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Solo: Darkmoon Lake Redux

I was unhappy with how the Microlite20 rules turned out and wanted to try Darkmoon Lake again. Also, while I do have something in mind for a Six-guns and Sorcery sort of setting, I still keep a place in my heart of pseudo-medieval / blackpowder fantasy. Now, onto the session:

Mary Clayborn
Species: Human / Profession: Duelist (5) / XP: 184 (10,000)
HP: 24 / AC: 11 (12) (Leather) / MV: +9

Rapier of Dueling +1 (+6 / 1d6+1), Dagger +5 (1d4), Dagger +5 (1d4)

Human (Species): +1 Skill Point of Choice. Humans can gain the Advantage on a roll of choice at (2/day). The character must declare Advantage before making the d20. Humans have Normal Vision.

En Guard! (Duelist / Permanent): Can make off-hand attacks with light weapons without invoking a Disadvantage. While using a light weapon off-hand, the character gains +1 AC.

Kill Shot (Duelist / 1/day): Can make a single attack with a melee weapon that penetrates the body severely. The attack adds an extra 1d6 to damage.

Skills (1 Saved): Persuade +2, Ride +2, Notice +1, Stealth +1

Garp Longtooth
Species: Ratfolk / Profession: Scout (5) / XP: 167 (10,000)
HP: 27 / AC: 12 (13) (Leather +1) / MV: +8

Musket (+5 / 1d8 / Ammo d10), Sword (+5 / 1d6), Dagger (+5 / 1d4), Bite (+5 / 1d4)

Ratfolk (Species): +1 Stealth Skill. Is Small Size and gains a +1 to AC vs. Man-size or larger creatures. At times they gain an Advantage on Stealth rolls but take a Disadvantage on Lift rolls, they take a -1 to their Movement score. Ratfolk have Infravision. They gain a +1 to Save rolls vs. Disease.

Pinpoint Targeting (Scout / 2/day): Gains the Advantage on making an attack roll with a ranged weapon. They must declare their action before making their d20 roll.

Perceptive (Scout / Permanent): Begin play with a +1 skill in Notice.

Skills (1 Saved): Notice +2, Stealth +2, Ride +1, Climb +1, Survival +1

Maurice Taupin, a Rogue

Maurice Taupin

Species: Human / Profession: Rogue (5) / XP: 184 / 10,000
HP: 26 / AC: 11 (Leather) / MV: +9

Cutlass +1 (+6 / 1d6+1), Dagger (+5 / 1d4)

Human (Species): +1 Skill Point of Choice. Humans can gain the Advantage on a roll of choice at 1/day. The character must declare Advantage before making the d20. Humans have Normal Vision.

Sneak Attack (Rogue / 2/day): With a successful Stealth vs. Notice check, the Rogue can launch into a Sneak Attack that turns their attack into artillery, dealing 2d6 points of damage plus any static bonuses from magic.

Trap Artist (Rogue / 1/day): Gains the Advantage when making a roll dealing with a Trap (Detecting, Removing, Replacing, etc.) The Rogue must declare the use of talent before making a roll.

Skills: Notice +1, Lockpicking +2, Stealth +2, Ride +1, Climb +1

Oro Battleborn
Species: Minotaur / Profession: Warrior (5) / XP: 167 (10,000)
HP: 35 / AC: 13 (Chainmail + Hide) / MV: +7

Polearm +1 (+6 / 1d8+1), Dagger (+5 / 1d4), Crossbow (+5 / 1d8 / Ammo d6), Horn (+5 / 1d4)

Minotaur (Species): +1 Lift Skill. Large Size gaining an Advantage such as Lifting or Pulling large items while taking a Disadvantage on Stealth or finesse. +1 AC from a thick Hide. Minotaurs have Infravision. Their large frame allows them +1 Movement when in armor.

Whirlwind (Warrior / 2/Day): Can make an attack that affects all adjacent enemies. The attacker makes a separate roll against each target. During a Whirlwind the Warrior cannot distinguish between friends or foes, anyone adjacent to the Warrior is possibly struck.

