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Solo: DANE

Danielle “Dani” Wake
Fighter (3)
HP: 21 / Current: 16 / ST: 12 (+1 vs. Mind Effects)
Armor: 12 (Leather + Parry) / MV: +6
Attacks (+3)

Rapier +1 (+4): 1d6+1; Parry (1); Magic: Adds +1 AC due to superior parrying ability.
Pistol: 1d6+1; R: Near

Dagger: 1d4; Concealable

Skills: Climb: +1, Swim: +2, Notice +1, Stealth +1, Jump +1, Persuade +1, Lore (Local) +1

Human (1/day): Normal vision. Once per day can roll with Advantage on any d20 of their choice.

Parry: While using a one-handed weapons or duel-wielding the character gains +1 AC. This increases as the character rises in level.

Acrobat (1/day): The character can gain acrobatics. This allows the character to make stunts without incurring a Disadvantage as long as it falls into the acrobatic milieu (like grabbing on a chandelier to leap across the room, or sprinting rooftop to rooftop). Once per day the character can make an Acrobatic based check with an Advantage to their roll.

Wealth: SP: 120/ Gear: Canteen

-Danielle is a crewmember on shore leave in Port Kyna waiting out a major storm that grips the entire coast. She is currently in a relationship with a tavern owner by the name of Brandybuck “Brandy” Downs who owns the Pelican. The rest of her crew is scattered across town as part of the week’s shore leave and she is looking forward spending a few days with her boyfriend.

Malak Nagi
Magician (3)
HP: 20 / Current: 20 / ST: 13 (+2 vs. Magic, +1 vs. Heat spells/effects)
Armor: 10 (Robes) / MV: +12
Attacks (+3)

Staff: 1d6; Reach

Dagger: 1d4; Concealable

Wand (Power: 10): Lightning attack that deals 2d6 points of damage. Requires attack roll with a +2 power. Each attack drains on point from the wand. At 0 the spell cannot be cast. Power points regenerate at a rate of 1 per hour.

Skills: Lore (Arcana) +2, Survival +1, Notice +2, Swim +1, Stealth +1


Human (1/day): Normal vision. Once per day can roll with Advantage on any d20 of their choice.

Magic (Spells per day: 4)

Arcane Dart (R: Far; D: Instant; SV: None): Fires a magical dart at a target that deals 1d4+1 points of damage. Every 3rd level creates another dart that can be fired at the same target or at different targets. These darts strike the target unerringly, unless blocked by a spell (such as Shield).

Spark (R: Near; D: Instant; SV: None): Creates a spark of electricity that deals 1d8+1 points of damage. Every level adds a bonus +1 to a maximum of 1d8+5 at 5th level. This spell is made with an attack roll with a +2 bonus to the user.

Shield (R: Caster; D: Scene; SV: None): Creates a shield that adds +4 Armor and blocks Magic Missiles.

Light (R: Close; D: Scene; SV: None): Creates a ball of light that follows the caster. Can be any color the caster chooses, but gives enough the same luminosity as a lantern. Recommended colors include passion red, mint green, or winter blue.

Wealth: Silver: 66 / Gear: Spellbook, Pen, Ink

-Malak is an aspiring magician who is staying in the Pelican. Though he originates from the northern deserts, he arrived with Bowie on the same ship and the two are sharing a room.

Ragnar Direhorn
Fighter (3)
HP: 22 / Current: 18 / ST: 12 (+1 vs. Charm & Disease)
Armor: 16 (Breastplate) or 17 (Plate + Shield) / MV: 3 / MV: 2
Attacks (+3):

Shortspear +1 (+4): 1d6+1; Throw (R: Near)

Sword: 1d6; Deadly (Causes 1 bleed on a Natural 20 roll)

Horn: 1d6

Unarmed: 1d6

Skills: Survival +2, Notice +2, Swim +1, Intimidate +1, Climb +1


Minotaur: Darkvision. Their great strength upgrades their light attacks (such as unarmed, horn, or dagger) to 1d6. They ignore movement penalties from shields or heavy backpacks due to a strong back. They gain +1 Armor from strong bones and fur. Due to their size they take a Disadvantage negotiating small or cramped spaces.

