellow bolt streaks from his tip (d20+1 vs. 16 = 13 and deals 4 points of damage. Usage d8 = 4). The bolt hits the stomach, but part of it is absorbed by the duster coat the Raider wears.

Round Summary:

-Erkiss slays Raider #5 with a machete throw.

-Raider #4 fires a round that deals 6 points to Erkiss. Current HP is 6 / 12.

-Standish uses another Mind Blast that misses and is drained a usage (d8 is downgraded to d6)

-Watts hits Raider #4 with a bolt of electricity dealing 4 points of damage. His usage does not go down.

-Raider #4 has 5 points of damage. Meaning his current HP is 2 / 7.

-Does Raider #4 flee this round? 75% chance = 92. No.

Round #4

Test Result
15 vs. 8 = Fail
8 vs. 13 = Success!
20 vs. 11 = Fail!

Erkiss charges and throws a punch at Raider #4. He makes a Strength check (d20+1 vs. 10 = 5). He hits! And deals 1d4 damage non-lethally (2 points). The punch clocks Raider #4 under the chin, sending him up a little bit before laying him back down. He is alive, but unconscious.

Combat Ends

Watts: “You alright, Erkiss?”

Erkiss: “I'm a little woozy... from... being a bad ass... and the blood less from gunshot.”

Standish: “Please sit. I will take care of your wound.”

Watts: “Let me go see if there is any rope to take care of our friend.”

As Watts turns towards the shot up Humvee a pair of light blue and white jeeps pull up to what was once the front gates to the complex, now just a pair of stone pillars that remain. The doors open up and several people- soldiers- pile out and onto the field. Despite the forestry environments the units wear blue-and-white fatigues. They have their arms shouldered but are quick to rectify that by arming up. Out of one of the jeeps steps a fawn skinned woman with bits of red hair poking from under an officer's cap.

Watts: “Great. Wonderful... now what?”

<End Session>

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