Power Attack (Warrior / 1/Day): A Warrior summons their strength in a single attack that turns their damage into artillery (2d6 damage) regardless of size.

Skills (Skill Save 2): Lift +2, Notice +1, Survival +1, Drive +1, Intimidate +1

Moira Mithralspur

Species: Dwarf / Profession: Rune Mage (5) / XP: 167 (10,000)
HP: 24 / AC: 13 (Chainmail + Shield) / MV: +4

Pick +1 (+6 / 1d6+1), Shield Bash (+5 / 1d6), Oil (+5 / 3d6 / Ammo d6 / Save for ½ damage)

Dwarf (Species): +1 to Save vs. Poison. Dwarves take -1 to their Movement roll (to a minimum of 0) due to their scale and bulk. Dwarves have Infravision.

Skills: Crafting (Jewels) +1, Lore (History) +2, Notice +1, Lore (Arcana) +2, Climb +1

Rune Magic (3/day)

Rune of Healing: Heals target for 2d6 points of damage. The rune can be used as part of an attack against Undead or Fiends, dealing 2d6 points of damage (Save for ½ damage).

Rune of Lightning: This rune summons forth a bolt of lightning that travels a 120 ft. in a straight 5 ft. line. The Bolt deals 3d6 points of damage (save for ½)

Rune of Iron Skin: This spell adds +2 AC to Armor for the duration of the scene. The target takes a Disadvantage on Saves that affect iron (such as the attack of a Rust Monster).

Rune of Smite: This spell empowers the damage on a weapon. The weapon becomes elite (d10 damage) regardless of size and adds any static bonuses attached (such as from magic).

Hugo Cathcar
Species: Gnome / Profession: Alchemist (5)/ XP: 167 (10,000)
HP: 18 / AC: 12 (Leather) / MV: +8

Dagger (+5 / 1d4), Alchemist Fire (+5 / 3d6 / Ammo d8 / Save for ½ damage),
Wand of Dragon's Breath (2d6 / 15 ft. Cone / Ammo d12 / Save for ½ damage)

Gnome (Species): Gnomes have Infravision. Gnomes are small, they gain a +1 AC due to their size, they also can gain the Advantage on rolls such as Stealth, but they gain a Disadvantage on checks such as Lifting. They gain a +1 Lore skill of their choice. They also gain a +1 Saving vs. Mind Control & Illusion.

Skills: Notice +2, Lore (Arcana) +1, Lore (Nature) +1, Survival +1, Stealth +2

Alchemical Formulaes (3/day)

Dragon's Breath (Fire): The imbiber drinks then spews hot flames in a 15-ft cone that deals 2d6 points of damage. Targets save for ½ damage.

Liquid Courage: Mixing these chemicals together provides a surge of adrenaline to the imbiber and nearby targets who ingest the item. For a combat scene the characters gain a bonus d4 that is rolled alongside any d20 roll.

Cure: Is used to cure 2d6 hit points or can be used to counteract poison or give an extra saving throw of disease.

Thunderstone: Throwing this alchemically enchanted stone to the ground causes an explosion of air and static electricity, stunning the targets. Stun targets move in a random direction, can take no action, and have a -2 to their AC for d6 rounds. Save reduces duration to 1 round.

Whatever you do: don't eat the food.

The Story so far: A party of adventurers have made their way past the Dragonclaw to an abandoned Inn on the border between Dragonclaw's northern farms and Darkmoon Valley, a reportedly cursed land...

<Current: Mary, Garp, Maurice, Oro, Moira, & Hugo>

The party arrives at the front yard of the “Iron Pony: Stables and Tavern”. The yard has long overgrown with weeds and the wood on the shutters is stained from the elements. Cobwebs hang in the corners of the awnings. The stable next to it has some obvious damage to the slats, the double doors long closed. Standing before is a party of adventurers: Two humans, one a woman and the other a man. A Ratfolk with a long green cape resting on his narrow shoulders. A Minotaur leaning against a polearm, his finger tugging at his horn. A Gnome wearing a burgundy linen coat over a white shirt and tie, his armor still in the wagon. Finally a Dwarven Maiden who keeps her pick tucked into her belt and wears her armor, but has little else. They gather to look over what lies north of old Dragonclaw.

