Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Happened On This Day: September 8th Edition!

Jack Shear over at Tales of Grotesque reminded us that our own history is usually more strange or messed up compared to purely fiction. That's probably because the purely fiction springs out from a person who probably is going to keep things in their wheelhouse, while history is the story of the many, and the many will do things that the one never thought of doing- either for the good or the ill. So in keeping with Jack's theme I decided to do a cursory glance at what happened on my birthday, September 8th. So let's get some gaming gems out of the 8th!

-September 8th, 1100: Theodoric is elected as the Antipope in formal opposition to Paschal II, who is the current Pope in Rome. Theodoric has taken the role of Antipope under the belief that the Church under Roman control has lost their way and has become in-league with the forces of Satan. A charge that Rome labels onto the Antipope forces. Will this bring about another civil war on the Italian peninsula? (Political maneuvering, rebellion, and possible fantastical influence as it turns out one of the Popes is an agent of Satan.)

-September 8th, 1565: Pedro Menéndez de Avilés is the founder and governor of St. Augustine in what will be known as Florida. Rumors persist in him carrying on the interests of men such of Ponce de Leon in finding the mythical Fountain of Youth and controlling it. Explorers, mercenaries, and agents are eager to get in on the possible location, specifically for the prize of getting a sample of the miracle elixir back to their respective patrons. (High seas adventure meeting the fantastical with a touch of courtly intrigue).

-Sepetember 8th, 1565: At the same time the Spanish are looking into getting their hands on the Fountain of Youth, the Knights of Malta lift the siege of Malta by the Ottoman Turks. Malta itself is not just a island city, but a repository on a number of artifacts recovered from the Crusades and the Knights of Malta. Perhaps the Turks were looking to uncover some of those magical items held in Maltese vaults.

-September 8th, 1775: Malta is in turmoil again as the members of the Maltese clergy and their allies attempt to force the Order of Saint John (Knights of Malta) to step down from governance of the Isle of Malta. The Clergy is also concerned not just by the wealth, but perhaps whatever arcane secrets lay buried in the vaults of Malta and what the Knights may possess.

-September 8th, 1888: Issac Pearl, working with an Indian exile makes a trial run of what is believed to be first practical submarine, Pearl credits his associated, a gentleman by the name of Syed Dakkar of India for the creation of the electrically generated propulsion system. Mr. Pearl is eager to sell his prototype to the governments of Europe in order to find out what leviathan is disturbing foreign shipping. (Mixing a true life event- Isaac Pearl's submarine with the science-fantasy- Captain Nemo, aka Prince Dakkar building the sub. Perhaps Neom wants to make money to finance his personal crusade by selling a less than advanced submarine compared to his Nautilus?)

-September 8th, 1888: British society is stirred as the body of Annie Chapman is discovered in Whitehall. She is the second victim of the fiend known as Jack the Ripper. Scotland Yard has brought in both its best investigators and has event consulted known occultists to deduce or prognosticate some kind of clue to catch the killer. (Throw it in Steampunk, or perhaps mix it with fantasy. Jack the Ripper can always be a good go-to for freelance agents touring London's dark alleys looking to nab him.)

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