Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monster: The Horseman

Brief: The Horseman, in whatever world he exists, is a fiendish gift from the bowels of hell. He, typically a he, began life as a warrior. Not for gold or country, but for the ecstasy of killing men. Naturally, such thrills are short lived, the forces of good- or the forces of vengeance anyway, catches up to the Horseman and he is punished by having his head removed and staked. It is in these busy days on the battlefield, when priests are not always available to consecrate the ground or prevent dark forces from playing that the Horseman shall arise. When he arises, he shall not stop taking heads until he claims his own, or he is banished from the world at large.

The Headless Horseman


Might: 4D+1

Agility: 2D+2

Wit: 3D

Charm: 2D

Skills: Dodge 3D+2, Sword 5D+1, Riding 4D, Throwing 3D+2, Intimidate 3D

Stats: Dodge: 11, Block: 13, Parry: 16, Soak: 15 (Leather +2)

Sword (+2D+2): Damage: 7D

Flaming Pumpkin: D: 5D; Spec: Burn!: Targets hit must make a Moderate to Difficult Agility check to put out the flames or take 3D per round. Dousing the body in water will instantly snuff out the fire.


Hellish Fortitude: Requires Silver or Magic to do damage more severe than Wounded. If destroyed only by Silver or Magic, the Horseman retires to the underworld but will rise on the next full moon unless his body is found and consecrated by a Priest.

Expertise: Typically trying to make a Called Shot to the neck gives the Defender a +12 bonus to their defense score. The Horseman is such a practiced head chopper that the defender only gets a +6 Bonus to their defense score.

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