Mary: “What is the deal with this place?”

Mary is a human whose dark blonde locks are cut so they never get beyond the collar of her leather armor. Her skin is a tanned white, with a scattering of freckles on her cheeks and face. A long brim hat rests on her head and shades her blue eyes from the sun. She sports a set of leathers with metal studs, perfect for deflecting knife blows or rapier thrusts in Seaside, and perhaps the crude daggers and spears of the swampfolk. She uses a handkerchief and wipes her neck.

Maurice: “It was a tavern that served loggers in this region, back when the Selentine Merchants owned this area. That's where the first stories came about the lake below. How haunted this region was and everything. It was here, in this place.”

Maurice is a human whose black hair matted itself to his head. His rich brown skin belies his birth in the desert regions, far from the Borderlands that he now stands in. His eyes brown, scanning over the doorway as a gloved hand traces a line of dust. He presses his tongue against his cheek as he looks over the ruins. “Such a waste if you ask me. Such a waste in a good tavern.”

Oro Battleborn
Oro: “Pfft. Low headspace. It isn't fit for a Minotaur- and if I hear one bantering remark of how I should sleep in the stables, by the Warrior I will stab someone.” He spits on the ground.

Oro is a black furred Minotaur with long dark grey horns jutting from his head and slightly curving forward with iron tips on end, the iron is studded by a single emerald for each sharpened points that cover his already sharp horns. He leans against halberd whose blade is a flared axe, designed to cleave trees or other Minotaur in twain. He grunts and walks over to the stables.

Hugo: “So do you plan on staying in the stables?”

Oro: “I thought I said I wanted no banter?” He looks at Hugo.

Hugo: “I'm not bantering. I'm really curious what you plan to do for sleeping arrangements.”

Oro: “Yes. I plan to stay in the stables. Just because I have to doesn't mean I want banter about it. Just let it lay.”

Hugo: “Not another word, I promise.”

Hugo Cathcar is a Gnome wearing a leather traveling coat with a row of brass buttons and a white shirt that is open at the neck. His hair is black and kept short. His face is broad, with a thick nose and a clean shaven face which had gone from an original white to more a beige thanks to tanning underneath the eye of the sun. He uses a handkerchief to pad his neck and wipe off the sweat.

Moira: “You look a little pale, love. The sun finally getting to ya?”

Hugo: “A little bit, Sweetness. I'd like to see some rain. I don't care if its a shower or a full-on storm. I'd just like to see the world cool down a little.”

Moira: Patting Hugo's shoulder: “Then we best check out and clear the place, for your sake.”

Moira Mithralspur's mane is a sweeping shade of auburn held together in a pony tale that surges past her waist line and held by brass braids that depict her clan's rune. That is the only part on the braid that doesn't look like brass, instead it has that silvery glow of imitation mithral. She is short, but not as short as Gnomes of Halfling, instead she stands just above the waist of human men and the chest of human women. For a Dwarf she is a tall specimen, prone to the catcalls of Dwarven men who remark how wonderfully tall she is.

Mary: “Let's get setup. We'll have dinner in the stable with Oro and then bed down for the night.”

Garp: “Great idea, personally I plan to stay with in the stables myself with Oro.”

Oro: “I don't need a bedtime story read to me.”

Garp: “Yeah, but there is a lot of trouble around here. Those farms we passed? I know the MacTurns, and those Halflings claim they have undead troubles that come from this direction. I'm staying near our best fighter.”

Garp's fur has the fleeting softness of the last vestiges of fur care product that gold can buy. His taupe colorization interrupted by spatters of mud that mats itself into his fur. He has a long snout that ends with a black nose and a slight overbite of one of his sharp canine teeth. Strapped across his back is the brown and brass of a long musket. He scratches the pink inside of his round ear with a clawed finger.

