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Castlevania: The Lieutenants of Dracula

My recent gaming experience, outside of the solo stuff I do, was a session with the teens at the library I work out. To celebrate Halloween, I decided to grab inspiration from one of the games I liked, but yeah, it was hard as hello: Castlevania. It was our party of heroes who had to go out and battle Dracula. But what also makes Castlevania, besides fighting the infamous Count, is a number of min-bosses, lieutenants who serve the Count. Let's take a look at our gang of mini-bosses. With stats!

Stats are rendered in the style of '1974 Style'

Dire Bat

HD: 5 / HP: 15
AC: 12
Bite: +5 (1d6)


Drain: On a successful hit, a Dire Bat heals half of the damage done to the target (rounded up) up to to their maximum hit points. On a natural 20 they drain so much that the damage die is increased by 1 step (1d6 goes to 1d8 for example)

Brief: Chief among Dracula's children are bats. Once every so often he selects one of his pets to serve as his winged guardian. Using a combination of alchemy and black magic he transforms his servant into a fearsome dire bat.

The Monster
Igor and the Monster

The Monster

HD: 8 / HP: 30
AC: 10
Fists: +8 (1d6)


Forged by Lightning: Electrical damage only heals damage caused (to it's maximum hit points).

Fear of Fire: Fire slows the Monster due to an innate fear of the element.

Hardened Flesh: Weapons, except for magical ones, do half-damage to the Monster.

Attachment: Frankenstein looks to Igor as his friend and companion. Should Igor fall first, the Monster becomes enraged. His attacks take a Disadvantage (roll 2d20, take lower result) but his damage becomes artillery (2d6 instead of 1d6 damage)


HD: 2 / HP: 7
AC: 12
Knife: +2 (1d4)


Stealthy: Gains Advantage when rolling Stealth checks vs. a Static Number or contested roll with someone's Notice.

Sneak Attack: Upon making a successful Stealth vs. Notice or Stealth vs. Static Number, Igor's attack becomes man-killing artillery. His attack deals 2d6 damage instead of the listed weapon damage.

Backbone: If the Monster falls first, Igor's backbone will give out and he will immediately surrender. He falls to his knees, begging for his life.

Brief: The two attendants of Dracula's clocktower. Igor and the Monster formed a bond over their previous master (Dr. Victor Frankenstein) and also over the fact that Dracula loathes them so much he cast them out of his castle and into the Clocktower. For now, Igor makes sure the chimes are correctly tuned while the Monster does the heavy lifting.

Madam Medusa

HD: 6 / HP: 18
AC: 14
Bite: +6 (1d6) / Snakes: +4 (1d4 w/ Poison)


Gaze: Gazing into the eyes of Madam Medusa requires a Saving Throw or be turned to stone. One can avert their eyes from a gaze, taking a -4 (or Disadvantage penalty, depending on GM) to attacks and granting +2 (or Advantage) to Medusa's attack due to the hindered on-looker.

Fly: She is a flying gorgon head.

Snakes: As closes in for a bite up to two snakes can also strike (+4 attk). These snakes deal 1d4 points of damage and require a Saving Throw. The poison's effects can range from death in so many rounds, slowed movement, or paralysis depending on GM.

Brief: Medusa spends her day in Dracula's dining hall, serving as a magnificent if rather gruesome bust on the table. She guards an item of important. This could be a key or a crystal that enters Dracula chamber or an item that spells his downfall. Whenever this Macguffin is touched, she comes to life and attacks the party.

Imhotep the Accursed

HD: 6 / HP: 30
AC: 16
Bash: +6 (1d6 w/ Rot)


Mummy Rot: Targets struck by Mummy Rot must make a Saving Throw or lose the ability to receive healing in the form of spells or potions. If reduced by 0 hit points, the target dies and rises the next night as a servant of Imhotep.

Hardened Flesh: Normal weapons and energy attacks (except for fire) do half damage to Imhotep.

Weakness (Fire): Fire based damage adds a bonus d4 damage dice and deals full damage to Imhotep.

Spells (6 Mana Points / Uses per Day)

Cause Wounds
R: Touch; CT: 1 round; D: Instant; SV: 1/2 Damage

This spell deals 1d8 points of damage evry 3 levels (to a maximum of 4d8 at 9th level). Undead targets are actually healed instead of harmed. Living targets may make a Saving Throw to take 1/2 damage. This spell can be combined with Imhotep's mummy rot.

R: Near; CT: 1 round; D: Instant; SV: Negates

An aura of fear is created at a Near radius around the Mummy. Targets within the aura must make a Saving Throw or become frightened, running at all speed from the caster. Targets who roll a Natural 1 instead stand frozen in place, giving the the Mummy a +2 (or Advantage) to touch attacks against this victim.

Bestow Curse
R: Near; CT: 1 round; D: Instant; SV: Negates

The most deadly spell in the arsenal of the Mummy. So powerful it costs 2 mana instead of 1 per spell. The Mummy points a finger at a target and pronounces a curse. This could include blindness, deafness, continued bleeding, mute, breaking a bone, and other ill effects based on GM's discretion. Target may make a Saving Throw to negate such an ill magic.

Brief: Imhotep was brought from the desert land by merchants, seeking to parlay safe passage through the Count's territory. While the foolish merchants got what they deserved (their zombies continued to clean the latrines of Castlevania) the Count was intrigued by the golden sarcophagus and the blasphemous mummy within. Imhotep lies locked in Dracula's macabre art gallery. He also guards some item of power, key, or Macguffin the player's want. Once touched, he emerges and will attempt to make servants out of the players.

The Grim Reaper

HD: 10 / HP: 35
AC: 16
Scythe: +10 (1d8)


Touch: When the Grim Reaper touches a target, the Victim gets a Saving Throw (-2 or w/ Disadvantage). On a failure, the target loses a level. Targets who are reduced to 0 levels instantly die and their souls become sealed in the Grim Reaper's scythe.

Immunity: Only magical weapons can strike the Grim Reaper. If the Grim Reaper saves vs. any Spell he takes no damage instead of half.

Soul Blade: The Grim Reaper can harden one of the souls captured by his scythe into a spinning blade. He launches the spinning, screaming at the target, dealing 1d6 points of damage if struck. Targets struck by one of these flying blades must make a Saving Throw or become feared.

Brief: Chief of Dracula's lieutenants is the Grim Reaper. This entity is a creature that invokes fear among any denizens with any kind of intelligence. The Grim Reaper typically spends its (or his, it typically has a male voice, but it could be a lady when it wants to be) hovering in Dracula's antechamber, in his courtyard, or a parallel dimension, waiting for its master's call.

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