Monday, August 8, 2016

Weird Adventures: Races

Yeah, something like this.

Now if you're a human fan then you can take my material I wrote up in previous blog posts, grab a copy of Trey Causey's "Weird Adventures" and jump right in. But the Embassy isn't just about Humans, it's got a lot of love for non-Human characters. So let's really get into some fantastical material with some fantastical races. For our purposes we'll only do some of the general races you might find in any OSR game, plus one or two of my own creations.

Like before, a lot of this stuff is written with Swords & Wizardry in mind. But you probably can quickly adapt these rules to other fine games.


Brief: Us, Humans, that race that seems to be the shortest lived but most numerous species. Never count out a simple man in crazy times.


Extra Effort <1/day> Humans a combination of talent and luck that helps them get the job done or save their hind quarters from the boneyard. Once per day a Human can roll twice on a Skill or d20 roll and take the best of the two results. The player must use this talent before announcing their final result.

Normal Vision

Saving Throw Adjustments: Humans gain a +2 to a item of their choice. This represents the diversity in Humanity.  Items could include Fear, Poison, Disease, Paralyzation, Magic, Mind Control. Player should work with GM to come up with a category that makes sense for their character.


Brief: Also known as the "Shee." Elves are a long lived race that are becoming increasingly rarer as the world of trees and stars fade to a world of glass and neon lights. There are still a few around, clinging to what's left.


Low-Light Vision

Elven Senses <1/day>: Elves have keen senses that allow them to pick up things. They begin play with 1 point in Notice. Once per day an Elf can roll twice on a Notice, taking the better of the two rolls. This talent must be used before announcing the final result.

Saving Throw Adjustments: +2 vs. Enchantment and Paralysis. Elves have certain magical energies that protect them from being dominated or paralyzed. Enchantment includes spells ranging from Sleep to Mind Control, Fear, or Charm.


Brief: Dwarves are still hardworking folk with some still clinging to the old ways, living out of mining town while dredging coal or gems from beneath the mountain. Dwarves living in the city range from construction work to leg-breaking.



Toughness: Dwarves gain a +1 Hit Point any hit die rolled.

Slow: Dwarves speed is reduced compared to humans.

Saving Throw Adjustments: +2 vs. Magic, Poison, or Disease. Dwarves are tough and have latent anti-magic that keeps them from being touched by unfriendly Arcane powers.


Brief: Gnomes are a race of arcane-minded tinkerers. They are sometimes known as the "Brains" in the Dwarf/Gnome relationship, the two both distantly related and natural allies.


Low-Light Vision

Small: +1 AC and Attacks vs. creatures man-size or larger. However, due to their size, the highest hit die they can roll is d6 or lower, regardless of class.

Arcane Infused <1/day>: Gnomes begin play with +1 Lore (Arcana) skill. Once per day when using said skill or trying to successfully activate or identify a magic item a Gnome can roll two dice, taking the better of the two. They must declare the use of this talent before final result is revealed.

Saving Throw Adjustments: +2 vs. Illusion, Poison, and Disease. Gnomes seem to pass through illusion and magical hallucinations with little trouble. They also have a Dwarven toughness that aids them against physical ailments such as poison or disease.


Brief: Tough greenskins who are known to serve as guards, police, or criminals. Wherever they go, their muscles and violent streak get them in and out of trouble.



Toughness: +1 HP per roll.

Strong: They add +1 to Melee Damage

Bite: Have a natural attack that deals 1d4 points of damage.

Saving Throw: +2 vs. Poison & Disease. They are tough and can withstand a lot of ailments.

Reputation: Orcs suffer a reputation penalty due to their past conflicts. This could be a penalty roll when making Persuasion checks with other races, or an in-game conflict between the character and NPC's.

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