<A Check of the weather chart rolls a 6. Cloudy Conditions, no storm.>

Dinner is consisted of a combination of dried rations, lovingly seasoned by Hugo and served to the party. The piquant of the jerky, nuts, and leaves made the food just a shade above bland, which afforded him many nods of approval by the party.

Oro: passes out the canteens, noting: “Seems like the well is working in good order. I took a few sips and the water tastes fine to me.” He sits a particularly large waterskin, his waterskin, next to him.” He leans to the side, resting his muzzled chin against his hand as he watches the others: “How close are we to to the lake?”

Maurice: Nods at a bedraggled map and carefully folds it: “Darkmoon Lake is just behind here. I noticed a small trail earlier in the day, I think that should lean us from here into the valley where the lake is.”

Mary: “Hopefully whatever haunts that area has long since moved on.”

Maurice: “We can only hope.”

<Moira makes a lore check to recall something of note. She rolls a 7+d20 vs. 10. 15.>

Moira: Shakes her head: “Not from what I recall loves. Nothing changes on that isle.”

Mary: “What's so bad about it?”

Moira: “Tis a dark place, a time held over from the Great War between Men and Elves. It was the year that the Elves had begun to retreat from defeat after defeat. They had come so close to victory, only to be undone when Men and Orc had made their accord.”

Mary: “Look what that got them. Exile to this lovely bit of country.”

Moira: “Ah! But at the time the Orcs were being driven into the mountains. I don't know who tells ye them stories of a race surviving just in mountains, but its fables and half-truths. Even Dwarves build on the surface-”

Hugo: “More like Gnomes build on the surface to aid the Dwarves.”

Moira: Gives Hugo a look. Pursing her lips before she continues: “The Orcs, or at least the largest clans, choose exile over extinction. They opened a third front to drive the Elves back. And in that hour of desperation, the Elves tried to tap into realms unknown, they were trying to summon something to help them win. All they did, well, we'll see I guess.”

Oro: Works sits a brass pot on the cooking fire and pours in a set of coffee beans as the others talk.

Maurice: “You buy into this stuff?”

Oro: “Never been this far north. So sure, why not?” He uses the pan to stir the brown mesh of water and coffee together. “I'm hoping we haven't come all the way up here for nothing.”

Maurice: “We got to travel the road, see the world, live a little.”

Oro: “I'd rather live a little with a large feather bed and soft sheets. No blanket, I've got enough covering.” He leans forward and says: “You know what the greatest feeling to a Minotaur is? Cool, soft sheets. It's what I look forward too from these jobs we do.”

Maurice: “With your muscles you could just get a guard job, get sheets all of the time.”

Oro: Sighs in resignation: “As much as I hate to admit it. If I got sheets too much I'd stop loving them. So that, plus a want to run up a bar tab is why I- Oh hey. Coffee is finished.” He lifts the pan as the aromatic oils touch the air. “Who wants coffee?”

The party decides to spend the evening in the stables together. The 8 hour watch that spans the evening is divided into four shifts at two hours each. As non-spellcasters the watch is divided between Mary, Maurice, Oro, and Garp. There is a 2-in-6 chance for an encounter with a result of 6.

Oro: Yawns as he passes by Garp, saying: “Have a good sleep? I always hate the fellow who gets last watch. You stay up, you watch others sleep, and you don't have two hours to look forward to.”

Garp: “Yeah, thanks. Anymore lessons you wanna teach me?”

Oro: “Yeah. Last guy should be a pal and make the pot of coffee for his friends. That would be much appreciated.”

Garp: Sneers behind Oro's back and goes to stand at the window.

By the next day the party is set and ready to leave.

Garp: “We should check out the inn. Just to make sure it's clear of trouble before we make this base camp.”

Mary: “Want to get some of that blood pumping?”