Fight On! (1/day): Once per day at 0 hit points the character immediately regains 1d8 hit points back to their character to continue fighting on. If they return to 0 again after using this talent and before resting they are struck down as normal.

Combat Machine (3): Against 1 HD creatures a Fighter can make multiple attacks up to their level.

Wealth: SP: 120 / Gear: Lantern, Oil x2, Tindersticks x12, Canteen

-Ragnar is a Port Kyna watchmen using his day off to rest and relax at the Pelican Tavern and Inn. He actually likes the sound of the rain, helps a bull sleep at nights.

Bowie Tippett
Rogue (3)
HP: 18 / Current: 18 / ST: 13 (+2 vs. Traps, +1 vs. Poison)
Armor: 13 (+1 Leather, Size) / MV: +8
Attack (+3)

Dagger: 1d4; Concealable

Cutlass: 1d6; Deadly (Causes 1 bleed on a Natural 20 roll)

Pistol: 1d6+1; R: Near
Skills: Stealth +2, Disable Device +1, Notice +1, Climb +1, Swim +1, Gamble +1


Goblin: Goblins begin play with Darkvision. Their small size gives them +1 to AC and Attack vs. Man-size or larger creature. However, due to their size, they take a Disadvantage on rolls that require great strength. Such as dragging or lifting heavy objects.

Backstab: With a successful Stealth v. Notice check a Rogue can attack with the Advantage and turn their attack into artillery (dealing 2d6). Creatures with no noticeable weakpoints (Skeletons, Ooozes, Golems) are immune to Backstab.

Knack (2/day): Rogues are the master of non-combat skill rolls, especially when dealing with feats of acrobatics, stealth, or perception. When dealing with any of these feats, the Rogue may spend a Knack point (currently 2) to roll with the Advantage. 

Wealth: SP: 154 / Gear: Cigars, Toolkit, Lantern

-Bowie is a visiting Goblin Rogue and Gambler who arrived on the same ship as Bowie. Seeing that both Goblin and desert dweller were both new to the Port, the two decided to stick together for the time being. He found the Pelican as a nice place to drink reasonably priced alcohol and play cards.


Brief: A storm has struck the coast of the Borderlands with the grand city of Port Kyna plunged into the maelstrom. Rain lashes against the stone and wooden roofs. Waves roll from the ocean depths to pound the ancient docks. Docks that are only saved by the craftsmanship of the first Dwarven sea clans who set roots into the city. Along the streets people try to find some kind of cover, even if its in the alcoves and niches of buildings. Night has fallen, and with it, an ill wind.

Danielle: Danielle descends from the stairs to the harsh sounds of the weather. Her brown hair, typically braided and wrapped underneath a kerchief is left to hang loose, just past her shoulders. Her skin long since tanned from working days on a ship. She steps into the bar only to find water dripping from the ceilings to the stone tiles.

The room features Malak Nagi, a sorcerer from the northern deserts. His face is held in a serious frown as he studies over a set of cards. A single finger tapping brown skin as he looks at his hand (Currently a pair of Jacks along with a 7, 4, and 9). He two silver on the table as his cerulean eyes watch his opponent across from him.

Across from him is Bowie Tippett, whose green skin, flat head with a ridged crown, dark green nose and yellowish eyes is a sign of Goblin heritage. He used a a set of old books to help prop himself up in his chair so that more than his chin cleared the table. He also had a set of cards (A heart flush.) The Goblin eyes the four silver, his hardened tongue grazing one his sharp little fangs.

Bowie: “I see and raise an extra silver piece.” He places two pieces in, bringing the total to 6 pieces. His eyes look up to meet Malak's.

<Malak makes a contest Notice vs. Stealth to try and glean something from Bowie's eyes. His Notice roll = +5 vs. Bowie's +5. Bowie rolls with Advantage due to not being a Human. The results are as follows: 13 vs. 20. Bowie wins.>

Malak: Offered nothing that gives advantage or penalty, Malak's mind becomes focused and calm. He has a pair of Jacks as his only hand and considers whether or not to see and call or fold. <His demeanor equates to an Even chance (50%) which equals 19%>. He tosses two silver into the pot. “I see and call.”

