Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fallingwater: An RPG Location

People who have read the blog or spoke to me on google+ know that I'm from Florida. Specifically I'm from Lakeland, Florida. A town that hosts a large collection (according to Wikipedia the world's largest collection) of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, which is Florida Southern College. That same architectural look of square design and lattice woodwork is expressed in Fallingwater, which is near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A town I have visited, but never lived.

Small scale model of the building.
So now comes to the blog part. What could Fallingwater be used for in gaming? Let's take a look at a few ideas.

Weird Adventures

Brief: Fallingwater is located in the Union and owned by a Mr. Lloyd Kaufman, CEO of American Electronics (A.E.) which specializes in Electrotech weaponry and travel. His company has designed the "Handy Jim" service Mecha, the rail system for Empire Island, and the first "Zap Ray" a gun that channels electrical energy into an offensive charge. While his business offices are located on Empire Island, his private residence is based in the Heartland outside of Empire Island.

-Despite the location of A.E. in the City, rival corporations would also like to know what the enigmatic Kaufman is doing. Rumors persist that he is an adventuring inventor, known to leave for months on end on some wild scheme in Borea or Zilagro. It might be a good time to send some fellows to check out his home.


Brief: It has been years since the bomb has dropped and life still clings to the world at large. One of the untouched, pristine locations is Fallingwater, located just outside one of the great cities. Unlike other cities, Pitt, as it's known to the locals, remained untouched by a nuclear attack. The city's devastation is caused more by open warfare by the many factions who vie for control of the three river city. As for Fallingwater it has a couple of uses in this scenario.

-Fallingwater is the fortress/base for Player Character's who want a place to defend. It has one main entrance and the water supply is somewhat clean (made even cleaner with the use of water filtration system or a cleansing tablet made during the golden age). The players might occasionally have to fend off a mutant bear attack or raider skirmish, but they can generally rest here without worry.

-Fallingwater is a Raider base they use while maintaining an on-going campaign to control the Pit. The building is reinforced with fencing along the perimeter and guards stationed on the decks. The fortress would be an awfully tempting target for players.

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