Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blackmoor Week: Grippli of Blackmoor

With the destruction of the Temple of the Frog a number of mutagen chemicals spilled out into the Great Dismal Swamp. Scores of frogs, both bred by the Cult and natural colonies of the species began to feel the touch of chemicals. Some of the frogs turned into the very weapon the cult was breeding: Large, vicious, hungry for flesh with teeth and poison spit. Some became a entity unto itself. A new species that had gained a sense of will, bipedal movement, and slowly began to emerge to form its own community. These creatures are known as Gripplis.

Observations of the Grippli note a couple of features.

-Grippli have developed a clan culture, diving portions of the swamp among clans known as "Flycatcher", "Redeyes", or "Padleaper." These clans are protective, but not aggressive in expanding their territories. As long as their are fish and plants to share, the Grippli will not press on a clan's holdings. The Grippli will band together to former greater numbers when fighting Lizardfolk or the last vestiges of the cult.

-Grippli are known to try and break the mutated frogs that escaped during the sacking of the Temple. These vicious frogs if not properly trained will gladly devour Grippli like any other prey, but if any race seems to have an easier time in taming the wild ones, it is the Grippli.

-Clans are known trade with small towns. Their trade is typically fish and plants for gems and tools. Their best customers are alchemists, as alchemists prefer the safety of town and their shops rather than risk their limbs in the swamp.

-There is a Wizard in Vestfold who is interested in building a Grippli assemblage in order to encourage this trade of alchemical goods for tools. He has been met with some skepticism by the authorities.

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