Sunday, July 24, 2016

State of the Blog: I Ramble

Thanks for the Nat 20
This, I'm not going to lie, is probably the part that a lot of people are going to roll their eyes and say: Why another damn post where you sort of complain and moan about what game to use? Just pick one!

I know I've done it, even worst, if I feel like maybe I committed to quick to the process or said something dismissive about a game I'll delete it faster than a politician deletes a controversial tweet that they didn't mean to send, but sent anyway. At least mine aren't offensive, well, unless you were a Savage Worlds fan and though I sounded dismissive in the past. I like Savage Worlds, kind of.

That's the hell of it really. I like something, kind of, but then perceived flaws sort of jump out and I'm not sure if I really like it. They might not be even flaws, more like one bad experience that tainted my feelings towards a game or property.

I like Savage Worlds, but I then miss the feeling of classes I got from D&D. I like Pathfinder- uh, kind of, I just wish there wasn't a lot of feats. I at one time liked the OSR Stuff, but found myself writing page after page of errata and also feeling a little disgruntled seeing page after page of controversy from somebody I won't named so I won't get hate nuked from orbit-

I think 1974 Style is great, but after awhile it leaves something a little lacking. I like Microlite20, but, well, that time was just a bad run, a bad run. I love Mini Six, I like the community around Mini Six. I'd like a little less dice pools in Mini Six, but I do love the dice.

I think the thing I love the greatest and am most intimidated by is FUDGE. I love the idea and the community of FUDGE, I just am never sure- I lack that sort of confidence to carry out a project. I'm never sure if a magic system works right or if the damage numbers match up, yet, I'm glad to be part of the FUDGE community and I often re-read the FUDGE 10th Anniversary Edition because I love that book so much.

So, the state of the blog is sort of floating between things. I'm around, I eventually plan to do more content. I just don't know where to aim it. If you read all the way through this then bless you, I love you the read, always.

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