Thursday, October 27, 2016

Idea: Cyprian the Huecuva

The Bishop is Presiding
Brief: Far and away from civilized lands is the decrepit temple of Algarita. Like all temples, it stood with shrines to the recognized powers of the realm: The Sun, the Moon, the Healer, the Iron Duke, the Tyrant, the Maker, the Elements, the Triad (the Witch, the Magi, & the Warlock), and Death. These powers go by many names and have varying views on the state of humanoids, but all work together to keep the world spinning. However, this temple sits abandoned by pilgrims paying homage or bribes to these powers. The halls stir with walking corpses and vermin. Upon the throne sits the fiend with glowing eyes, Bishop Cyprian, the Huecuva of Algarita.

What Motivates Cyprian?

-Cyprian might serve one of the Powers above, specifically the darker powers such as the Tyrant, Death, or one of the Triad of Magic (particularly the Warlock). While the pantheon does function as something of a united team against external threats, that doesn't mean that the powers within don't mind using their mortal agents to give them the upper hand. In this way, Bishop Cyprian is a loyal priest doing as commanded by his patron to find something, cast a ritual, or spread his patron's predominate worship to others.

-Cyprian has developed a new philosophy: "The Dead Shall Make War Upon the Living!" This calls for the destruction of humanoids and the rise of the undead. He rants and raves from the balcony of his temple to the zombies below. Amongst intelligent undead (Vampires, Liches) he is taken as a loon.

-Cyprian has learned of a 'lost power'. This could be a lost power from beyond the void who cares little for humanoids, but is amused by this would-be servant. It could be a Saint or individual who has gained some measure of power. Now, Cyprian devotes himself to promoting his new patron over the other Powers.

Cyprian's Stats

Might: 3D

Wit: 4D

Agility: 2D

Charm: 3D

Skills: Dodge: 3D, Magic: 5D, Staff: 4D, Intimidate 4D, Lore (Religion) 5D

Perks: Sorcerer

Spells: Curse, Death Spell, Paralysis, Petrify, Animate Dead

Static: Dodge 9, Block 9, Parry: 12, Soak: 14 (+5)


Chain Shirt (+3 Armor), Ring of Protection (+2 Armor)

Staff of Necromancy (+2 Staff Damage; Total Damage: +2D+1)
Charges: 15
Effect: Gain a +2D when casting the following spells: Animate Dead, Curse, or Death Spell. Using the bonuses from the staff drains a charge. At 0 charges the staff becomes inert. The charges regenerate at 1/hour.

Temple of Algarita

Algarita is a county within the Borderlands that is often avoided by even the most dire of denizens. Orcs, Minotaur, and Goblins know to avoid it and are unsure why Humans often insist on venturing towards the black spires of that realm.

-Algarita is said to be ruled by a vampiric baroness who likes to hire Orcs as her personal guards and capture Humans as her playthings.

-The region is heavy with necromatic energy. Its portion of the Salt Marsh is choked with reeds and muck when it nears the borders of Algarita.

-The only Humans who live in the area with little to fear are the hermits and woodsman. Rumor persists that they are witches and werewolves, either doing bidding the bidding of the Baroness or at least serving as helpful watchdogs in exchange for her not harassing them.


  1. Nice! Would you mind citing the painting you used for illustration? I'd like to know more about it. Cheers.

    1. Hey,

      I should have done that earlier in citing the painting. The painting is: "Pope Formosus and Stephen VII" by Jean-Paul Laurens. It is a depiction of the Cadaver Synod held by Stephen VII where he persecuted the rotting corpse of his predecessor (Pope Formosus).

      You can read more about it here: