Saturday, October 8, 2016

Adventure Sketch: The Dane Comes Calling

Last night I saw 'John Carpenter's: The Fog' while waiting out Hurricane Matthew. Central Florida, at least my neck of the woods wasn't heavily affected but my thoughts go out to the poor people of Haiti and those two million in Florida without power. But with a Hurricane in the midst, I decided to look up the Fog- I won't say in honor, more just something to do. A brief review: I thought it was alright, it moved kind of slow, but there is something kind of creepy about this billowing smoke that has something fearful lurking within. I was kind of surprised by the scene where the revenants attack a church. I would have thought since we're playing with the supernatural the rule about undead crossing holy ground would be in place.

Oh! The adventure idea!

The Dane Comes Calling

Precis: The adventurer's are enjoying shore leave or just happen to be hanging around in a tavern in the dock's district of a major Port when a large storm rolls in. It is not ordinary storm, rather it is a dead gale, a storm driven by a cursed ship. Filled with revenants who now hunger for something.

Conspectus: Years ago by the Port's reckoning, the Dane was a merchant's that was said to bearing treasures it had taken from exotic lands. Few knew what the cargo was, only that the mutterings of safes hinted that the Dane had become cursed by its exotic goods. Perhaps, some believed, was gold coins tainted by shaman. Or idols of silver, that depicted vengeful deities who had promised to strike down thieves. From the time the Dane was in port until it left, all that was recorded was the ship began to experience ill phenomenon. Animals growled and became agitated towards the direction of the docks. Magical spells had an ill aura about them. A heavy air weighed on the city, and one of the few spots that seemed safe were the consecrated temples. It wasn't until the Dane weighed anchor and sailed out that these times of tension passed into memory. The Dane also vanished into the sea.

It is now present day in the world and the player's are enjoying a drink at the tavern. A major storm has gripped the Port and weather minded magicians cannot give a clear sign when it will let up. For the time being, innkeepers and bartenders are more than happy to service bored port bound sailors.

At the stroke of midnight on this night, the wind howls fiercely into the night. The rain lashes its hardest against the wooden or stone buildings, like the sound of fists pounding against the surface. The players might be drawn to the windows or look up from their cups. As they do they see what the gale has heralded. A clipper that appears to have seen several turns in the ocean sails towards the port. A mast covered in seaweed is present and the sails are tattered. Despite its look, it does manage to dock at one of the end slips and shadowy figures begin to disembark from the vessel.

That's when the GM goes from there.

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  1. I really enjoyed this flick as a kid ... the slow build was key and honestly once the reveal came ... "oh, it's just ghost pirates" the whole thing became a lot less unsettling. In the 1st ed AD&D Greyhawk Adventures hardback (which was largely disappointing), there was a "new" drowned zombie monster that would come ashore on foggy nights. I have a hunch they were inspired by this flick.