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Spelljammer Recap: A Bad time for a Convention

Planet Spiral (Credit: Adam Miller)
So I decided to start doing recaps of the Spelljammer campaign that I am running using the Savage Worlds system. One is so I finally begin and finish a campaign and not just stop mid-sentence, I need to start learning how to finish what I started. Also because I love Spelljammer a lot, yeah, I'm one of those guys.

Spelljammer Mercenaries: A Bad Time for a Convention

Our heroes begin as adventurers on the road to fame and fortune, the quickest and most profitable way possible: Being a hired sword and serving a cause for a lot of money. A mercenary. The party found themselves on the planet of Spiral where the 3rd annual "Takin' it to the Spheres!" convention was in full swing, put on the Brotherhood of Sellswords in a small river-side village of Oleander. The convention was going well, that is until trouble started up. The Scro Tarantula fleet arrived, and with it, an invasion force that shall test our heroes...

The Sindiath Line vessel: Greycetacea
That above was just the opening text crawl before the game began. The actual game started in medias res with the party ambushing a pack of Goblins. The fight was fierce as it was an entire column, but the party wasn't alone. One of the pre-events not mentioned was that the party had made friends with the Grippli, a race of frog-humanoids who were primitive natives to planet Spiral. The party ambushes the Goblins in a brief skirmish lead to no party losses, several bennies spent, and one of the player's highly injured. Among the possessions of the Goblins was a marked satchel bearing the insignia of the Tarantula fleet.

Aside: Savage House Rules include - Everyone has the Common Bond edge. Everyone has the No Mercy Edge. Wounds reduce Parry score by the wound number.

Inside the marked bag included a map with a marked location, a writ of passage signed by Scro admiral Dushgoi, Tarantula Fleet, and instructions that the bearers in question were Chainmen who wanted to purchased 12 healthy Human or Elven slaves from the Scro garrison. It appeared the Chainmen had pre-purchased the order in orbit as the note instructed no taking of payment, just bring the slaves and for the Scro to handle the operation so no issue arose between wild Orcs and Humans. The party were faced with two paths:

The first was to strike at the Pirates and possibly take their ship. Chalmers, the NPC camp master of their little band of resistance liked the idea of someone sending word to the IEN (Imperial Elven Navy) or to other planets in the Sphere about the Scro attack.

The second was argued that there would be too high of a risk to get the ship off the planet. They had a writ of passage signed by the Admiral, but the possibility of discovery was to great and the situation would be worst in a small ship in orbit being targeted by a Scro patrol. So, instead of going off planet, the party would continue the resistance campaign against the Scro and hopefully nip at their heels and relieve the Dwarven city of Naugost to the north.

With the plan decided the party set forth to find trouble. They had a target in mind. The Goblin tribe known as the "Speared Eye" an group brought in to serve as outriders for the Scro occupation forces. The party was eager to wipe out the packs of Goblins and force a much larger, more elite force to respond to them. The party was not disappointed when it came across a Goblin village- oh, that's when trouble started.

So we have a scenario where we have two players Stealthing together. One was a man, the other a Tiefling (a human with some form of infernal taint in his bloodline). They started with a successful Stealth campaign when the Human fails it and puts the guards on alert. They hear their Goblin speech and notice one of the Goblins approach the treeline. So the Tiefling decided to burst through the forest and try and stab the Goblin. He hits but do not succeed in damage, the Goblin yells out, and the battle is joined.

No real damage occurred to the party, though there was one character with 2 wounds on them. The Goblins fought viciously, but a well placed stun by the party's Psychic brought down the pack. A few Goblins escaped when they threw an oil lantern into a shack that contained several human prisoners that the party stopped to help.

We ended on the following note:

XP Awarded: 5

1 Village rescued.

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