Garp: “A little bit of adrenaline never did anyone any harm. Besides, I'm just going to yawn a lot if all we do is start marching.”

Oro: “What am I suppose to do? Look through the window?”

Maurice: “Hey, you can do a little squeezing for a friend's sake. I like the idea. We should hit the room from two sides. Just in case.”

Hugo: “Just in case of what? There were bandits in there the whole time and we'll confuse them.”

Maurice: “Good practice to operate in smaller units. Just in case we get separated.”

Hugo: “Well I'm not going to be separated from Moira.”

Maurice: “Well you shouldn't have courted a woman who is a caster. Now I see it as Oro, Myself, and you Hugo. We'll take to the front door. Mary, Garp, and Moira will take the back.”

Hugo: “Yeah... nice and neat.”

<There is an encounter in the tavern. A nest of spiders – 3 man-size and 1 greater spider have taken hold of the tavern.>

<Front Door>

Oro: Readies his polearm. “You pull aside the door and I'll rush in.”

Maurice: “I got it.”

Hugo: “I'll be right behind you Maurice when you rush in second.”

Maurice: “I also got that.”

<Rear Door>

Mary: “Alright, I'll open up the door and go in. Moira, you come in and cover me. Garp, keep watch out here with your musket. I'll shout if I need you.”

Moira: “Right, let's get to it.”

Garp: “Sounds like a plan to me.” Walks towards a tree stump, padding his vest until he draws his pipe and a tinder stick.

<A roll of 92% reveals that Mary and Moira are first in the door. She jerks the door open and steps through into a narrow hallway where two rooms sit. She advances forward into the common area and rolls a Notice check. The Room is barely by sunlight peaking through the broken slats. She rolls at a Disadvantage for a total of: 10 vs. 10. She is allowed a surprise roll and will only be surprised on a 1. The result is 3.>

As Mary enters the room her eyes adjust quickly to the shadows and dimness of the room. Even with such poor visibility she can see the quivering, stirring figures of spiders, one of which is turned towards her. She can see herself faintly reflected in the glassy black eyes of the spider.

Mary: “Come get it.” She flashes a blade.

<Brief Reminder: Initiative runs from Ace to 2 with Ace being the highest and 2 being the lowest. On ties the suit determines order Spade > Heart > Diamond > Club. Joker is Wild and adds the Advantage to any d20 roll and +2 to any Damage roll.>

Round #1

Character Draw
Mary 10 Hearts
Moira 7 Spade
Spiders 8 Hearts

<Mary sees the 3 man-size spiders Spider (3) (Man-Size) HD 2 (8) AC: 13 AT: Bite (1d6) + 

Poison  S: Poison (Save w/ +1 Difficulty or Paralysis)>

Mary closes in on the lead spider while being very aware of the other two nearby. She centers both attacks again Spider #1 for a roll of Natural 20! (Rapier) and 12 (Dagger). While her dagger swing knocks away an out stretched end of a spider, her rapier does strike true and deals 1d6+1 points of damage (D = 4 pts.) The blade punches a hole into the spider's hide.

Spider #1 leaps forward with a bite attack at Mary. It rolls a d20+2 vs. her AC of 12 for a total of 10. Its bite is swept aside by her parrying dagger.

Spider #2 leaps upon one of the four tables in the tavern's common area. With a leap check (15 vs. 10) It leaps to the other side of the room near Mary, cutting her off from Moira.

Spider #3 makes a notice check (18) and turns to face the other door opening. It appears to be poised for an attack.

Moira grits her teeth when seeing Spider #2 standing on the tavern table. She draws her pick and advances, making a swing for the thorax of the creature (19 vs. AC 13. Hit! 2 points of damage) The pick misses just short of the mark, scratching the brown furred surface of the spider.

Round Notes:

Spider #1 has 4 HP left.

