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Mini Six: Vampires

Mini Six: Vampires

A Brief Sketch

This sketch was inspired by a combination of things. One, of course, is the RPG's that came before that gave what I think were very great Vampire role-playing games. They at least offered good ideas, even if some people didn't care for their mechanics. So, White Wolf, I do take a hat off to you guys. I might not like the Storyteller System. But I do appreciate the love you put into your work.

The other main inspiration was from page 18 of Mini Six which talks about Paranormal Abilities. Those have got some use here.

Precis: Players take on roles of Vampires who live in the world. These are undead creatures who satiate their hunger by feeding on the blood of the living.

Besides standard Mini Six rules the following items are added:

1 - Blood Pool: Vampires begin with 10 blood points that they refill through feeding. The act of feeding are a series of different skills depending on how the vampire wants to do this. Vampiric feeding can include skill rolls of:

Seduce: "Why don't you follow me for a good time, sweetheart." Through come-ons, looks, and winks your vampire has drawn their victim to them and begins to drink.

Brawl: After hurling a man against a wall, the Vampire says: "Nothing personal, I just need a top off." and bites him. Your character has physically attacked someone to get their blood.

Stealth: The vampire sneaks behind the target. Their cruel cold hands sliding along the backside. "Hey," says the vampire, right before they strike. Your character has sneaked up to the target and bites down on the victim.

The TN of said attacks are put in by the GM and can include combat rolls vs. Static Defenses or a simple Target Number. The average adult human has 6 to 7 blood points in. A Vampire must make a Wit check to break off before slaying the target (TN is situational depending on how hungry the vampire is).

2 - Starting Attribute Dice: 12 to 13 are given. These attribute dice can be spent on either the default attributes (Might, Agility, Wit, and Charm) or Paranormal Powers (Potency, Foretelling, Spirit, and Transformation)

3 - Vampire Type: This is an optional idea. Vampires begin with a sort of type in mind. This might help shape the way they play their character. A type begins with 1D bonus placed into a certain paranormal ability. Types include.

The Seducer

Seducers are known for their unearthly beauty and grace. They are thought to have the easiest time living among the mortals, though such looks can both turn heads and rouse suspicions, especially humans who are capable of sensing 'the Weird'.

Seducers begin play with a free 1D in Dominate.

Power (Dominate): Dominate allows Vampires to influence the wills of mortals. This can include seducing them, causing fear in them, controlling them, or erasing their memories. Dominate is typically rolled with the Attributes of Wit or Charm depending on how they wish to use the power.

The Insane

The Lunatics are vampire who have been cursed with powers of great insight, but at the cost that they are a little bit 'off'. Their madness could take various shapes ranging from OCD to full-blown psychosis. Their tick can make it difficult for them to blend into the world of mortals compared to the Seducers.

Insane begin play with a free 1D in Foretelling.

Power (Foretelling): This power allows the Vampire to see into something that is not readily apparent. This can be true precognition (seeing into the future) or foretelling something like a person's aura or the thoughts in their mind. Depending on how they wish to use this skill can cost Blood Points and increase the Target Number they need to roll to succeed.

The Fiend

The Seducers live in a world of lace and beauty. The Insane dance the line between madness and wisdom. The Fiends are known to be the truly monstrous of the world of Vampires. They typically have some kind of physical change in them. They might look bestial or have a deformity. In someway they stick out to the world at large and must be wary where they tred.

Fiends begin play with a free 1D in Potency

Power (Potency): A vampire can use their blood to fuel their physical abilities. This can include great strength to help them smash door or kick men through buses, great speed to dodge bullets, or thicker skin to absorb punishment. With expenditure of a Blood Point the Fiend adds their Potency die to a single trait for the duration of the scene.

The Witch

Witch vampires are slightly different from Seers in that they are not necessarily born with madness, but they are pretty crazy to delve into powers man was not meant to know! Spirit, also known as 'thaumaturgy' is the ability for the vampire to use magic. Sometimes channeled through blood, sometimes through somatic or verbal components (moving arms, talking).

Witches begin play with 1D in Spirit

Power (Spirit): Spirit is the trait that allows Witches to use magic in this world of Vampire. It is added to the "Wit" Attribute to cast spells (see pg. 10 of Mini Six for the Simple Magic System for ideas). In this game there is no need to purchase the 'Sorcerer' perk. A point in Spirit allows the Vampire to cast magic.

Magic: Witch vampires begin play with 2 spells. All other vampire types who take a point must learn their magic from a source. This could include consulting spellbooks, trained by a vampiric teacher, and etc.

The Noble

Nobles are often akin to the Seducers, though their attitude might make them stick out more. It is believed the Noble type descend from the first Vampire or the first family that created Vampires.

Nobles begin play with a free 1D in Transformation

Power (Transformation): Vampires use this power to change their form. Standard forms include animals such as Bats, Wolves, or Mist- though the animal types might change depending on the geographical location of the characters. For instance crows and jackals might be used instead. TN should depend on how complex a transformation is with changing human features being easiest, animals moderate, and mist being difficult.

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