Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What Does a Gnomish Embassy Adventuring Party Look Like?

So I've become that blog about non-Humans. That's not entirely true, I do occasionally use Humans. I don't even make them secondary to non-Humans. The NPC's I create I try to create as interesting or quirky. But let's look at an adventuring party created by me.

Olivia Songblade
Race: Human
Roll: Rogue / Spellcaster multi-class

Brief: Olivia is a recent graduate from the city's prestigious "Bard's College" learning a combination of ways to entertain and inform the public. Now that she's graduated, Olivia wants to see the world, and pay off the debt she owes the college for helping pay for her education. To that end she does what a lot of young women do in a fantastical world of mystery and imagination: she forms an adventuring party to explore ancient wonders and recover valuable treasure for money, lots of money.

-Instrument of choice is the clarinet. Whenever she needs quick money she performs at taverns or street corners, ignoring catcalls of louts.

-Favors short blades such as the gladius or cutlass for personal defense. As a Rogue type she prefers to move stealthy and get the drop on people if she has to fight.

-Spellcasting schools include Healing & Enhancement. She is a healing and buffering magician.

Race: Warmech
Roll: Fighter w/ Crossbow or Musket specialization

Brief: Churchill is a Class I Warmech designed for the Known World's previous war. Now that uneasy peace reigns, Churchill has been released of his duty to the greater world. Churchill, a "He" due to a masculine voice, has taken a job to pay the rent so he can offline in peace. Dissatisfied with shuttling ingrates and backtalking bigots around, Churchill decided to attend a Mercenaries convention where he met Olivia and things took off from there.

-Is designated as a "artillerist unit" and is subsequently trained in range combat. He favors using heavy mechanical devices such as crossbows or muzzle-loaders as his frame seems to get in the way of pulling a bow draw.

-Voice sounds like a human male, average levels of tone, bass, and timbre. His voice is described as sounding like: "a disinterested solicitor." Even showing emotion is difficult for the Warmech due to unchanging nature of his voice. He has to point out when he's upset.

Teeba-Ei Nimean
Race: Drakeling
Roll: Spellcaster

Brief: Teeba-Ei is a map scroll collector and magician who met at the same Mercenary convention as Churchill and Olivia, right down to wearing the metal tags with their name stenciled in. Teeba-Ei himself had arrived to show off the latest map he had recovered in hopes that he'd be picked up by one of the more larger adventuring crews out there. Unfortunately the demand for Drakelings was low and rejection was high. The only people he met who seemed mildly interested in what he had to show was a Human paying off bard school and a Warmech carriage driver.

-Is a Drakeling, a race that is believed to have been created by Dragons to be their servants and lackey before the race overpopulated and left the caves of their masters to seek a better life elsewhere.

-As a Drakeling, Teeba-Ei has always had a touch of magic within him. His magic focus is the college of Destruction and Transmutation with an emphasis on Electrical attacks. He likes to zap people, then fly or run away when possible.

Tramble Quest
Race: Gnome
Roll: Fighter / Rogue Multi-Class

Brief: With a surname like "Quest" one might be lead to believe that Tramble was destined to being a skirmishing in some great adventuring company like the Courtland Rangers, Company Red, or Scarsville Six. Instead his arrogant attitude and unwillingness to show what was believed to be the "proper" respect to the leaders of those guilds got him kicked out of meeting after meeting. During the Convention luncheon did he strike up conversation with a Warmech named Churchill who indicated a leader of a burgeoning adventuring group was forming. He was introduced to Olivia Songblade who was patient, but steadfast against the bravado of Tramble Quest. Along with a map provided by a Drakeling sorcerer named Teeba-Ei and a contribution of seed money from Tramble was the adventuring group, Olivia's Army born.

-Tramble is the oldest of the Quest family and can call upon either his siblings or his cousins throughout the region for minor help- namely shelter or information for free or at a reduced price.

-Has a love for peacock feathers. He likes to use the vibrant plumage to decorate his cloak or his long brimmed hat.

-Weapon of choice is the rapier and the dagger. He doesn't mind a straight up duel, but also has no problem sneaking and attacking people from behind.

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