Spider #2 is reduced 6/8 points of damage

Round #2

Character Initiative
Mary 9 Hearts
Moira 5 Diamonds
Oro 5 Spades
Maurice 9 Clubs
Hugo 7 Hearts
Garp King of Hearts
Spiders 10 Clubs

Garp is at the entryway with his musket out and readies it to fire

Door opens this round with Oro at the charge. Despite the sound of battle, Spider #3 has an ability known as Surprise. It gets a surprise roll from Oro- the Minotaur is surprised on a 1-in-6 chance (5). Spider #3 attacks with no special bonus. It rolls a d20+2 vs AC 13 for a total of 9. It is forced away by Oro's polearm thrust.

Spider #2 uses one of its legs to kick at Moira (d20+2 = 7 vs. 13> Its furry leg bounces against Moira's quickly raised shield.

Spider #1 crouches with a low hiss and jabs at Mary. It rolls an attack of 11. Its strikes parried with a duelist's grace that Mary possesses.

There is a brief tremor within the room. Something stirs.

Mary makes two attacks against Spider #1. She rolls a combination of 10 and 21 (Miss and Hit!) Her rapier keeps the spider reeling, allowing her slip a dagger into the creature for 4 points of damage. The dagger blade pierces through the eye and into the brain. Spider #1 is slain!

Maurice holds and says: “Will you move, Oro?”

Hugo holds with one hand resting on his flask belt.

Oro lunges his polearm forward to strike Spider #3. He rolls an attack of d20+6 vs. AC 13 for a total of 16. Hit! (D = 7 points) Polearm thrust cleaves a spider leg in twain from the body. Spider #3 let's out a guttural screech that echoes through the abandoned tavern.

“I'm trying to get through.” Oro say.

Moira lifts her pick and strikes again for d20+6 vs. 13 (Natural 1!) She boldly tries to climb the bench to get a better shot at the creature only to slip and fall, her pick flying across the room.

Round Notes

Spider #1 is slain.

Spider #3 is seriously injured with 1/8 HP left.

Moira rolled a Natural 1 and is prone. Her weapon is across the room.

Mother Spider: From the open hatchway behind the bar the long legs of the Mother Spider uncurl and press into the floorboards, causing them to groan as the beast draws itself from its nest. It will join the fight in the next round.

Mother Spider

Round #3

Character Initiative
Mary Ace of Spades
Moira 6 of Spades
Oro 2 of Hearts
Maurice 9 of Spades
Hugo 3 of Diamonds
Garp Jack of Diamonds
Spiders Queen of Spades

Mary has a 1-5 chance to facing Spider #3 in trying to help her fallen friend, Moira. On a 6 she notices the looming shade of Mother Spider. She rolls a 6. She stands dumbfounded as she sees a 6-foot spider rise from underneath the floor boards, its great legs reaching out to drag the rest of its thorax from the hold.

Spider #3 scampers from Oro at a full withdrawal, preventing Oro from taking a parting shot. It skitters to a corner with ichor leaking from a wound.

Spider #2 Leaps down and bites at Moira (d20+2 with Advantage vs. AC 13). The spider rolls a 21. Hit! Damage is 1d6 for a total of 1 point. Moira makes a save of D20+6 vs. 11 (total is 11) She grits her teeth as the fang bites down on chainmail but she is relieved to not feet the fang actually touch her skin.

Garp kneels and fires at Spider #2 (d20+5 vs. 13 for a total of 24. Damage is 7 points.) There is a crackle, a belch of flame, and a bullet that rockets from Garp's musket and strikes Spider #2 just as it raises its body. The bullet bursts out the back of the spider, sending it away from Moira to the floor of the common room. Smoke mixes with the running ichor to make a person with a weaker constitution sick.

Maurice wants to yell at Oro, do something to alleviate his frustration. He instead walks over to one of the shuttered windows. He draws a dagger to try and knock the hook off that keeps the shutters closed. <d20+7 vs. DC 11 for a result of 19. He easily knocks the hook from metal ring, allowing him to swing open the shudder. There is an open window that lets more light into the room.