Bowie: “Nothing but hearts, friend.” He lays down revealing he has the King, 8, 6, 4, & 2 of Hearts.

Malak: Sneers and curses in his language. His jacks stand alone as his main draw. <-4 Silver; Current Wealth: 66>

Bowie: “Care to play anymore? The storm isn't going anywhere and neither am I.”

Malak: “I find that my money is going somewhere- straight into your pocket.” He leaned back and sipped at the glass on his side of the table.


Besides the pair there was a grey skinned, black haired Dwarf who polished a flagon from behind the counter. In the corner, nestled against a wall was a sleeping Minotaur whose snore sent tremors into the floor.

When Danielle approached she was met with looks by the two in the center.

Danielle: “Rough night to try and sleep, yea?”

Malak: “A rough night for anyone, save the dead.”

There is a clearing of a throat that draws character's attention. The bartender, the Dwarf, places the latest glass he polished and spoke with a somber voice.

Barchester: “How can you be so sure that a storm like this that even the dead sleep?”

Danielle: “I don't know about the dead, but I do at least one who sleeps well.”

Malak: “The innkeeper?”

Danielle: Nods and draws a dark brown cigarillo from her pocket. She smiles and accepts the flick of Malak's finger that suddenly lights her cigarillo. She takes a few puffs and says: “I'm Danielle. I don't recall seeing either of you gentlemen at dinner, I think I saw the Minotaur.”

Malak: “I'm Malak. Bowie and I came a little later in the evening to get out of the storm. Quite an experience, wouldn't you say Bowie?”

Bowie: “I got sick over the side of a ship. Yeah, an experience. One of the ages.” Bowie finishes his drink and leans in the chair. “And I'm Bowie, madam, how nice to meet you. You play cards?”

Danielle: “Only on shore leave. Never on a ship.”

Bowie: “Captain's orders?”

Danielle: Nods and continues: “No money gambled means no money lost. No money lost means nobody has bitter feelings of being cheated or going without. That means nobody shirks their duty, nobody gets killed... usually.” She said.

Malak: “I noticed a lot of sailors had that practice. They were also ill amused when somebody-” His eyes shifted to a squirming Bowie: “Decides to offer gambling. Lot of bitterness was issued at him.”

Danielle: “For some people it's like tempting a man in his cups with more drinks.”

Bowie: “Especially a good banana cocktail. I tell you- you never find one outside of Starfish Isla-”

Barchester: “Quiet!” He raised his hand for silence.

Ragnar: With a brief snort the beige Minotaur rose from his slumber and rubbed his black snout. “What's the rumpus?” He says in a voice that rivals in the Dwarf in its bass.

Barchester: Comes out from around the counter with a hand raised: “Just listen, above the storm.”

<Of the characters present three are active enough to possibly hear something: Danielle, Bowie, and Malak. Each character rolls a Notice check which equals respectively = 17, 19, 13. Ragnar may also roll at a Disadvantage, which = 9. All of which is against a TN of 15.>

Danielle and Bowie's ears twitch as a sound of creaking wood, shifting rope, and clacking metal seem to ride over the fury of the storm and into their ears. Danielle's eyes are drawn to the door while Bowie's ears twitch. The other two look on with confusion.

Malak: “All I hear is the storm.”

Bowie: His ears twitched again, his eyes narrowed: “I don't like the noise I'm hearing.”

Three clacks are heard at the door.

Ragnar takes a look at the door.

Danielle: “Don't even think about touching it.”

Ragnar: “Just another poor person wanting to get out of the storm.” He rises and gets a look at Danielle as she speaks.

<Danielle's Persuade vs. Ragnar's resolve = 4 vs. 17. Ragnar succeeds>

Bowie reaches for his pistol and draws it, bringing the gun to his side. He turns to face the door. He ignores Malak's look and raised eyebrow.

Malak sits in his chair looking from the Goblin who armed himself and the door just out of reach of the Minotaur.

Barchester appears from around the corner bearing a welcoming gift of a blunderbuss.

Bowie: “Isn't that a bit much?”

