Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Post-Apoc: Frozen Station Cania

An ice tunnel at Camp Century
During the golden age it was not uncommon for the great factions of the world to construct attack bases all over. Some were in space, some under the sea, and some were built in the extreme parts of the world where the land is of ice and snow. Even in the golden age, a time when the factions chagrined at giving up any strategic point. There were a few places they were willing to seal up and forget. Now the world has changed. The old factions are gone and their warnings lost. Now those old bases they sealed up are slowly revealing themselves to explorers, scavengers, and raiders in the ice.

Location: Research Station Cania

Brief: During the Golden Age, RS: Cania was one of several secluded research outposts which served as a testing ground for chemical, biological, and nuclear weaponry to use against the enemies of their patron faction. While it is difficult to tell which faction carried out the construction and upkeep of Cania, records do indicate the base was abandoned before the Great War plunged the world into its current state.

What Could Be Found There?

Robotic Uprising: The station was closed after perimeter defense expert system turned into a true AI. The automated defenses are now active throughout the complex, requiring a firefight throughout the halls.
The Mouths of Madness: The base was closed after Cania took in what appeared to be several frozen alien artifacts. As these artifacts thawed, it was revealed these were organic alien components made up of flesh, eyes, and teeth. Their gibbering pattern caused men to go crazy and fling themselves into devouring mouths. Now the base is swarming with these creatures, horrors from space.
Alpha-&-Omega: A team of entropy cultists have found a cobalt bomb located in the base's silo. This bomb was considered so deadly to the planet as a whole that it was sealed in favor of conventional nuclear weapons. The party has to keep these crazies from setting the world on fire.
Ursine Underground: Researchers mutated and cybernetically enhanced polar bears as the ultimate arctic weapon. The mutated descendants of these smart bears have inherited the ultimate gift from their fathers: tech and weapons of mass destruction. These mutant-bears are planning to set themselves up as kings of the ice.
The Psychic Shop: The base was the testing ground for Batch-5, a powerful drug capable of fostering psychic abilities on the user. Unfortunately an often side effect was psychosis in the user. Now the base has become a fortress for the descendants of these trapped psychics. They are now plotting to seize the world above and break the wills and minds of all they consider beneath them.
Zed Virus Outbreak: A zed-virus mutagen has broken out and transformed the researchers into the walking dead. Now frozen husks wander the halls, hungry for warm flesh.

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