Moira picks herself up and says quickly: “Thanks!” to Garp. Her eyes turn to giant spider that has appeared and draws her shield in front of her. She begins to back away from the bar counter top.

Hugo makes a running leap for the window Maurice just opened. <D20+5 vs. DC 10. Running gives an Advantage. Height gives a Disadvantage. The two are canceled out for a total of 18. Success! He is over the window sill and into the dingy room. He turns and winces when he sees the quivering, wounded spider #2 in a corner near him.

Oro rushes through the door, attempting to squeeze through and not bump his head. He rolls a d20+5 vs. DC 10. He rolls at a Disadvantage due to size and because he is in a hurry in a situation that dictates care. He rolls a total of 15. It is uncomfortable at first, but soon he is able to squeak through and end up in the roomier space of the common area.

Round Notes:

Maurice unlocks a shutter.

Spider #2 is slain by a bullet shot by Garp.

Mother Spider fully appears

Round #4

Character Initiative
Mary Jack of Clubs
Moira 4 of Spades
Oro 3 of Hearts
Maurice 10 of Spades
Hugo 6 of Hearts
Garp 3 of Clubs
Spiders Ace of Spades

Mother Spider's stats <AC: 15 HD: 4 (14) Bite (1d6+2 w/ Poison) S: Poison (Save or Paralyze) & Webs (Fires a sticky field of webbing that characters must save or become entangled. Entangled characters cannot move and take a -2 penalty to AC. Any save made is at Disadvantage, unless they are given help by another character>

Mother Spider lobs its web bomb at the front door where Oro and Hugo are at. Each must make a save.

Oro = 17 (Success!) Moves behind Mary to get out of the way of the spray.

Hugo = 11 (Success!) Rolls underneath the table to avoid the webs.

Spider #3 half-crawls, half-limps to get around the bar. Nobody is nearby to to attack it, but such a strenuous action requires a save (d20+2 vs. 10 for a total of 5). Too much ichor has been lost and the creature slumps down. It has begun to die.

Mary steps forward and makes a Kill Shot and Extra Effort at Mother Spider. She rolls a 2d20+6 for a total of 16. Hit! Her damage becomes 2d6+1 for a total of 7 points. Her blade sings with all of her might and she pierces one of the eight eyes of the mother spider. The creature rears back, growling as its wounded.

Maurice is over the window sill and into the webbing. He rolls for a saving throw (d20+5 vs. 10 for a total of 21). He is able to jump off the web before it can hold fast his boot and throws himself across a table.

Hugo crawls out from the table. He is granted a Notice check (18) and sees Moira's pick lying not too far from him. He moves his way over to her weapon.

Moira holds shaking her head at seeing all the brown fur, rustling legs, and animalistic screeches: “Somebody kill these damn critters!”

Oro makes a charge and lunges with his Polearm. He rolls a d20+6 for a total of 8! A miss with the lunge causes him to curse.

Garp reloads and then moves up to the table and around the bench, he uses the table as a brace as he takes aim.

Round Notes:

Spider #3 dies of its wounds.

Mary uses both Extra Effort (1 left) and Kill Shot (0 left)

Mother Spider takes 7 points of damage (7/14)

Round #5

Character Initiative
Mary 10 Diamonds
Moira 8 Diamonds
Oro Queen Clubs
Maurice Queen Hearts
Hugo King Diamonds
Garp Joker!
Spiders 7 Diamonds

Garp takes a shot against Mother Spider. He rolls with an Automatic Advantage at d20+5 (total is 15. Hit! Damage is 6 points)

Hugo moves the far way around the room, his pace slowed by a combination of bodies, flying bullets, and webbing. He is heading towards Moira. (d20+8 with Disadvantage = 14.) Next round he will be with Moira.

Maurice throws his dagger into Mother Spider (d20+5 = 18! Hit! 1D4 points = 2 points.) The blade strikes an artery at the base of its head where it meets the rest of the body. The spider shudders before collapsing forward: dead.

Round Notes w/ Combat End

Mother Spider slain!

XP gained: 167 per character

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