Friday, September 2, 2016

Black Hack: Weapon Alterations

While Black Hack's weapon damage based on class is a nice and neat way to differentiating the martial ability of a Warrior and a Magician, I feel like a little more could be added to differentiate the use of a piercing weapon such as a dagger or a rapier, slashing weapons such as swords or axes, and blunt weapons such as maces. So I like to present some ideas about how to differentiate the weapons of Black Hack and perhaps workshop them with you, dear reader.

Represents: Dagger, Knives, Rapiers, Dueling Swords

Usage Die: Small Weapons (Daggers) = d4, Medium Weapons (Rapiers) = d6

A Parrying weapon is designed to slap away incoming attacks and set up for a counter. This talent gives the player an Advantage on defensive rolls vs. a melee attack. A roll of Natural 1 the user can make a riposte attack against the target they just parried against. Using this talent immediately tests the usage die which regenerates at a rate of one per day/rest.

Usage Die: Small Weapons = d4, Medium Weapons = d6

A piercing weapon quickly punches through an unarmored target. This maneuver adds +2 to both attack and damage. It is more difficult to strike a vital area rather than striking at random, but in doing so the weapon deals more damage.

Represents: Swords, Axes

Usage Die: Small Weapons (Knives, Shortswords, Hatchets) = d4, Medium Weapons (Swords, Axes) = d6, Large Weapons (Greatswords, Greataxes) = d8

A slashing attack is the most punishing of attacks. Slashing through armor and cutting people in twain. Such a brutal attack is made at a Disadvantage but adds a bonus d6+2 in damage. Each use immediately tests the talent's usage die, which regenerates uses at a rate of 1 per rest.

Usage Die: Medium Weapons = d4, Large Weapons = d6

Sometimes if you cannot beat them, you can tear their weapons apart. A Sunder attack is made with a +2 to the attack number in most cases (smaller weapons, such as daggers, might require the roll to be made with Disadvantage). On a success the following effects occur.

1st Sunder - Characters Add 2 to their roll under number, Easier attack to defend against as the weapon is now faulty. Sundered weapons that actually hit the target deal damage-2. Armor takes a permanent -1 to their maximum armor points until repaired.

2nd Sunder - Characters roll at Advantage when defending against the now heavily damaged weapon. On a hit, the damaged weapon only deals 1/2 damage. Armor permanently loses 2 Armor Points until it is repaired.

3rd Sunder: Weapons or Armor are rendered useless until repaired, though a smith or armorer might suggest just scrapping said items.

Represents: Hammers, Maces

Usage: Permanent

Weapons ignore a number of armor points when striking against targets in rigid armor (Chain or Plate). Small weapons ignore 1 point, medium or large weapons ignore 2 points. Striking hard objects jostles the weapon and requires an action to re-ready. If the weapon is not readied and used for an attack, the user adds +2 (+4 with a heavy weapon) to their rolled number..

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