Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Microlite20: Rogue Talents

While I like the Essential Essence of Microlite20 as a starting point, even I have to agree, Rogues could use a little something more than just their Sneak Attack ability. Actually, pretty much every class could use a little something more- except maybe for Mages who already have spell after spell. But let's take this one at a time and look at some talents that Rogues could have. I don't have a pattern of how a GM should distribute these talents. Your guess, M20 GM's, is as good as mine. Though, maybe a good rule of thumb is to do something like Mage's- so every other level (1,3,9,11, etc.)

Rogue Talents

Parry - Using this talent the Rogues does not make attacks as normal but instead is anticipating an attack and will attempt to counter attack. When attacked by a target the Rogue rolls an attack roll. Their Target Number is the modified to hit roll enemy. If the Rogue meets the number, the enemy's attack is parried and does no damage. If the Rogue beats the number by +5 the Rogue can make a counter attack that adds half their Subterfuge bonus. A rogue can only Parry one attacker or two if they are using two weapon-style, the second attack takes the off-hand penalty if any.

Feint (Dex+Subt vs. Mind+Subt or D20+HD): The Rogue attempts to trick the target into opening themselves up. If successful, the Rogue's next attack gains a +2 bonus and their are treated as if having Sneaked up on a target for the purposes of Sneak Attack. This feint only applies to one attack.

Imp. Feint (Requires Feint): This version works at the same level, but increases the Feint attack bonus to +3 and allows a second Sneak Attack with the Rogue's off-hand weapon.

Tumbler (Dex+Phys vs. Dex+Phys): The Rogue gains +2 to Physical for the purposes of Tumbling. That is the ability to extract oneself out of hand-to-hand combat and avoiding the parting shot while still moving full speed speed and without having to do nothing but retreat from the combat scene. Could be used to perform acrobatic stunts or aid in jump checks at GM's discretion.

Stun: This is a version of Sneak Attack that deals only non-lethal damage to a target. Targets reduced to 0 hit points in this manner are unconscious instead of slain. Targets struck in this manner must also roll a Save or be stunned for a round and unable to act. The act of stunning is jarring and even if a Rogue is unable to bring down a target, they can still get a round to either act or run away.

Trapper (Mind+Subt): This ability allows the Rogue to build and setup traps. Traps cost their price to make and have a Construction DC starting at 10 but can be raised depending on the complexity assigned by the GM.

Boxman (Dex+Subt): This ability adds +2 to Subterfuge checks to open locks on objects. No door, safe, or window is immune to the boxman's touch. 1/day a Rogue can re-roll a failed Open Lock roll.

Shadow (Dex+Subt) This talent adds +2 to a Rogues stealth abilities. 1/day a Rogue can re-roll a low or failed Stealth check.

Fast Talker (Comm+Mind): This talent adds +2 to checks involving bluffing, seduction, or smooth talking one's way through life. 1/day they can re-roll a failed Fast Talking roll.

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