Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Character Concepts Inspired by Pictures

I wanted to jump back into my personal campaign setting: Kyna: the Borderlands. Rather than post a brief of another town, or an adventure sketch, I wanted to grab a couple of pictures I had sitting in my Google picture archive and use them to build characters you might see while traveling in the Borderlands. A quick view of the Borderlands follows:

-The Borderlands serves as the buffer zone between the North, which is a kingdom of humans and the South, a kingdom of Elves. Filling this Borderland includes traditional fodder races such as Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Minotaur, Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves (exiles), and Humans (exiles, or drifter groups).

-The land serves home to pirates, swamp smugglers, river rats, and the occasional criminal. Adventuring includes diving into ancient ruins in the Great Salt Marsh, dealing with Orc criminal gangs, and busting up a doomsday cult.

Minotaur Occultist

It is common to believe that Minotaur refrain from magical pursuits, and that is often the case, but for bulls like Odo Greyweather, they are born with a touch of "the Strange" - and our looked down upon by mainstream Minotaur society. Healers and pagans are tolerated, but not those who seek out the arcane or, Warrior forbid, the necrotic.

Odo Greyweather is magician who has adopted an interesting method of inscribing his spells. He uses no book, instead, he tattoos his spells of power on his body.

Goblin Privateer

Goblins often excel at destruction, not through personal combat, but through range and indirect fire, such as alchemist fire or iron grenades, both of which were developed by Goblins. Both of which are tools of the trade for Bowie Tippett, Goblin privateer.

He serves aboard the "Scorpion" as a ship's engineer. Directing taller folk in making successful repairs to the Scorpion. On raids he is notorious for tossing or having iron grenades launched at the enemy ship to send out hot shards of iron at hapless foes. For personal protection he uses a double-shot crossbow, sometimes with explosive bolt-heads.

Elven Mercenary

Nicoletta is an example of crimes punished in the Empire, the southern reaches of the Elves. To Elves, exile might as well be considered a death sentence. Since the Great War, the Emperor has often use it to punish party goers at his mansion, or when he was upset, or when he was just in a mood. During one of these 'moods' did Nicoletta, at the time a guardsman at the Imperial palace get swept up and sent into the swamps. Torn away from a mother, a father, and a career.

Now living in the swamps and coasts of the Borderlands, Nicoletta makes her way as an at-large agent of The Exiles - an Order of fellow Elves who make their coin serving at the pleasure of town mayors or settling disputes. She is still bitter at what she lost and is always looking for a way to return home, if at least to see her family again.

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