Barchester: “Hell no!” He cocks the hammer and raises the weapon.

Ragnar: “What are you going on about?” His hand is at the door. Another three clacks cause his head to turn towards the door. <Notice vs. TN 12 and Ragnar's roll is +5 = 14.> A wave of cold issues from the cracks of the door, giving Ragnar some pause.

Danielle: Draws a pistol from sheath at her pistol and cocks it: “Get away from the door, friend.”

Ragnar: “What did you hear?”

Danielle: “I've been alive in a world of sea monsters, cursed ships, and zombie flu to trust an ominous knocking during a storm. Now get away from the door.”

Crash! The windows near where Ragnar was cave with a crash of glass and wood. Reaching out were several misshapen humanoid figures. Their flesh green, as if stained by foam, saltwater, and sea weed. They not only bear clawed hands but notched cutlasses and molded hooks. Four revenants are seen crawling through the window into the room.

Combat Round #1

Initiative: d6. Highest goes first.

GM: 5
Party: 5

<Note: These events occur simultaneously. So, even as they are rattled off they happen in the same span of time.>

Revenant Stats: AC 11 / HD 2+1 (8) / AB +2: Cutlass (1d6), Hook (1d4+1), Slam (1d6)
S: Undead Immunities

Danielle fires a shot at the lead revenant, not only with its green skin but a wispy grey beard that hangs off the creature. Revenant #1 is hit with a roll of 19. The round deals 1d6+1 for a total of 4 points of damage. The round catches the creature in the shoulder, causing it to stumble back. At the same time she draws her rapier in her off-hand. <Off-hand: She cannot make attacks as normal, but can use the weapon to parry>

Revenant #1 launches at Danielle at the same time, the bullet knocking it back before it comes for a sweep at her. It's slash is at +2 vs. AC: 11 with a result of: 5. The slash is slapped away by a quick parry on her part.

Bowie fires a wild shot at Revenant #2. His attack is d20+3 vs. AC 11. Result is: 20, modified. 5 points. The blow strikes true into the chest, exiting out the back, sludge covers the wall behind it.

Revenant #2 at the same time has up to two targets close by (Ragnar 1-3 and Danielle 4-6 w/ d6. Result is: 5). The second revenant launches itself in a lurch and slash at Danielle's auburn curls for an attack roll of 13 vs. 11. It hits for 5 points.

Danielle: “You... mother-” her curses cut by the pain. She drops her pistol and puts a hand on her bleeding arm.

Malak prepares a spell. There are two more revenants who are active at the same time (#3 and #4). Either has a possibility to attack him. Due to active targets such as Ragnar and Danielle there is a 1-in-6 chance he can be attack by one of the undead. The result is 1. Interruption chance!

Revenant #3 breaks and makes a slash at Malak. Bypassing and possibly provoking a shot from Ragnar. This requires a Movement Roll-off. Ragnar is not wearing armor, thus the Movement is Ragnar +9 vs. Revenant MV of +8. Results are: Ragnar: 28 vs. Revenant 18.

Ragnar interposes with a parting shot with his shortsword that is a d20+3 vs. AC 11 which equals: 14. For 1d6 points of damage. The Revenant takes 6 points. A brutal slash between the shoulder blades that requires a check to see if it remains standing (d20+2 vs. TN 12 = 16.)

Revenant #3 remains standing and still gets a slash due to undead immunities. It's attack roll is d20+2 vs. AC: 10 which equals 5. Miss!

Malak: Grits his teeth and conjures energy: “Darts of silver fire, slay the enemies in my eyes!”

Malak's spell goes off. He automatically targets the first creature that charges him in a fight response. A silver dart forms just above his head and with jab of his pointer finger it races towards the Revenant dealing an automatic 1d4+1 damage (5 points). The bolt explodes into the face of the revenant. Slaying it.

Revenant #4 attacks Ragnar with a slash vs. his leathery hide. It rolls a d20+2 vs. AC: 11 for a total of 5.

Ragnar launches a fist at Revenant #4 for a roll of d20+3 vs. AC 11 for a roll of 5. The punch is sloppy and only lightly connects, matting offal and muck onto Ragnar's light colored fur. He growls: “What the hell are you?”

Barchester: “The dead! They rise again with the storm!” He fires into Revenant #4 with an attack roll of d20+2 vs. AC 11 for a total of 21. The Blunderbuss hits square and deals 2d6 hit points (total: 9 points). The pellets slash and blow-out the creature. Knocking it against the wall and causing it to fall.


Revenant #3 killed by a combination of Ragnar and Malak.

Danielle takes 5 points from a saber slash.

Revenant #4 is blown away by Barchester's blunderbuss.

Malak spends power point. Currently has 3 power points

Combat Round #2
Initiative (d6)
Party: 6
GM: 1
Party wins!

Bowie reloads his pistol taking a few steps away from the combat to be near the bar. It would now take a full movement of an enemy to get to him.
Malak steps to move behind, just like Bowie. Saying: “We best leave this to the professionals.”

Danielle does an Acrobatic move to toss her rapier near the bar and then do a 1-handed spring flip to propel herself over to her weapon. She invokes her Acrobatic talent, gaining her the Advantage which counters the Disadvantage caused by her condition (wounded arm). She rolls a d20+4 vs. TN: 10. Result equals: 22. She pulls off the impressive spin backwards, ending in a brief hand stand before rolling to her weapon. With finesse she is able to grab the blade she tossed mid-roll and pop up near the bar. Weapon in hand.

Barchester forgoes reloading his two-handed weapon and instead makes a move towards the back of the bar where the others are standing at.

Ragnar makes a hasty move to where the others are at. His blade is still out and he readies himself, standing as the first in line for Revenants #1 and #2

Revenant #1 moves to slash at Ragnar. It rolls d20+2 vs. 11 for a total of 12. Hit! Ragnar takes a Cutlass to the side (4 points). It tears his shirt and draws blood.

Revenant #2 joints its fellow for a slashing attack at Ragnar. Its undead nature prevents it from trying to get into a flanking position. Instead it makes a wild attack at d20+2 vs. AC 11 for a total of 5. It's slash slapped away by Ragnar's swordwork.


-Revenant #1 draws Ragnar's blood with 4 points of damage.

-Everyone moved to a spot that prevented the skeletons from doing much. Ragnar opted to move halfway towards the back, allowing him to block the revenants from advancing to the party, but allowing them to attack him.

Combat Round #3

Initiative Results:
Party: 4

GM: 1

Ragnar: “Come forth, filth! I'll you into bait.”

Ragnar's blade crashes down at Revenant #1 for an attack roll of d20+3 vs. AC 11. The result equals 18. Revenant #1 is hit for 1 point of damage. A glancing blow that only deals 1 point of damage to the Revenant.

Bowie moves forward to be in range and fires close range at Revenant #2. If he rolls a natural 1-3 on a d20 he has struck Ragnar. He rolls at d20+3 for a total of 17. Hit! Revenant #2 takes 1d6+1 (3 points). The ball crashes into Revenant #2, felling the fiend into a pile of oozing slime on the floor.

Bowie: “Quite a shot, considering I didn't graze you, Minotaur.”

Danielle moves to Revenant #1 and makes a Rapier attack at the creature. She rolls d20+4 for a total of 14. Hit! Revenant #1 takes 7 points. It is felled with a single thrust to the blackened socket of its skeletal face.

<Combat Ends>

It is noticeably darker in the room as the storm continues to drive. A howl rises about the cacophony and fills the ears of the party. For the time the only source of light is the burning logs in the hearth. The stairs creak as another man appears at the landing. A youngish Human with brown hair and stubble. He looks over the room aghast.

Brandybuck: “What the hell happened here?”

Danielle: “Oh, hey, my sweet. This is not a good time.”

Brandybuck: “I would say not. There is... there's rain going on my good drapes.”

Danielle: “Things are a little bit dire than just soiled drapes, my lovely. Now, go back upstairs.” <Persuade +4 = Natural 20!>

Brandybuck pales when he sees the look in Danielle's eyes. He turns briefly and begins to walk when he hears her call his name.

Danielle: “Please bring down my kit before you lock your door, sweets. This might be an all-nighter.”

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